Silver Cascade Waterfalls In Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu

Silver Cascade Waterfalls In Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu


Silver Cascade Waterfall Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu and Timings and Nearby Attractions

Silver Cascade waterfalls are a delight for people who like to take in the natural beauty of various locations. The waterfall’s elevation is 2318m along the route from Madurai as well as Kodaikanal. Silver Cascade Falls is located in Kodaikanal. Silver Cascade Falls timings are from 9:30 am to 3 pm.


Silver Cascade Waterfall Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu

A stunning view for the viewers as the water falls from a height of 180 feet. The waterfall is believed to be a remnant from Lake Kodai, where tourists can bathe in the waters that flow through the waterfall.

Tourists can stop for a rest on their way to Kodaikanal and stop by the tea stalls that are located near the waterfalls. The distance between Kodaikanal to the waterfalls Kodaikanal is only 8 km.


Silver Cascade Waterfall Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu timings

The water flowing from the Waterfall is believed to contain a variety of minerals, which give these water bodies their healing and refreshing properties.

A glimpse of monkeys playing on the slippery rocks and cliffs will leave you amazed. The waterfall is dubbed”Silver Cascade” due to of the silver-colored hue of the water flowing over a 55-meter hill.

On both sides of the hill, the rough rocks and wild foliage are rising. There’s a unique viewpoint at the base of the waterfall. It is a great spot to see the water flow through the pool.

Silver Cascade Falls is easily accessible via local transportation like auto or rickshaw from Kodaikanal.

Silver Cascade Waterfalls In Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu


Silver Cascade Waterfalls In Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu


What should you not overlook when you visit Silver Cascade Waterfalls

You can perform a variety of things around you. You can perform many things that cascade downfalls. The most common are:

Go Boating on Kodaikanal Lake:
When you travel to Kodaikanal From Silver Cascade Falls, you will be able to see the stunning picture of the gorgeous Kodaikanal Lake.

In this area, you can hire boats and cruise the waters of the lake that has been crafted with beauty. The lake covers 59 acres. Kodaikanal Lake is a paradise for tourists and locals alike.

You can rent the boat at one of the boathouses that are available. Additionally, you can pick between self-propelled boats and two-seater or one-seater robots and Kashmiri vessels. The Palani hills that surround the lake also provide stunning scenery.


Go to The Kurinji Temple:
A beautiful illustration of the stunning Dravidian style of architecture and the Kurinji Temple is perched on an elevated hill that overlooks Kodaikanal’s hills. Kodaikanal.

dedicated to Lord Murugan and was built in the 1930s. the Kurinji Temple was named in honor of the blue-purple flower known as Kurinji that blooms each year in the Kodaikanal hills.

A visit to the temple is an experience that will lead you to the entrance which is one of the major points of interest at the temple. The temple also has intricate carvings, designs, and clear colors.

Dolphin Nose Trek:
Just a few kilometers away from Silver Cascade Falls, Dolphin Nose is a breathtaking bird’s-eye perspective of the valleys as well as the scenic landscape along the Kodaikanal. It’s an uninvolved rock that is located on the mountain and is situated on the slope of the hill. Its form resembles the nose of a dolphin.

At 6,600 feet above sea level, it’s ideal for hiking to The Silver Cascade Falls. The trek can take between 4 and 6 hours for the highest point. There, you will also observe Periyakulam Town or Vaigai Lake.

Silver Cascade Waterfalls In Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu


Visit the bottom of Thalayar Falls:
Thalayar Falls is the biggest waterfall in Tamil Nadu and is half an hour from Silver Cascade Falls. It is possible to reach Manjalar Lake to start your hike up to the base of the falls.

When you do this you will pass through the potato fields as well as the stunning mango orchards. This is among the most stunning adventure activities that you can enjoy close to Silver Cascade Falls.

The best time to be there


The period from December to March is the perfect time to visit for visiting Silver Cascade waterfalls. The cold winter months and beautiful weather make visiting the waterfall and taking in its natural beauty an enjoyable experience.

At this moment temperatures in this region are not too high and nighttime temperatures are amazing, giving visitors a thrilling view of the falls.


From April to June the weather can be scorching hot and unpalatable for visitors. The temperature during this time gets hotter, making the afternoons unattractive for visitors to visit the waterfalls. Furthermore, the quantity of water also decreases during this time of year.


The most frequent rainfall period is July through November. Visitors can visit Silver Cascade Falls. Silver Cascade Falls, where the water levels rise and afford a spectacular panorama of the surrounding fresh air.


Silver Cascade Falls Timings

Following is below the Silver Cascade Falls Timings:

Day Silver Cascade Falls Timings
Monday 9:00 AM – 3.00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM – 3.00 PM
Wednesday 8:30 AM – 3:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 AM – 3.00 PM
Friday 8:30 AM – 3:00 pm
Saturday 8:30 AM – 3:00 pm
Sunday 8:30 AM – 3:00 pm
Entry Fee: Free

Silver Cascade Waterfalls In Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu


Attractions close to Silver Cascade Waterfalls
In addition to the numerous activities that you can take part in at Silver Cascade Falls, you may also want to explore some of the most well-known attractions in the vicinity. These attractions include:

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory:
In 1899, the Observatory was established and is owned by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory locate south of the stunning Palani Hills.

It is home to a highly deep and extensive sun data archive, the location is unique in its geography, which is ideal for precise observation of the sun. Evershed Effect Evershed Effect, discovered in January 1909, was observed by the Observatory.

Kodaikanal Lake:
One of the most amazing tourist spots in Kodaikanal the lake that is manufactured is often referred to in form of Kodai Lake. The lake is star-shaped and located in the middle of Kodaikanal it is with beautiful green hills.

The lake is located at a height that is 2285 meters above sea level. It is visited by a significant amount of visitors each year, which includes residents, and Indian or foreign tourists.

Alongside fishing, you can be able to enjoy a fantastic boating experience at Lake Kodaikanal. In addition, the area that the lake is located in is the home of the distinctive Kurinji flower, which is blooming in the lake’s catchment zone.

Bear Shola Falls:
Silver Cascade waterfalls and Bear Shola Falls are popular tourist attractions that are located a couple of miles away from Lake Kodai.

During monsoon, it is an absolute delight with the waters flowing through the Palani Hills to the lush meadows and lush greenery of the region. There’s a fascinating tale behind that name.

Cokers Walk:
Another stunning manufactured attraction close to Silver Cascade Falls, Cokers Walk is a one-kilometer-long walk that’s built into the slopes on the side of the mountain. It gives visitors an ode to heaven on the planet. The place is a magnet for admirers from across the globe. It offers stunning panoramic views over the valley. It’s like you are in the clouds.


How to get to Kodaikanal?

By Air:

The closest airports to Kodaikanal Silver Cascade Falls are Trichy (150 km), Madurai (120 km), and Coimbatore (170 kilometers). The three airports are well connected via road to Kodaikanal.

By Train:

The closest railway station is Dindigul and is connected to Kodaikanal. You can get to Kodaikanal via taxi, auto, or state bus.

By Road:

Kodaikanal was excellent connectivity to all major cities in Tamil Nadu by state transport buses. Dindigul the district’s headquarters is situated 90 kilometers away from Kodaikanal.

After arriving at Kodaikanal the next step is to continue for another 8 km along the Kodai Madurai highway to arrive at Silver Cascade Falls. Silver Cascade Falls.

Kodaikanal Ghat Road,


Tamil Nadu 624101


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