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Sammakka Saralamma Temple in Medaram Jatara Route Map

Sammakka Saralamma Temple in Medaram Jatara Route Map


Sammakka Saralamma Temple is a renowned Hindu temple located in the Medaram village of Tadvai Mandal in the Jayashankar Bhupalpally district of Telangana, India. The temple is dedicated to the goddesses Sammakka and Saralamma, who are considered the presiding deities of the region. The temple holds great religious significance and is widely visited by devotees from all over the country, especially during the Medaram Jatara festival, one of the largest tribal festivals in the world.

The temple is situated amidst a scenic landscape, surrounded by lush greenery and hills. It is believed to have been established several centuries ago and has since gained immense popularity and reverence among devotees. The goddesses Sammakka and Saralamma are revered as protectors and bestowers of blessings, particularly for women and children.

Medaram Jatara is a biennial festival that takes place in Medaram village, attracting millions of devotees. The festival lasts for four days and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor. Devotees throng to the temple to seek the blessings of the goddesses and fulfill their vows. The Jatara is an important cultural event that showcases the rich tribal heritage of the region and promotes communal harmony.

Now, let’s discuss the route map to reach Sammakka Saralamma Temple in Medaram:

Hyderabad to Medaram:

Start your journey from Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana.
Take the Hyderabad-Vijayawada Highway (NH 65) and drive towards Warangal.
After reaching Warangal, continue on the Warangal-Hanamkonda Road.
Follow the road signs to reach Parkal.
From Parkal, take State Highway 12 (SH 12) and drive towards Tadvai Mandal.
Medaram village is located approximately 95 kilometers from Warangal and can be reached by following the road signs.

Warangal to Medaram:

If you are coming from Warangal, you can take the Warangal-Hanamkonda Road.
Continue on this road until you reach Parkal.
From Parkal, take State Highway 12 (SH 12) towards Tadvai Mandal.
Follow the road signs to reach Medaram village.
During the Medaram Jatara festival, special arrangements are made to facilitate transportation and accommodation for the devotees. Temporary bus stations, parking areas, and campsites are set up to accommodate the large influx of visitors.

It is advisable to plan your visit well in advance, especially during the Jatara festival, as the crowd can be overwhelming. It is also recommended to carry essential items such as water, food, and sunscreen, as the festival involves long hours of waiting and standing in queues.

Upon reaching the Sammakka Saralamma Temple, devotees can witness the grandeur of the temple complex, which consists of multiple shrines and prayer halls. The main deity idols of Sammakka and Saralamma are placed in separate sanctums. The temple architecture showcases the traditional style of the region and reflects the cultural heritage of Telangana.

Devotees offer prayers, perform rituals, and make offerings to the goddesses as a sign of devotion. It is believed that the goddesses possess immense powers and can fulfill the wishes of their devotees. The temple atmosphere during the Jatara festival is electrifying, with the chanting of prayers, the fragrance of incense, and the sounds of traditional music and dance.

Medaram Jatara Route Map



sammakka sarakka jatara route map


Form City Via Distance (kms)
Hanamkonda Mulugu / Chelvai / Narlapur / Kothur 104 kms
Hyderabad Bhongiri / Warangal /-Mulugu /Chelvai / Narlapur 237 kms
Kairmnagar Hanamkonda  / Mulugu / Chelvai / Narlapur 168 kms
Khammam Yellandu / Marrigudem / Lingala / Narlapur 157 kms
Nizamabad Armur / Jagityal/ Karimnagar / Warangal 316 kms
Nalgonda Narkatpall / Bhongiri / Warangal / Narlapur 261 kms
Medak Ramayampet / Siddipet /Warangal / Narlapur 250 kms
 Warangal  Mulugu  94 kms


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