10 Beautiful Beaches In Andhra Pradesh

10 Beautiful Beaches In Andhra Pradesh


The majority of the time, when we think of vacations at the beach or escapes, we imagine famous tourist destinations such as Goa or beaches that are heavily advertised such as those found in Kerala. Have you ever thought of a peaceful serene, tranquil holiday? In this instance, the beaches in Andhra Pradesh can amaze you. They are regarded as the most peaceful and undiscovered beaches in Southern India and can give plenty of enjoyment to those looking to have a lifetime experience.

Andhra Pradesh, with the second-largest coastline in the world, is sure to surprise you with amazing beaches. Below are 10 of our most popular and most loved list of beaches located in Andhra Beach state.

Most Beautiful Beaches In Andhra Pradesh:

1. Yarada Beach:

The Yarada beach in Andhra Pradesh is a beauty! It’s approximately 15 km far from Visakhapatnam and is considered to be one of the top beaches to be found throughout the Andhra Pradesh coastal region. This is an ideal location for anyone who wants to know more about Andhra Pradesh’s culture, religion architectural history, and history. Also, if are seeking the most peaceful and tranquil experience, you’ll be hooked on this place.

Things to Do:
You can find seafood in various areas.
Explore nearby structures and places of worship
Take advantage of the peaceful and tranquil weather
How to Reach:
You can get to Vishakapatnam via train, bus, and plane. Three modes of transportation are accessible in the city within which the beach is located.
You could either use a private taxi or automobile to get to the area from your home or perhaps get this region connected to the state-run bus service.
Best Time to Visit and Where to Stay:
The months from November through March are the best time for visiting these beaches.
There are a variety of guesthouses and hotels in the city, all with various budgets. You can pick the one that suits your needs and budget.
Other tourist attractions close to the beach include Dolphin’s nose, Temples, museum lighthouse
Safety Tips: Do not swim on the beach since the beach’s surface is rough and the tides can be harsh.

2. Mypadu Beach:

It is located in Mypadu beach is around 20 km far from Nellore. It is filled with beautiful grass and lush green trees that allow you to enjoy your time completely. The weather is warm and the waters are sparkling. If you’re seeking an easy and semi-rural adventure and a relaxing holiday on the beach, these beaches in Andhra Pradesh can be your most suitable option.

Things to Do:
Sunrise view
Jet sky biking
Local seafood
How to Reach:
Mypadu beach is situated close to Nellore. With a bus, you can get to the Nellore bus stop and then transfer to an auto to get to Mypadu Beach.
Nellore train station lies about 21 kilometers from the beach. There are autos that can access the station as well.
If you’re planning to fly, Tirupati is the nearest airport. It is required to travel in an automobile at the terminal to the beach or take the train again to get to Nellore and from there you’ll need your own vehicle to get to the beach.
Best Time to Visit and Where to Stay:
The months from October to March are the best time to visit this location. The weather will be perfect and comfortable during this time of year. It is possible to stay in Nellore by staying in guest houses or hotels.

Other Attractions:
KotthaKuduru beach
Penchalakonda waterfalls
Narasimha Swamy temple
Chandragiri Fort
Krishnapatnam beach
Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary
Safety Tips: Be careful with the weather and avoid swimming too far inside the water on the beach.

3. Rishikonda Beach:

The Rishikonda Beach in Andhra Pradesh is absolutely exotic. The crystal clear waters, the long strip of golden sand, and the pleasant climate will revitalize your body, mind, and soul. It’s about 600 km far from Hyderabad and draws hundreds of tourists each year. The beach is also the most popular spot in Vizag and is one of the most well-known and sought-after beaches in Andhra Pradesh.

Things to Do:
Enjoy seafood
Enjoy an enjoyable and perfect moment watching the sunrise
How to Reach:
The city is located in Vishakapatnam in India, you can get to the city by rails, buses, or airways. You can also get directly here in your own vehicle
There are buses that run regularly in the city to get to the beach.
Best Time to Visit and Places to Stay:
The ideal season to go to Rishikonda beach is from September and October and the next time is from January to March.
There is a wide range of guesthouses and hotels in the city to accommodate your stay, according to your budget.
Other Attractions:
Borra caves
RK Beach
The Dolphin’s nose

10 Beautiful Beaches In Andhra Pradesh


10 Beautiful Beaches In Andhra Pradesh

4. Ramakrishna Beach:

Ramakrishna Beach gets its name from the Ramakrishna Mission ashrams. Also called RK beach, it’s one of the most popular beaches for surfing and water sports. There are numerous beaches in Vizag as well as Andhra Pradesh as a whole it is well-known and very crowded. It has many of the most stunning and natural images you’ve ever seen.

Things to Do:
Go to the Shipyard side. Shipyard side
Take a moment to relax
Local food places
How to Reach:
The beach can be reached via your personal vehicle or by public transport from any location in the city.
The journey to Vishakhapatnam is also easy because Vishakhapatnam is connected to the rest of India via railways, highways, and airways.
Best Time to Visit and Places to Stay:
The beach is accessible from October through February to enjoy the most pleasant weather.
There are a variety of hotels available across the city. This allows an easy way to access the beach
Other Attractions:
Rishikonda beach
Dolphin nose
Araku valley
Safety Tips: It is advised not to swim in the ocean to ensure safety.

5. Bheemunipatnam Beach:

Bheemunipatnam Beach, also called Bheemli beach is among the most stunning beaches located in Andhra Pradesh. This is the ideal spot to visit in the summer heat. The town is home to an impressive cultural past and the views from here are breathtaking. There is also a temple which is dedicated to Lord Narasimha. If you’re looking to escape the crowd and have some time to yourself it could be an ideal option.

Things to Do:
Food vending
Water sports
Souvenir shops around
Take advantage of lush greenery all around
How to Reach:
Bheemli beach is easily accessible to Vizag center city. It is accessible by bus or private car
It is located 40km away far from airports, 29 km away from the stop for buses, and 30 kilometers from the railway station.
Best Time to Visit and Places to Stay:
The beach is accessible from August through March to get the most enjoyable experience.
Monsoons, as well as winters, are very enjoyable here.
There are a variety of guest houses and hotels in the city, which could make your stay easy according to your budget.
Other Attractions:
Tyda park
Yarada beach
Submarine museum

6. Kalingapatnam Beach:

Kalingapatnam Beach Kalingapatnam beach is renowned for its stunning beauty and romantic places. It is home to many thousands of Indian and foreign tourists each year. While not many people have heard of it, it is situated within the Srikakulam District in Andhra Pradesh, known for the place where Vamsadharariver spills into the Bay of Bengal.

Things to Do:
Enjoy serene sun-rise
Plantation areas dense and dense in the vicinity
Street food outlets
How to Reach:
Kalingapatnam beach is approximately 24 km from Srikakulam
The easiest and most efficient method is to lease their vehicle directly from Srikakulam
It is connected to the rest of town via railways and roads.
Best Time to Visit and Places to Stay:
November through February are the most enjoyable times of the year to go to the beach
While there are no facilities for staying accessible close to the beaches, it’s safe to stay and travel at Srikakulam town.
Other Attractions:
Buddist stupa
Safety Tips: Since this beach isn’t within the city limits, it is advised not to be on the beach until after dark zones. Also, swimming is not advised here.

10 Beautiful Beaches In Andhra Pradesh


7. Perupalem Beach:

Perupalem Beach is located about 20 km away from Narsapur located inside the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The beach is renowned for its natural beauty and stunning spots. The water here is clear and sparkling, and the weather is gorgeous. This is a charming spot that attracts thousands of tourists each year.

Things to Do:
Family time with peace and tranquility
Get involved in your time at the beach.
Explore the beach
How to Reach:
Perupalem beach is located in West Godavari, near Narsapuram town. It is possible to reach Narsapuram first, then take an automobile to get to the beach.
Narsapuram is accessible by railway tracks and roads.
Best Time to Visit and Places to Stay:
The most ideal time to visit the beach is from October until March.
If you want to have access to guesthouses and hotels You can also stay in Narsapur. However, there are only a few services.
Additional Attractions none

Safety Tips: It is advised not to stay within the beach area late at night since it’s not within the city limits.

8. Motupalli Beach:

Motupalli Beach is located in the Prakasham district in Andhra Pradesh. The bright, sunny skies, great weather, great food, and beautiful surroundings attract hundreds of visitors to this area each year. This is the ideal beach to visit if you’re planning on enjoying a great time with your loved ones and family.

Things to Do:
Natural beauty, and peaceful surroundings
Enjoy sunrises
How to Reach:
Motupalli beach is located about 50km away from Ongole town.
Ongole is accessible Ongole effortlessly via highways and railways. You can then drive a private vehicle to reach the beach.
Best Time to Visit and Places to Stay:
The ideal time to take advantage of the sun and the sea is between November and March throughout the year.
Facilities for a comfortable stay are located close to Ongole town boundaries.
Other Attractions:
Temple Motupalli
Chandravaram site
Kothapatnam beach
Warnings Avoid swimming on the beaches since it is not considered safe and is out of the limits of the city.

9. Manginapudi Beach:

Manginapudi beach, situated near Machilipatnam located in Machilipatnam, in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, lies one of the unexplored and undiscovered beaches of Andhra Pradesh. The serene blue waters of this beach have captivated its guests. It’s quite a well-known spot and is an ideal location for small-scale educational tours. Those who want tranquil and local experiences should explore this location. It is also a well-known Vijayawada beach destination.

Things to Do:
Nature-related activities
How to Reach:
Machilipatnam is the most accessible place to visit via train. It is possible to take private transportation from Machilipatnam to reach the place.
Best Time to Visit and Places to Stay:
The beach is accessible from October until March throughout the whole year.
Set up a stay facility in Machilipatnam and the town’s limits to get better hotel facilities.
Other Attractions:
Pandu ranga swamy temple
Machilipatnam church

10. Kakinada Beach:
It is Kakinada beach, which is located within Kakinada located in Kakinada in the East Godavari district, is an extremely popular spot for numerous. Those seeking a relaxing city trip that is accessible from the city and town limits can select this. While it is a little crowded the area is peaceful and serene ideal to spend the evenings with beloved ones.

Things to Do:
Relax on the beach
Enjoy seafood
Kakinada’s most loved Kaja as well as other regional dishes not to be overlooked
Watch beach festivals
How to Reach:
Kakinada is accessible via railways and roadways.
The beach can be reached by public bus or private automobile or vehicle.
If you’re planning to travel to the location via plane, Rajamundry airport is the closest. It is possible to hire an auto from the airport in order to reach the location.
Best Time to Visit and Places to Stay:
October to March is the ideal time to go to this beach
The most comfortable accommodation is offered at Kakinada town for visitors.
Other Attractions:
Hope Island
Beach park
Glass bridge
Yanam can be described as a renowned tourist attraction close to Kakinada situated only 30 kilometers away.
With these beach destinations located in Andhra Pradesh, select a spot to go for your next weekend vacation. With its peaceful beaches and tranquil ambiance, we’re certain that you will not be dissatisfied. Tell us your thoughts as well!


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