Limestone also known by the name China in Hindi is a form of rock with a fluid structure.

The principal limestone's main components include marine organisms like forams, mollusks, and corals.

Limestone is utilized for a variety of reasons of health in Ayurveda.

Limestone is chemically referred to as calcium carbonate, and therefore abundant in calcium.

Calcium is one of the minerals that are abundant found in bone.

Limestone can also aid in the reduction of mouth odor when it is utilized regularly.

The most common symptom associated with ailments like osteoporosis and arthritis is inflamation (painful inflammation) that occurs in joint.

The antioxidant capacity of limestone plays an important role in the prevention of joint inflammation.

The calcium content in limestone can help increase the strength of bones in the fetus, and will help promote the growth of the fetus to be healthier.

Limestone is abundant in calcium, could help to be a good remedy for these conditions and can aid in improving memory.

limestone helps prevent digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. It can aid in digestion.

limestone is antioxidizing , and can aid in the treatment of acne. Antioxidants also aid in preventing skin damage and delay in the process of aging skin.

limestone can assist in healing wounds. It's a great treatment for cuts and burns, while also acting in the role of an antiseptic.

Limestone can be used to restore soils that are acidic.

The treatment of water with the aid from limestone has become a typical method of keeping the acid balance in the water, and assist in the removal of iron as well as its products.