Ranjangaon Ganapati Temple In Maharashtra

Ranjangaon Ganapati Temple In Maharashtra


Ranjangaon Ganapati Temple Timings, History & Festivals
Ranjangaon Ganapati Temple is also called Ranjangaon Mahaganapati located 51.5 km away from Pune (via Pune – Ahmednagar Highway 30 minutes and 1 min) located in Shirur Taluka. Mahaganpati Ranjangaon Ganapati Temple’s opening hours are 5 AM until 10 PM.


Ranjangaon Ganapati Temple Maharashtra

The Ranjangaon Ganpati temple is the eighth time that devotees visit who take a darshan tour of the Divine Ashtavinayaka. This idol Mahaganapati located in Ranjangaon can be described as the largest and most powerful representation that exists of Ganesha.

In the course of celebrations or Ganesh Jayati celebrations, there are numerous tiny shops to shop and sweet offerings to Lord Ganesha.

Ranjangaon Ganapati was depicted sitting on a lotus with his wife Siddhi (spiritual force) along with Riddhi (prosperity). The Ganesha idol Ganesha has been often referred to as “Mahotkat” and is believed to have the ten trunks of a man and twenty arms.

Ranjangaon Ganapati depicts as having eight, ten, or twelve hands. When he was worshipped in this Ganapati form Lord Shiva killed a demon whose name was Tripurasuru. Therefore, he is also referred to by the name of Tripurarivade Mahaganapati.

The location in which Lord Shiva was referred to as Ganesha as well as defeated Tripura is believed that it is Ranjangaon (Ranjan is a word that means happy) It is also commonly referred to as Manipur.



The Ranjangaon Ganapati Temple was constructed in the 9th and the tenth century. The temple is designed in such a way that the sun’s rays direct hit Lord Ganesha’s idol. Ganesha.

Since the temple is on its way to war it is the time to witness Srimant Madrasao Peshwa Mahaganapati closes here.

Madhava Rao constructed an area in the basement of the temple, to be the home of the Peshwa Ganesh idol. He constructed a stone sanctum around the self-contained, auto-illuminating idol.

At the time of the year 1790 A.D., he gave the genetic link necessary for worshiping Sri Anyaba Mahaganapati.

The temple hall was serviced by Sardar Kibe as well as the Owaris (some small flats which grew in the vicinity of the temple service) were been served through Sardar Pawar as well as Shinde.

A famous saint Morya Goswami’s five idols made of metal were gifted to Sri Anyaba Dev. On days of celebration, the statue is taken away in a procession.

Nagarkhana was established near the entry point of the road. The Nagarkhana was inaugurated on the morning of May 3, 1997, by Shri Manohar Joshi the renowned chief minister of Maharashtra.

The main temple is reminiscent of a Peshwa temple. The temple on the east has a stunning and picturesque entrance.

Ranjangaon Ganapati Temple In Maharashtra



Ranjangaon Ganapati Temple In Maharashtra

Ranjangaon Ganapati Temple Timings

Mahaganapati Ranjangaon Ganapati temple timings are:

Mandir starts at 5 am and closes by 10:10 pm.
Abhishek Puja at 5:30 AM
Samudaik Arati 7:30 am
Mahanaivadya, Mahapuja 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
Samudaik Evening Aarti 7: 30 PM
Shej Aarti at 10:30 pm

Devasthan Trust will organize Vinayak Chaturthi Ganesh Yang

Mahaganapati Temple Festivals and Events
In Ranjangaon The villagers in Ranjangaon don’t have the idols of Ganesha at their homes. Instead, everyone attends the temple to celebrate Ganesh Puja on Bhadrapada.

In the Bhadrapada period, a unique sixth day of celebrations is observed, in which Mahabhog was a tribute to the temple god Lord Ganesha on the fifth day.

Between these rituals, the temple god carries all over the region along with the blooming palki (pallaki).

The crowds are large between parties for a chance to watch even the presently specifically designed wrestling matches.

On the 6th day of the month, devotees worship the idol before heading towards the Mahaganapati Temple via Lotangan (surrender) during transportation. (Logan is the term used to describe the act of constantly moving oneself).

Best time to visit Mahaganapati Ranjangaon

Ranjangaon Ganapati Temple is a great place for sniper teams to set up camp. The area is well-maintained. It is possible to get a great view from the highest point.

The most ideal moment to be there is during the monsoon season. The oldest attraction. Clean and quiet, peaceful. Good dining and accommodation facilities.


Accommodation in Ranjangaon Ganpati Temple

Hotel Magnus Square, 40.9 km from Ranjangaon Ganpati Mandir.
Hotel Ragency, 0.5 km from Ranjangaon Ganpati Mandir.
OYO 19891 Vansha Exotica, 32.2 km from Ranjangaon Ganpati Mandir.
Hotel Amanara The Fern, 41 km from Ranjangaon Ganpati temple.
Hotel Radisson Blu, 38.9 km from Ranjangaon Ganpati Mandir.
SPOT ON 67106 Hotel Durga Lodge, 36.5 km from Ranjangaon Ganpati Mandir.
Hotel Treebo Trip Sky Touch Inn, 38.8 km from Ranjangaon Ganpati Mandir.


Ranjangaon Ganapati Temple In Maharashtra

How to reach Ranjangaon Ganapati Temple

Air-The closest airport to Hadapsar Airport is 43.4 km from Ranjangaon.

Train-The most convenient railway station closest to the Ranjangaon Ganapati Temple is Avath which is located at 29.4 kilometers.

Road-Regular buses can be found at Pune Station and Shivaji Nagar. From Pune to the Nagar Highway, take the Pune Route – Koregaon route, then go over Shikrapur. Rajangaon is 21.2 km prior to Shirur. Ranjangaon is 51.4 kilometers from Pune.


Distance between Ranjangaon to the other Ashtavinayaka temples

Lenyadri distance from Ranjangaon:
2 hrs 3 m (73.6 km) on Narayanagav – Junnar road. The fastest route. Normal traffic.

The distance From Ranjangaon from Ozar:
Narayanan – 1 h 52 min (65.3 km) on Ozar Road. The fastest route. Normal traffic.

The distance between you and Ranjangaon:
1h3m (41.5km) Aurangabad – Ahmednagar – Pune Highway / Beed – Ahmednagar – Pune Road / Koparngaon – Shirdi – Ahmednagar – Pune Highway / Partner – Pune Highway / Pune – Ahmednagar Highway. The fastest route. Normal traffic. There are tolls along this road.

Distance from Ranjangaon ganapati temple to Siddhatek:
2h11m (80.4km) on Srigonda Navare Road. The fastest route.

The distance between Ranjangaon from Morgaon:
1.40 hours (69.9 kilometers) on the Shirur-Satara highway. The fastest route. There is less traffic than normal.

Distanz between Ranjangaon from Pali:
The time is 44 mins (160 kilometers) via Bangalore and Mumbai Highway / Mumbai Highway or Pune Highway / Mumbai – Pune Expressway. It is the fastest route for everyday traffic. There are tolls along this route.

The distance from Ranjangaon towards Mahad: Mahad:
Two h 42 min (125 km) Over the Bangalore – Mumbai Highway / Mumbai Highway / Mumbai – Pune Highway / Mumbai – Pune Expressway. The fastest route, with regular traffic. There are tolls along this route.

Contact for Mahaganpati Ranjangaon Ganapati Temple

Address: Shree Kshetra Ranjangaon Ganpati Devstan Trust, A/P- Ranjangaon Ganpati Tal- Shirur, Dist-Pune Maharashtra PIN-412209

Tel: 02138-243200/01 MO.9209202222

Mail Id: contact_mahaganpatiranjangaon@rediffmail.com

Please Click here to visit the temple’s official Website

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