Telangana Food Security card Status Check Online Telangana EPDS Ration Card Status

Telangana Food Security card Status Check Online

TS Food Security Card Status

EPDS Telangana is an online software program referred to as Electronic Public Distribution System which facilitates the management of ration cards allocation, seeding, and distribution of Aadhaar information. It also provides accountability regarding its services to everyone. This is done through this official website which makes it simpler to apply for different services.

EPDS Telangana

The Government of Telangana along with the cooperation of the Central Government has brought various programs for 2022’s families in need and has tried to make benefits efficient through the ration cards. The official website is monitored by the office of civil supply. They will keep track of every notification sent to the citizens of the state.

The National Food security act 2013 following the creation of the Telangana state has brought EPDS Telangana to the online world. It’s to ensure they can control the card for food security within the state.

It is the Food Security Card that can assist families living in poverty in the state, by offering diverse services via State Government allocated regular funds. Any family that has the ration card issued by the Telangana state will receive advantages of the electronic PDS Telangana.

Here are a few quick items that will be offered to families that carry a valid food safety card.

Wheat rice, rice, pulses, Lamp oil, and Petrol with other items that are regular and usable household supplies every month to families. Essentials distributions are depending on the number of family members, and the government introduced a plan to distribute funds in specified amounts to every member of the family.

EPDS Telangana Ration Card

In the state, of Telangana, the Ration card is can be divided into three different categories according to the income of the entire family. This results in the effects of the distribution of necessities to families based on the agreed-upon card type.

Above the Poverty Line: A family with an income that is greater than 1 lakh rupees is entitled to receive a white ration card. Based on these types of colors, they will get benefits offered at the ration shop.

Below the Poverty Line: A family member in the category of below poverty will receive the pink ration card if he has a family income of below INR one lakh. The benefits for this card holder are different from the previously mentioned black ration cards.

Antyodaya Families Family members who are in need and do not have an income that is stable and is sanctioned by Antyodaya families receives pink ration cards. These families that work every day will receive additional benefits in the form of ration cards with the information given during registration.

EPDS Telangana Food Security Card

BPL and any other benefits that are covered by the TPDS scheme, and families in the groupings can be provided with subsidized food grains from the State Government. Based on the commodities that are subsidized, the family will receive food items that are essential each month.

The benefits above are cannot be accessed under the TPDS program offered by the government. They do not offer subsidized food grain facilities, however, they can be given access during an emergency hospitalization or in government offices.

Documents for Ration Card in EPDS

To obtain a ration card from Telangana state your family must have the following documents on hand.

EPDS Telangana Ration Card application form

Voter ID cards of every family member

The Electricity Bill as well as Gas Bill for residential proof

Photographs of family members that are passport-size members

Income certificate

Caste certificate

Aadhar Card of every family member

How to Apply for EPDS Telangana Ration Card

Let’s first look at the steps to apply to get a ration card online by following the below-described procedure. Follow this step-by-step guide to get your ration card issued.

Go to the nearest MeeSeva Center or go online to EPDS Telangana

Download your copy of the Ration Card Application form and begin filling it in with your personal information.

Complete all the details according to your government IDs that you can present

Include all pertinent documents along with the application form.

Make sure the photo is in the application form in the top right of the box

Check the information and then submit it to MeeSeva Center

Once you have paid the application fee in the MeeSeva center and your EPDS Telangana ration card may be processed. If the verification is done correctly, the ration card will be issued to family members.

How can I verify EPDS Telangana’s Card Status or FSC Search? Card status or search for FSC

The person who applied for a ration card in Telangana state may follow the procedure to verify the status.

Go to the EPDS Telangana official website with

Click on the login option, then click on the FSC search option.

Click to open the FSC application search, then select the district from the drop-down

Enter your application’s number and hit the search to retrieve information

The Ration card information with precise changes and information about the status of the issue of the Ration card can be displayed on the screen.

For any other details please visit Feedback can be submitted via the online feedback form at any time.

EPDS Grievance Online

Open EPDS Telangana grievance page

Choose the option that you are a holder of a Ration card or not. (With this, the grievance you need to file will be changed)

Enter your details

Select District and Taluka

Select Grievance Category and Grievance Subject

The Grievance description should be entered in up to 100 characters

Upload the relevant document that you have scanned when it is available

Enter Security Code and Click Submit

Can we make an SMS registration using EPDS Telangana?

The alert text message can be delivered to mobile phones via the official website of the Government of India. The user must sign up for their mobile number on the portal, or visit the nearest ration shop.

Is there any EPDS Telangana mobile app?

It is reported that PDS Telangana has brought the mobile application dubbed T Ration App to the Google play store. Users must download the android mobile application that downloads from the store, and then attempts to use the online services.

Do I have the ability to check my EPDS Telangana Ration Card Status at a Ration shop?

Anyone with an EPDS Telangana Ration card can go to the Ration Shop to check status the by providing the ration card number. The Ration card vendor will notify you of the details of the card’s status and that it’s still active with the basic information provided.

Why did my EPDS Telangana Ration Card Block?

The ration card that was provided to households in Telangana is held on hold when the beneficiary did not take their items within 3 months. If the duration is more than three months it will be blocked by the FSC. EPDS Telangana Ration card was blocked by the FSC.

Do families living above the poverty line receive grins from ration cards?

Families with the poverty link may not get any benefit from this ration card. They will receive the ration card, but they will not receive any benefits. They won’t be like the ration card that is provided to families living in poverty.

Telangana Ration Card Status Online Check Govt Portal

How To Get Food Security Cards in Telangana

Telangana Food Security Card Status Check Online

visit Telangana govt Website
Link Below
Select Your District
Select the Aadhaar Card as an  option to check the status of the Ration card with the Aadhaar Card
Check Your old Ration card status select the option of old Ration card
you will get the Ration shop Numer, and a Telanganaration card number .take a printout of that page and inquiry at the Telangana nearest ration shop.
Follow to Images

Telangana TS Food Security (Ration card ) Statu Check Online | Telangana Food Security Card Status | Telangana Ration Card Status
Telangana TS Food Security (Ration card ) Statu Check Online | Telangana Food Security Card Status | Telangana Ration Card Status
Telangana TS Food Security (Ration card ) Statu Check Online | Telangana Food Security Card Status | Telangana Ration Card Status

Telangana Government offers the facility to apply for an online ration card for residents of Telangana. The citizens of Telangana can change their ration card or change their name and address, or make there are any changes required in the Telangana State Ration Card. Citizens of Telangana state can check the status of ration card application online at

Telangana Ration Card Status

Residents from Telangana or Hyderabad can apply for the TS Food Security card on their own using the official website below or on the official site of the department for food, civil supplies, and consumer office. i.e.

All residents from Telangana State who are applying for a new ration card have to have the required documents to apply for food security cards through the Aadhaar card in Telangana.

Telangana Ration Card Status – Check Online Now

The Civil Supplies Department was initially only an administrative department. This is why its operations have been expanded to include the acquisition of foodgrains at a minimum support Price (MSP) as well as the transport of the most basic items viz. Rice Wheat, Sugar, Kerosene, Palmolien Oil, and Red gram dal via Fair Price Shops under the Public Distribution System at subsidized prices through the issue of digital cards verification of the prices of essential products, consumer affairs, distribution of LPG in association together with BPL Women (Deepam Scheme) and enrollment for enrollment under UID (Aadhaar) as well others.

Hello all, today we are going to explain the entire process for downloading the Telangana T ration card and we will also mention the process of making the TS ration card online.
Download aspirants
As we know, EPDS Telangana Ration Benefit is eligible for many special benefits from daily needs such as Telangana Government, gasoline, and medical facilities. It is like a valid identity card given to the family given by the government as per your income details and the types of benefits will vary according to the income sources of the people.
Following are the different types of ration cards given by the Telangana Govt.
Antyodaya Card (AYY) – This card is useful for those who do not even have a fixed income.
Below Poverty Line (BPL) – This card is given to those whose annual income is less than Rs. 10,000.
Poverty Line (APL) – Only those people whose income is more than Rs. 10,000 are eligible for an APL ration card.

Download Steps to Download T Ration Card Online

The Telangana government has provided online and offline procedures for downloading ration cards, so whether you already have registered ration card candidates or newly registered candidates, both of them should follow the procedure given to download ration cards online. Will happen.
Offline process for new TS ration cards
Candidates should visit the nearest service center.
Ask them to give a new ration card application form.
Fill in all the required details
Attach a photocopy of required identification documents with the filled application form
Paste the photo on the application form.
Before submitting, please make sure that you have provided all mandatory details and also check whether documents are attached or not.
Online Process for New T Ration Card
As we have said, the Telangana government has also provided online services for applying for new ration cards and downloading TS ration cards online. Please follow the procedure given to apply for the new Telangana Ration Card online.
Candidates should visit the official Telangana Public Distribution System website.
Click here to go here: EPDS Telangana
Please find the “FSC search” button from the menu placed at the far left of the website window.
download the Telangana ration card
Click on “FSC Search”
A new window will open, in which select “FSC App Search” from the drop-down list.
Ts ration card download
Enter your “district” and “application number” to download your T ration card.
Telangana TS Ration Card Status Inquiry
If you are making new applications for Telangana Ration Card in MSEVA centers, then you can see the status of your application on the EPDS website and it also gives you updates about your application, if there is any mistake or wrongful There are attached identification documents.
Visit the EPDS Telangana official website.
Find the “FSC search” menu and click on it.
Click on the “Ration Card Search” menu from the drop-down list.
Enter your ration card application number in the given field.
Finally, click on the “Check Status” button to see your status application.
TS Ration Card  Online

Click Here to Govt website  

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