Uttar Pradesh BPL / APL Ration Card Apply Online -

Uttar Pradesh BPL / APL Ration Card Apply Online

Ration Card Uttar Pradesh  BPL / APL Apply Online


Ration Card Uttar Pradesh (UP) – BPL / APL | City, city list to apply online

Uttar Pradesh’s economically poorer residents are not able to get enough food. These people receive ration rations like wheat and rice. The government sends them to every village or city by issuing a new card. You can get sugar etc. You can get sugar and other items at very low rates with a ration card. Uttar Pradesh citizens without a ration card can apply online for their new ration cards through the UP Ration Card. Fill out the UP Ration card Application Form for people over 18 years of age.

Apply online for the up ration card

The gram panchayat or the municipality must go around trying to obtain a ration card. This can be a time-consuming process that also causes many problems. The UP government has started to apply for the UP ration card online. This will allow people to obtain a new ration card without any hassle. This scheme allows interested beneficiaries to apply online for a ration card at home.

Types of ration cards


APL ration card – These cards were issued to families who live above the poverty line. These people will be able to get their APL cards. The government will provide a 15kg ration each month to APL ration card holders.

BPL ration Card – This card is issued to families who live below the poverty line. BPL ration card families must not earn more than Rs. 10,000. These BPL ration card holders will receive a 25kg ration each month from the government.

A ration Card – This card was issued to families that are members of the state. People who live in extreme poverty. This ration card provides 35kg of food per month to families.

Criteria for applying for a UP Ration Card

  • The applicant must be a citizen of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Aadhaar cards are also required for applicants and their family members.
  • Your family should not live above the poverty line.
  • The applicant must not own a vehicle with four wheels, three wheels, or two wheels.
  • Any family member or applicant should not work in any government position.

Documents needed for UP Ration Card

  • All family members should have a copy of the Aadhaar Card.
  • Copy of the gas connection.
  • Copy of bank account.
  • Voter ID card (Head Of Family)
  • Photo of the head

How can I apply offline for the Uttar Pradesh Ration Card?

  • You will first need to visit the Food Department website. After that, you will need to download the application form. Or, you can get it at the nearest regional Food Department office.
  • All the required information such as Aadhar card number and mobile number will be requested. All information required, such as Aadhar card number and mobile number, must be completed correctly.
  • After that, the application form must be sent to the regional food department officer. Uttar Pradesh residents can then fill out the offline application form to take advantage of this scheme.

How do I apply online for a UP Ration Card?

The UP Ration Card Scheme allows interested beneficiaries to apply online. The online application process should be carefully read by all beneficiaries to take full advantage of the scheme.

  • First, check your eligibility for the UP Ration Card Scheme. As the government has changed the online application process for ration cards, it is important to collect all documents in a specific way.
  • Register online for the UP Ration Card application at the Regional Life Service Center.
  • Once you have completed this step, send all documents to Jan Seva Kendra. Your application will be filled out by the CSC agent using documents.
  • Your application form will then be sent to Uttar Pradesh’s Food Department. The department will then send your application after verifying all documents and forms.
  • Your name will be added as a beneficiary to the UP Ration Card after you have completed the application form. This will allow you to submit your online application.

The official website of the Uttar Pradesh Food & Supply Department is here-

Application form Download – For new Ration Card

Apply online for Ration Card

Ration Card Uttar Pradesh (UP) BPL / APL Apply Online Click Here

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