Telangana Ration Card Application form Online Status -

Telangana Ration Card Application form Online Status

Telangana Ration Card Application form Online Status

Telangana Ration Card Application form Online Status


Download Telangana Ration Card Application form Online Status
Now all the benefits of the State Govt Telangana Ration card
Ration card is very much a. A proof of identity and the use of the card in order to obtain the food, grain, and some purposes This map shows the individual or family details of age, occupation, address and their relationship. The Telangana state has complete facilities to their neighborhood people all cardholders get their food to buy things.
EPDS Telangana TS ration card download , status, correction, Application forms PDF.The following manner will assist you out how to follow for new EPDS telangana TS ration card.
For the residents of EPDS Telangana state, the authorities provides Ration playing cards to their citizens who are backward economically from EPDS Telangana list.
According to Public Distribution System(PDS) of EPDS Telangana State, the ration card issued to the humans in Telangana state is categorized into three classes as referred to in the below points namely,
Above poverty line (APL) card for these humans whose annual profits is more than Rs.10,000/-.
Below poverty line (BPL) card for these humans whose annual earnings is below than Rs.10,000/-.
Antyodaya card (AYY) card for those humans who don’t have any steady income.
If you want to recognize any more statistics related to TS Ration card go away a comment here.


List Of Application Forms PDF For TS Ration Card

Here we cover the listing of utility types from meeseva in order to practice for new ration through online/offline. Just down load the utility shape fill it and go to nearest Meeseva center.
The Process Of Apply:
Download the application form or go to nearest meeseav center.
Fill up the small print and required documents.
Attach a pictures and household picture if necessary.
Submit and get acknowledgment range to tune the status.
If you already have a ration card and searching out for download, test status, guide for addition, deletion & correction scroll down to examine the information about TS Ration Card.

Download Ration Card From EPDS Telangana

Candidates who had utilized for the new Ration card or for a modified ration card can download the Ration card from the Food Security website of Telangana State.
The ration card can be downloaded either by means of the Online technique or via the offline procedure. Both services are supplied by the Telangana EPDS Government to its citizens.
Online Procedure
If the candidate has net services then he/she can down load the Ration card from the on line portal of the Telangana’s Public Distribution System. The following steps can without difficulty be observed and completed by any candidate in order to download.
  • Visit the Telangana’s Public Distribution System authentic website.
  • Click here to visit the above page.
  • Click on “FSC Search” on the top of the column.
  • Click on the Ration card search in the drop-down list.
  • Enter the details to view the ration card.
  • Then the Ration card is viewed on the following page. Click “Download” at the backside of the Ration card to down load the Ration card. You can get a printed replica of the Ration card by way of urgent “CTRL+P“.

EPDS Telangana(TS) Ration Card Status Enquiry

The candidates who had utilized for the Ration card can check the utility reputation of the Ration card on the official internet site itself. The applied Ration card maybe a new one or also maybe a Modified one.
The reputation checking procedure for each cards are same and are distinct in the data below.
  • Visit the Telangana EPDS Website.
  • Click on “FSC Search” and then “Ration card Search” in the list.
  • Enter the Ration card details.
  • Then click “Check Status” in the beneath of the login section.
  • Then the repute is confirmed on the following web page with all the important points of the ration card so to verify if it is his/her Ration card or not.

Ration Card Correction In TS EPDS

In the instances of Ration card important points modifications, the candidate has to follow for the modified ration card either via the Online technique or with the aid of the Offline method. In both methods, the candidate has to fill an application shape to follow for Data Corrections.
  • Visit the MeeSeva or the legitimate internet site of TS EPDS.
  • Obtain the Data Correction structure from the website.
  • Click right here to go to the web page of TS EPDS>
  • Fill in the Proof Document Number and sign the assertion at the give up to entire the Application form.
  • The comparable method is relevant to the offline manner of applying for the Modification form for the Ration card. Offline approach to follow for Data Corrections in the Ration card is share and explained below.
  • Visit the nearest MeeSeva Office of the Telangana State and achieve the Data Corrections form.
  • The shape is identical as the form we mentioned in the above procedure.
  • Fill in all the important points with right information.
  • Attach the files required for the Verification of the Data corrections form and the important points in it.
  • At last, post the records corrections form to the officers in the office.
  • The above photograph is shown, displays the list of the Proof archives that can be admitted to submitting them to the office along with the Data modifications form. Other than files in this list are not acceptable.




Name Addition


The members’ addition to the ration card is required and mandatory in each and every household as the ration of subsidies are supplied in accordance to the Household Ration card facts listed on the PDS. If a new baby is born, adopted and any new person enters the household through marriage. For all reasons, the manner of including names are explained below.
Offline Method
Visit the reliable internet site of MeeSeva of Telangana State government.
Then down load the application for member addition from the website portal.
Click right here to download the Addition form directly.
Fill in all the required important points in the member addition from with correct information.
Then fill in the informant details with present Ration card variety for future verifications.
Attach the archives such as a Birth certificates or Marriage and Member deletion from Ration card certificates as proofs.
Upload it to the website.

Telangana Ration Card Application form Online Status

  1.     Visit and navigating on the left click on search button.
  2.     This page is two ways FSC (ration card) search and application status Search ration card.
  3.     If Expired back ts goes home ration card and click Search again on rations.
  4.     You can check food ration card of your application reference number, and others, etc.

Telangana Ration Card Application form Online Status

Check Existing ration card on Telangana ration site.
    Search your grocery card (if a correction or transfer to another location) by ration card number, Aadhaar card number. FSC reference.
    New ration card application status search can only use number in offline form you made at Ration Dealers FP shop have filled.
The linking Aadhaar number to ration card
provide only photocopies your dealer or station number, VRO some other persons responsible for this task.
Telangana ration card application form meeseva
get it from tg meeseva.
How to apply for TS ration card: –
The Telangana Government is the official page of the application form through online for download. The department of civil supplies has also provided free customer support via toll-free number 1967 available.
TS ration card authorization as government 2014 Updated:
    white ration card No motorcycle with 100 cc of 2.5 Acres Black Country or 5 Morning Redland,
    No government job
    Current no more than 500 rupees a month
Note: ration card of MRO output only.
Types of food card in Telangana: –
The state of Telangana government offers three different types of food ration cards as the first is BPL, APL is the second, and the third is AAY. The first type of ration card is BPL (below poverty line), the family, which in under a poverty line. And the cardholder can their food grains at the low price. It is not only used the food granules to buy, the Telangana state government has several offers from Govt and other non-govt organizations. The Telangana ration cardholders of BPL families acquires the offer of educational loans and loans in less interest. The fees shortening the duration of the registration and many forms of reservation in their seats. The color of the ration card is white in color.
Download Telangana ration card application form Online Status
The second APL card holders who live on the average poor family. By using APL card holders may not buy food grains in the FPS. These types of people live in the vicinity and they employ in Govt or other non-Govt industries. Students are not eligible for all offers of Govt services and non-Govt Services. Only provide additional benefits by the Govt for the limited period. The color of the card is white and they can pay more money to buy the food granules.
The third type of card is AAY (Antyodaya Anna Yojana). This type of people below the poverty line from BPL family. The Telangana state government offers several advantages for this type of cardholder. The color of the ration card is red or pink color. People can buy food grains at less cost in the FPS (Fair Price Shop). This card holder gets easily the Govt Education offers loans and other grants. The loan facility is also for people to build their own house.
TS ration card Toll Free Number: 1967 or 180 042 500 333
Telangana food security card official website:
  1. TSEPDS    
Telangana Ration Card Application form Online Status

Telangana Ration Card Application form Online Status


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