Wonders Of Aurangabad Caves

Wonders Of Aurangabad Caves


The Aurangabad caves are situated on the slope that runs east-west and about 2 km to the north of Bibi Maqbara. Aurangabad, Maharashtra is a collection of 12 cuts into the rock Buddhist shrines, which are divided into three groups 500 meters from one another. Caves 1 through 5 are located in the west, while Caves 6-9 are located on the eastern part of the hill.

The third cave group comprising caves 10 to 12 is located farther to the east. The Aurangabad caves are dated back to the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD up to the seventh century AD. The caves, carved into the hillside from soft basalt rock are stunning pieces of architecture with exquisitely designed models from Indian classical art at the top of their game.


Wonders Of Aurangabad Caves


Aurangabad Cave Temple:

The Aurangabad Caves, which are situated within the Sahyadri as well as the Satara hills and fed through the Dudhana River a common tourist attraction. It is breathtaking in its carvings on its structure and is a living testimony to the Buddhist settlement that was established as early as the 3rd and 2nd centuries.

Pillars of Beauty:

In the Caves are pillars of the past with intricately designed designs. They are a testament to the exquisitely sculpted architecture of the time.

Cave 1:

Cave 1 in cave 1 in the Aurangabad caves is among the first excavations that date back up to around the 3rd or 2nd century. It’s a Vihara that’s not finished or a monastery, where the verandah’s ceiling is in ruins. The conservation of this cave is not as good because of the poor nature of the formation, which has also stopped excavations of huge size.

Cave 2:

Cave 2 is a square-shaped temple that resembles classic Buddhist temples. The center of the shrine is a huge picture of a seated Buddha in a contemplative posture with a variety of sculptured figures of Buddha that are on the walls to the opposite side.


Wonders Of Aurangabad Caves


Wonders Of Aurangabad Caves


Buddhist Shrine:

The center of these caves lies an enormous shrine to the Lord Buddha. The temple is surrounded by exquisitely carved pillars that provide support to the ceiling. The rear of the shrine is a sculpted temple with Lord Buddha represented in a standing position and reaching up towards the ceiling. It is a perfect-shaped dome with circular beams. An area like this will bring peace and peace. It is also known as the Aurangabad Buddhist caves

Aurangabad Cave Apsaras:

Another stunning sculptural work from the Aurangabad caves is the stunning celestial beings or Apsaras in the way they’re referred to in Hindu as well as Buddhist mythology. They decorate the cave’s walls with an enduring beauty of beauty and sculptural perfection.

Cave 6:

Cave 6 is a display of beautiful engraved ladies with extravagant hairstyles and decorative embellishments. The main focus of the carvings is the massive statue depicting Lord Buddha. This cave which has cells on either side houses the shrine and is identified by pillars that line the porch and verandah.

Cave 7:

Cave 7 is thought to be the most captivating of all due to its elaborate depiction of bejeweled and sexily dressed female figures, which are a clear indication of the existence of tantric Buddhism during the time of the era. Cave 7 is also home to one shrine that is which is enclosed by an outer corridor that runs around. The corridor is comprised of alcoves set at regular intervals where you can see various artifacts depicting Buddhist Gods and Goddesses. The verandah’s entryway into the sanctuary is surrounded by intricate depictions of Avalokiteshvara and Bodhisattva.

A Bygone Era:

The Aurangabad Caves were overshadowed by the Ajanta as well as the Ellora Caves remain delightful to the eye. It is a monument to the pure splendor of the Buddhist religion at that time. Although a few caves are not finished due to the dangers of the loose rock, For the most part, this monolithic monument has stood up to the sands and sands of the past.


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