Telangana TS Land Record Adangal Pahani download

Telangana Land Records Adangal Pahani download


Dharani TS Land Record Adangal Pahani download

The Dharani Telangana Online Portal contains Land records that have been digitized and uploaded to the website.

Internet is now more convenient than any offline process. The Telangana State Government decided to offer the Dharani website to the citizens.

This Dharani Telangana Portal allows people to easily access their Land records. They can also download Land records that have been digitally digitized in PDF format. This portal allows farmers to access new patted passbooks that contain the details of their land.

Dharani Telangana

If the individual visits the nearest MRO or Mandal Revenue Officer, any errors and modifications to the Land documents may be rectified. It can also be fixed at the nearest MeeSeva center. You can download Pahani from this website, or even visit the Village Pahani.

Dharani Webiste allows you to download your Pahani

This portal allows Landowners and people to download their Pahanis. People are also provided with new Passbooks. Initially, urban land records will be updated and rectified.

Visit the official Dharani Telangana State website. this link here will help you out.

Click on the “Pahani/Adangal” button on the homepage.

The candidate now needs to choose his Zone, District, and Village names for the workout.

You will also need to enter your land survey number, Account number, Aadhar number, or name detail of the graduator. Once you have completed your details, click the “Click” button below. Once all details have been verified, a pop-up window will open with all of your Pahani/Adangal details.

These are the steps you need to follow to verify the Pahani through the website. These points should be carefully followed.

You can visit the official Dharani website by clicking the link above.

Next, click on “Pahani/Adangal”, and then select “Village Pahani”.

Next, select your Zone name, District name, and Village name from the drop-down menus.

Finally, click the “Click” button.

A popup will be displayed with the details of your village Pahani/ Adangal land records.

This is not all. The Telangana State Government also took initiatives to digitize all Land records and revenue transactions.

All farmers in the state have been issued the new Pattadar Passbooks by the Government. The issuing of these new Pattadar Passbooks began in March 2018. After the purification of records, and resurvey of the lands, this website was updated with the most current information about Land records.

Dharani Portal Features

The Telangana State government offers land information with greater security through the Dharani website. The land information is protected so that it cannot be misused. These data will be used to implement the Rs 4000 input subsidy program for farmers.

The Dharani website offers the following features:

Get your Telangana Pahani/Adangal details.

Download ROR 1B Pahani.

If you have any issues, you can also file a complaint.

Verify that your Katha number and your Aadhar number are linked.

This database will be updated daily. It is easy to access, so anyone can see the details of land ownership.

All these Land records are extremely clear and transparent for everyone who visits Dharani Portal.

This portal makes it easier to access information and streamlines processes.

You can also update details immediately. Online access is possible after you have modified or updated your files.


How do you use the Dharani website?

If you don’t know how the Dharani Telangana Online portal works, this guide will show you how to access the website and any other e-Governance services online. To use the Dharani Telangana website, please follow the steps below.

First, book a slot with the Sub-registrar/MRO.

Once a meeting has been set up, your purchase and sale details will be recorded in the passbook.

For any access, the details can be easily uploaded to or updated on the website.

The details will be passed to the IT wing by the local Tehsildar.

Soon, the documents and patted passbooks will be available.

After the documents have been verified by the Officials, the registration documents will be sent to you via Courier.

Official website

Telangana Dharani TS Land Record Adangal Pahani download

Dharani Telangana TS Land Record Adangal Pahani download