It promotes the health of these organs by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. It also prevents liver injuries and kidney stones

Lemon peels can be dried in the sun or in your oven and made into a powder for use in face and hair masks

Lemon mixed with vinegar is known to be an excellent cleaner for your furniture and windows

Lemon helps fight cough, common cold and other common ailments.

Aromatherapy professionals use lemon essential oil for its refreshing and invigorating scent

Lemon is also commercially available in the form of capsules and tablets

Applying lemon juice directly can irritate your skin

Dilute lemon juice with a little water or oil before applying it to the skin

The citric acid content of lemon has some corrosive effect on the teeth

Always use lemon water in moderation. Lemon juice can cause acidity in some people