Tamil Nadu Ration Card Online Apply

Tamil Nadu Ration Card Online Apply


Tamilnadu online ration card Civil supplies as well as consumer protection is responsible for distributing ration cards within Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu. Its Public Distribution System in Tamil Nadu is designed to provide that all citizens have food security particularly those who are poor, by providing essential goods at affordable prices each month through fair-price shops. In this article, we will be providing all the details about the ration card of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu. You’ll be able to be aware of all details regarding the ration card in Tamil Nadu.

Tamilnadu Ration card Apply Online

The consumer must submit the application form for ration cards. To begin, obtain an application form at the Office of the Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department and complete all the required information on this form. Attach all documents relevant to the application form. Finally, pay the application fee. Present the office employee or operating center to receive the acceptance form. Other services include adding a an additional member to your ration card and change address on your ration card, removing member, view the details of your Ration Card as well as your Family Member Details, View Your Address, view Your Family Members Aadhaar Numbers. The entire process is described in these informational article.

Who is eligible to get a A New Ration Card ?

1. Family members of the person applying members must be Indian citizens.

2. A person who is applying and or his family must live and cook in a separate home.

3. For Tamil Nadu, the applicant as well as his/her family members should be residents of Tamil Nadu.

4. The applicant or his family members need not possess a family card in any state of India

5. The applicant or any other member of his family members in Tamil Nadu should not be members of another family or card

6. Family members and applicants must be close family members

A List of Documents Required to get a Ration Card

The applicant must provide the following documents with the application form.

As evidence for the residency In support of resident evidence: The applicant is able to present any of the documents that is listed as the address below.

Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC)

Bill for electricity (last month)

The Telephone bill (Last Month)

Front of the bank card book


A current tenancy agreement that is valid (in the case of a rented house)

A surrender document: It is needed when seeking a change of address on the food ration card. The surrender certificate is required along with the family card that is issued by the card’s issuing authority is required if a card was issued at the prior address.

For deletion of names: make sure to include the name certificate from the parent or guardian’s identity card, or the certificate of name issued by the card’s issuing authority that was issued at the prior address.

Different types of Ration Cards in Tamil Nadu

The entire range of Commodity Cards (Green colors) Green cards are issued to cardholders who choose to purchase rice, as well as other important products.

sugar cards ( White):Cardholders choosing to use sugar rather than rice will be issued. Cardholders can buy all essential products, other than rice. There is no commodity card

Cards that are not commodity (White) The cards are issued to holders who don’t want anything from the distribution system for public consumption.

How to apply for a the smart card in Tamilnadu

Today, we will guide you on how to apply for ration cards on the internet in Tamilnadu state. The process is shown in the following.

Then a new page will be opened and a form will be displayed and you will have to select a the new smart card application

Fill in all the information on the form. Finally, enter each of family members. First name added after clicking on the add new member button click. Add the another name by repeating the process over and then add every family members.

After that, you choose the type of card you want to use or Ration card type and you will see the required information in the middle of the page. you can choose your type Ration card, then click on the submit.

Once you’ve submitted your application, you will be issued an identification number following the submission of an application that is successful. This reference number will be yours to keep. You will be required to complete the complete the application by using the reference numbers.


Ration Card in Tamil Nadu Online Apply


Status of Check Ration Card Application

You’ve applied for an updated ration card, and If you would like to know the status of your application, go through the steps in the following steps.

Go to the official site of Taminnadu Ration card , PDS

You can now select smart card application status the menu Smart Card Application services. This will be displayed in the image below.

Go to the new page and input the reference number of your application. reference number will be generated the number you use when you submit your the ration card application and you generate reference numbers.

Click on submit the status will show on the screen.

How can I reprint the smart ration cards in Tamilnadu

If the old ration card has become lost or damaged, you may print the ration card again, but follow the steps below.

Go to Taminnadu PDS card for rationing, page will open as shown in the below image

Then, select the menu ” Reprint smart card” to print smart card”

After clicking on reprint smart card, you will be able to access the login page

Input your phone number as well as the captcha code. Many of these services are used following your log in.

These are just a few of the benefits that Registered users:

View your Ration Card Details

View the Family Members details of your family members.

View your address

Check the Family members of your friends’ Aadhaar Numbers

View your Grievances, Raise new Grievance

Check your Feedbacks, provide any new feedback

Make changes to your Ration Card Online

Review your entitlements and Transaction Information

Tamil Nadu Ration Card Online Apply

  1.     Visit Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Departmant website.
  2.     Kindly download new Ration Card application form pdf.
  3.     Please print from pdf new Ration Card application form.
  4.     First, you must enter all the details of the Head of HouseHold.
  5.     After entering Head of House Hold details kindly add family member’s details.
  6.     After you have entered all the details of the member, you must submit a completed application form.
  7.     Upon receipt of the application form, you will receive a receipt.
  8.     A government official will visit your address to check the genuinity of the application details.
  9.     Once the review is complete, you will receive your new ration card in a two-month period.
  10.     Then you are for the monthly food supply subsidy from Tamil Nadu state.

Ration Card in Tamil Nadu Online Apply

Who can apply for a ration card in Tamil Nadu:
  1.     Newly wed couples in Tamil Nadu
  2.     Temporary ration card holder with expired cards in Tamil Nadu
  3.     Families without ration cards in Tamil Nadu
  4.     Members of the shared families in Tamil Nadu

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