Telangana Ration Card Status Online

Telangana TS Ration Card Status Online


The Telangana Government distributes ration cards as part of the Food Security Scheme. For a faster reach of the general public government has launched online site

This website provides all information about your old and new food safety cards. For more information on your Ration Card, you can call 1800-425-00333 toll-free.

Telangana TS Ration Card Status Online


Check Telangana Ration Card Status Online
For reviewing the Ration Card status, visit

You can search for something by clicking the search button located to the left of the majority of the site.

There are two search options

1. FSC Search: Food Safety Card – Search for your card. Your card application has been verified and your ration card has been printed.

2. FSC Application Search: This option will usually give you information about your Telangana Ration Card Status

After you have chosen your option, you’ll follow the Ration Card Search Interface. This interface will allow you to find your Ration Card status.
Online Status of Telangana Ration Card with Aadhar Card

Telangana TS Ration Card Status Online

  • Reach the Ration Card Search Page
  • Click on FSC Application Search
  • Choose your district
  • After clicking on the Aadhar Card button, enter your 12-digit Aadhar number
  • Click on the Search button

Online Status of Telangana Ration Card Status with FSC Ref Number Ration card number

You can use the Ration Card Entry Number, Ration Card Form No (FSC Refernce Number) or Ration Card Number if you don’t have one.

Telangana Ration Card Complaints
On a special portal, you can submit complaints about your old or new status with your ration card.

Simply visit the complaint system (complaint), and complete your details. You can track your complaint online and it will be registered.


Telangana TS Ration Card Status Online

The Telangana government has launched a new website that allows people to check the status of their ration cards online. The website also provides information about various schemes and benefits.

This is another example of how technology can be used to make life easier for citizens.

Telangana Ration Card is a smart card that is linked to the Aadhaar. It is issued by the state government of Telangana and has been made mandatory for all residents.

The Telangana Ration Card was introduced in order to supplement the Aadhaar, which could not be used for rationing purposes. This card would help in bridging the gap between Aadhaar and ration cards.

The Telangana Ration Card can store details of your identity, address, and phone number as well as your bank account details. It will also have a digital fingerprint which can be used to verify if you are indeed who you say you are.

If you are living in Telangana and need to check the status of your ration card online, then you can use a simple trick.

This is a simple trick that you can use to check the status of your Telangana ration card online. In order to do this, visit and enter your last name in the search bar.

After entering your last name, click on the “my details” tab and enter your Aadhaar number in the space provided for it. You will then be able to see if there are any changes made to your card or not by clicking on “check my status”.

A look at the three tiers of Telangan ration cards online

The three tiers of Telangan ration cards are online, offline and paper. The online card is the most secure and efficient way to avail government subsidies.

The state has introduced biometric verification system that verifies a person’s identity using their fingerprint. The online and offline cards are the same except for the fact that the offline card is not as secure as the online one.

A lot of people, especially those living in remote areas, find it difficult to get an Aadhaar card made because they do not have access to internet or electricity. In order to address this issue, Telangana State government has introduced a new card called “Person Identification Number (PIN)” which can be used by anyone who does not have an Aadhaar card or proof of identity document.

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