TTWREIS RDC TS Tribal Welfare Degree Online Admissions -TS Gurukulam Admission -

TTWREIS RDC TS Tribal Welfare Degree Online Admissions -TS Gurukulam Admission

 TTWREIS RDC Admissions / TS Tribal Welfare Degree Online Admissions  -TS Gurukulam Admission

Admissions RDC TTWRIS / TS Tribal Welfare Bachelor Admissions Notification TS Gurukulam: TS Tribal Welfare Admissions Level RDC RDC Gurukulam TS Classes Admissions TTWREIS (Gurukulam). TSTWREIS RDC Degree Colleges Entry Schools Entries TTWR/ TTWREIS Grades Colleges Admissions / TTWREIS University online Application Form. Study Programs: Telangana Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society for the TSTWREIS. The first year of undergraduate college can be applied for by ST students from Telangana and other communities. Here are the admission requirements. Online applications are only for female candidates to the first year BA/B.Com/B.Sc degree Ingles middle courses (40 students per course in TTW residential Colleges for men and women).




Notification of acceptance to the first semester course for the academic calendar. Male and female candidates are invited to apply online for admission to the first-year B.A. / B.Com Degree / Bachelor’s Degree / Specialized English medium Courses. Flat Degree TTW Universities (40 students per course) for the academic year – Deadline for online and offline applications is



Eligibility for TTWRDC – CET


1. The Test may be available to students who have passed the Interim Exam at Telangana State High School (or an equivalent) in March.


2. Students who have passed the annual intermediate exams


Issued by the Telangana Intermediate Education Board (or an equivalent institution that has at least 40% of these qualifications).


Yearly income


Candidates whose parents have an annual income of more than Rs. 2.50 lakhs in urban areas, and Rs. 1.50 lakhs living in rural areas will not be eligible for admission to 1st-class courses.

LINK: TSTWISIS Recruitment of university directors (TTWREIS)

TTWDCET-and admission criteria for admission to first semester courses

TTWREIS RDC Admissions  TS Tribal Welfare Degree admissions,TS Gurukulam


Group studied at intermediate


Eligibility for Admission in to
MPC B.Sc. (MPC), and 8 other B.Sc. The TTWRDCPhysical Sciences in Karimnagar, Mahaboobnagar offer physical courses. B.A. (HEP), and 7 other courses at TTWRDCthe Sociological Sciences, Janagaon, and Sanga. B.Com(Gen), B.Com(Comp) and 5 other courses offered by TTWRDC Commerce by Khammam & Sanga Reddy.
BPC Sc (BZC), Sc. Sc. (MBZC), and 6 other B. Sc. Life Sciences courses are offered in TTWRDCby Life Sciences. B.A. (HEP), 6 other courses at TTWRDC, Janagaon, Sanga Reddy and B.Com(Gen), B.Com(Comp) and 5 additional courses at TTWRDC Commerce By Khammam & Sanga Reddy.
MEC B.Sc (MSCS), BA (HEP) and other 6 courses offered at TTWRDC the Social Sciences of Janagaon and Sanga Reddy Sciences, B.Com (Gen), B.Com (Comp) and 5 other courses offered at TTWRDC of Commerce. from Khammam and Sanga Reddy.
CEC B.Com (Gen), B.Com (Comp) and other 5 courses offered at the TTWRDC Residential College of Commerce, Khammam & Sanga Reddy. B.A (HEP) and 6 more courses offered at TTWRDC the Social Sciences of Janagaon and Sanga Reddy
HEC B.A (HEP) and other 6 courses offered at TTWRDC the Social Sciences of Janagaon and Sanga Reddy B.Com (Gen), B.Com (Comp) and 5 more courses offered at TTWRDC of Commerce by Khammam & Sangareddy.
Reservation of seats
Students are admitted as per the following rule of reservation
Sl. No. 1 2 3 4 5
Category ST SC BC OC Total
Reservation % 75 15 7 3 100
No. of Seats 30 6 3 1 40
*In case of BC candidates the above 3 seats are reserved as follows:
No. of seats 1 1 1 3
Note: a) Candidates who belong to the above categories must have a certificate of community, Nativity and date of birth according to G.O.Ms.No.58 Dept. SW, from 12.05.1997
b) If there are not enough candidates to fill the positions reserved for SC, BC and OC, ST candidates must complete them

 How can I complete the admission year TTWREIS degree 1? Online Application Form  (TsTwreis)


Next, we have to reserve special categories



Games and sports: 1

Children of ex-soldiers/armed personnel.

Physically handicapped Number of seats1

Orphaned children – Number of seats

Total Number of Seats 5

The candidates in the preceding categories are admitted to the Casta category of seats (shown at position No. V) to which they belonged.

Notice: Candidates who have competed at the national/state level are eligible for the Games and Sport Quotas.

LINK: TTWREIS-Zulassungsberatung, Certificate Verification Data (TsTwreis)

Schools with 22-degree degrees: 15 junior high schools in girls and 7 junior high schools in children

TTWREIS RDC Admissions / TS Tribal Welfare Degree Online Admissions  -TS Gurukulam Admission

No SI. ‘Name

of the District

Revenue Division College Location
1 Adilabad Adilabad Utnoor 1) Boath (Boys)
2) Utnoor (Girls)
3) Asifabad (Girls)
2 Asifabad Asifabad
Nizamabad Nizamabad 4) Nizamabad (Girls)
4 Kamareddy Kamareddy 5) Kama Reddy (Boys)
5 Karimnagar Karimnagar 6) Karimnagar (Boys)
6 Siricilla Siricilla 7) Siricilla (Girls)
7 Ranga Reddy Shadnagar 8) Ranga Reddy (Girls)
8 Mahaboob Nagar Mahaboobnagar 9) Mahaboobnagar (Girls)
9 Nagar Kurnool Nagar Kurnool  Medak 10) Naar Kurnool (Boys)
11) Medak (Girls)
12) Sanga Reddy (Boys)
13) Devarakonda (Girls)
14) Suryapeta (Girls)
15) Mahabubabad (Girls)
16) Maripeda (Boys)
10 Medak
11 Sangareddy Sanga Reddy  Devarakonda
12 Nalgonda
13 Suryapeta Suryapeta  Mahabubabad
14 Mahabubabad
15 Jayashankar Bhupalapally Mulugu 17) Mulugu (Girls)
18) Janagaon (Girls)
19) Khammam (Girls)
20) Kothagudem (Girls)
21) Manuguru (Boys)
22) Dammapet (Girls)
16 Janagaon Janagaon  Khammam
17 Khammam
18 Bhadradri Kothagudem Kothagudem
TS Tribal Welfare Degree admissions  …



 How to apply for TTWRDC CET  online:





TTWRIS RDC CET -TS Tribal Welfare Degree Admissions -TS Gurukulam


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(For students of Telangana) Steps in filing the application through, Online ‘.
1.The applicant first carefully check the newsletter and eligibility applies to RDC-CET  . Step for online application process appear: TTW  Presentation DCET
LINK: Free Education Admissions TTWREIS long term NEET   (Admission Test National MBBS)
TTWREIS RDC Admissions / TS Tribal Welfare Degree Online Admissions  -TS Gurukulam Admission
Important data:
1. The online application starts on:   
2. Last deadline for submission of the online application:   
Date of open application:   
Closing date of the request:  
Note: for more details


All eligible students through online mode just need to apply

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