Suryapet Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State -

Suryapet Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Suryapet Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List
 Part II
 2014 Nalgonda District in Telangana State 



Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no’s
Konkathimmani Annaram K Venkatareddy Sarpanch 9949724800
Konkathimmani Annaram A. Sunitha Upa-Sarpanch 9885857917
Konkathimmani Annaram A Rajendar Reddy Ward member 9989361928
Konkathimmani Annaram A. Sunitha Ward member 9885857917
Konkathimmani Annaram B Kallamma Ward member 9949724800
Konkathimmani Annaram B Laxmamma Ward member 9949724800
Konkathimmani Annaram K Madhavi Ward member 9502498678
Konkathimmani Annaram K Parasharamulu Ward member 9908796196
Konkathimmani Annaram M Biksham Ward member 9951621653
Konkathimmani Annaram M Srinu Ward member 9963802744
Konkathimmani Annaram P Somamma Ward member 9908410102
Konkathimmani Annaram SK sayyad Ward member 9396820864
Pillala Marri SOMAGANI LINGA SWAMY Sarpanch 9866358641
Pillala Marri CHERKUPALLY SUJATHA Upa-Sarpanch 9866704246
Pillala Marri BOLLAM RAMASEETHA Ward member 9603010433
Pillala Marri CHERKUPALLY JAYAMMA Ward member 9959714267
Pillala Marri CHERKUPALLY MAMATHA Ward member 9010152015
Pillala Marri CHERKUPALLY SRINU Ward member 9849303309
Pillala Marri CHERKUPALLY SRINU Ward member 9948971026
Pillala Marri CHINTHAL CHERUVU PADMA Ward member 8501970613
Pillala Marri MADAGONI KESHAVULU Ward member 8186875267
Pillala Marri NIMMASETTI VEERAIAH Ward member 9642229202
Pillala Marri RACHAKONDA VENKANNA Ward member 9963618221
Pillala Marri RAPARTHI NAGARAJU Ward member 9010073000
Pillala Marri SHAIK KUPRAN BEE Ward member 9666371794
Pinnai Palem M kashaiah Sarpanch 9640512169
Pinnai Palem R champli Upa-Sarpanch 9959279407
Pinnai Palem Chinta Bhagyamma Ward member 9000105233
Pinnai Palem Ch Venkanna Ward member 9704749467
Pinnai Palem D swami Ward member 9959713967
Pinnai Palem K mangamma Ward member 9848743018
Pinnai Palem P Ramakrishna Ward member 9866359887
Pinnai Palem R Amala Ward member 9948304267
Pinnai Palem R sharada Ward member 9391302383
Pinnai Palem Sapavat Devendar Ward member 9505543479
Pinnai Palem S Neelamma Ward member 9505796648
Ramachandra Puram M.Kavitha Sarpanch 9030598959
Ramachandra Puram A.Narsamma Upa-Sarpanch 8096133877
Ramachandra Puram Ch.Shobha Ward member 9949278900
Ramachandra Puram G.Saidulu Ward member 9492507084
Ramachandra Puram G.Srinu Ward member 7842741276
Ramachandra Puram Indrakanti Janakamma Ward member 9666359738
Ramachandra Puram J.sathyamma Ward member 9000084129
Ramachandra Puram M.Ramesh Ward member 7893650778
Ramachandra Puram P.Jyothi Ward member 9989735881
Ramachandra Puram P.Mallesh Ward member 9948488725
Ramachandra Puram P.Sathish Ward member 9010754204
Ramannaguda S.Nageshwar Rao Sarpanch 9247277622
Ramannaguda Ch.Papaiah Upa-Sarpanch 7799628296
Ramannaguda Ch.Ramana Ward member 8374401419
Ramannaguda Ch.Sukkamma Ward member 9177221719
Ramannaguda Ch.Venkanna Ward member 7702125982
Ramannaguda G.Sandhya Ward member 9912369857
Ramannaguda N.Saidulu Ward member 9553362387
Ramannaguda P.Venkateshwarlu Ward member 9951692275
Ramannaguda T.SHAILAJA Ward member 9010759834
Ramavaram D.Bharathi Sarpanch 9553902804
Ramavaram D.Mangthi Ward member 9440582906
Ramavaram D.sudhakar Ward member 9948819408
Ramavaram M.Nagaraju Ward member 8897133552
Ramavaram M.Renuka Ward member 7731889925
Ramavaram P.Pulamma Ward member 9010028301
Ramavaram P.Rajamma Ward member 9951509953
Ramavaram P.Ramanjineyulu Ward member 9951230570
Ramavaram P.Sri Ramulu Ward member 9951873088
Ramavaram P.Sudarshan Ward member 9666021502
Ramavaram T.Shirisha Ward member 9948199461
Rayanigudem Yedla Gangabhavani Sarpanch 9959760670
Rayanigudem Male Sathireddy Upa-Sarpanch 9866168641
Rayanigudem Chinthapalli Saidamma Ward member 9959760670
Rayanigudem Chithaluri Jayamma Ward member 9849929067
Rayanigudem Elagaboyina Somanarsu Ward member 9885049154
Rayanigudem Elguri Bixam Ward member 9989379061
Rayanigudem Konda Venkatamma Ward member 8886801630
Rayanigudem Koppula Ramadevi Ward member 9849056608
Rayanigudem Nallamekala Padma Ward member 9618928980
Rayanigudem Nandyala Nagarjunareddy Ward member 8801195441
Rayanigudem Pittala Venkanna Ward member 9177437028
Solipet Beeravolu Shobharani Sarpanch 9848197199
Solipet Sampathi Sathaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9542713302
Solipet Kandula Krishnaveni Ward member 9701160502
Solipet Kasarla Venkatreddy Ward member 9989864002
Solipet Potharaju Shobha Ward member 9640714839
Solipet Thadakamalla Sathemma Ward member 9959735810
Solipet Thalari Laxmamma Ward member 9989131879
Solipet Uggam Gangamma Ward member 9010740866
Solipet Yarkali Suryanarayana Ward member 9948089169
Tekumatla Kola saidamma Sarpanch 9959216052
Tekumatla Keerthi Sathish Upa-Sarpanch 9490193476
Tekumatla Bantu Yadhaiah Ward member 9550711630
Tekumatla Chilumula Venkatiah Ward member 9347043731
Tekumatla Chintha Alivelu Ward member 9704282892
Tekumatla Chinthamalla Srinu Ward member 9000002081
Tekumatla Dasari Anitha Ward member 9550492727
Tekumatla Gandamalla Nagalakshmi Ward member 7702386028
Tekumatla Jala Yallamma Ward member 9908985943
Tekumatla Marapaka Shankar Ward member 9949492502
Tekumatla Nakka Anjaneyulu Ward member 9550289907
Tekumatla Neerudu Jyothi Ward member 9959265526
Tekumatla Thantenapally Sujatha Ward member 8374909444
Thalla Khammampadu Pamula Hanumanthu Sarpanch 9948750841
Thalla Khammampadu Bora Naagamma Upa-Sarpanch 9502092523
Thalla Khammampadu bellamkonda saidulu Ward member 9640539336
Thalla Khammampadu challa linga reddy Ward member 8186877942
Thalla Khammampadu gangaraboina sunitha Ward member 8185946642
Thalla Khammampadu Nimmanagoti Revathi Ward member 9912662775
Thalla Khammampadu Nomula Naagaraju Ward member 9848063537
Thalla Khammampadu nomula ranuka Ward member 9705501041
Thalla Khammampadu palla venkanna Ward member 9177384520
Thalla Khammampadu Pamula Saiduluu Ward member 9912215487
Thalla Khammampadu Ravulapenta renuka Ward member 8187853157
Yendla Palle D SALAMAMMA Sarpanch 7036817975
Yendla Palle K YADAGIRI REDDY Upa-Sarpanch 9849983829
Yendla Palle A SURYA KUMARI Ward member 9618380157
Yendla Palle DESOJU RAMULAMMA Ward member 9550461864
Yendla Palle K ANANTHA REDDY Ward member 9246550198
Yendla Palle K ARUNA Ward member 9666803184
Yendla Palle K RAMULU Ward member 9989744203
Yendla Palle P BIXAVAMMA Ward member 8008443747
Yendla Palle SANGU YELLAIAH Ward member 9908313344
Yendla Palle SURARAPU VENKANNA Ward member 7893334268
Yendla Palle T PADMA Ward member 9986616625
Yendla Palle UYYALA SURYANARAYANA Ward member 9849541858
Yendla Palle V PADMA Ward member 9573069353
Yerkaram Onteddu Venkanna Sarpanch 9948018046
Yerkaram jatothu Bheema Upa-Sarpanch 8790603208
Yerkaram A.Saidulu Ward member 9704382177
Yerkaram B.Dwali Ward member 9014477843
Yerkaram B.Padma Ward member 8374533524
Yerkaram B.Poolamma Ward member 9000915543
Yerkaram J.Kalavathi Ward member 9701910136
Yerkaram Lunavath Kavitha Ward member 9908186485
Yerkaram lunavath Naresh Ward member 9573960681
Yerkaram Lunavath Shankar Ward member 9014590681
Yerkaram Midde Nagamma Ward member 9010837264
Yerkaram M.Janaiah Ward member 9704015892
Yerkaram R.Nagamma Ward member 7893216606

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