Aadhaar Card Link Voter Id Card Seeding

Link Aadhaar card Voter ID card in less than 5 minutes

Link Aadhaar card Voter ID card in less than 5 minutes - it is as easy as Click to do next ... ..

The Election Commission of India announced a few weeks back that he wants all voters happen to be the owner of Aadhaar cards, to connect them to their voter ID cards. In an attempt to remove all the fake voter ID cards and put a check on the growing population of defunct and fake voters, this announcement was something with great enthusiasm by voters and voter ID card Helpdesk authorities as we received. So, here is a quick guide on how to link Aadhaar card Voter ID card in less than 5 minutes by NVSP portal and SMS.voter id election card,voter list,voter id card status,voter card,voter id card,online voter id status,election id card online,voter id card election id,voter id registration,voter id online,voter card status,voter id application,voter id card,search voter id online registration,voter id card form apply,voter id card,online voter id list,voters id online,voter id registration,voter id card registration,online registration for voter id card,election card status,online voter id card,registration voter id card,verification apply for voter id card,voters id card apply for voter id,election voter list
Aadhaar Card Link Voter Id Card Seeding

NVSP - Link Aadhaar card Voter ID card in less than 5 minutes:

Link Aadhaar-to-Voter ID

Linking Aadhaar Card Voter ID Card is a very important task that must be taken very seriously by all holders of these two ID cards. Moreover, it takes only 2 minutes your Aadhaar number to feed the Voter ID card details. There are two quick ways Aadhaar card to connect Voter Card.

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Link Aadhaar Card Voter ID Card Online

You can visit the Aadhaar number your Voter Card Details feed the newly introduced Voter ID Card service website of the Election Commission of India. This site is called the National Voter Service Portal or NVSP. Enter www.NVSP.in on the address bar of your Internet browser to access the portal. The following steps would you Voter in just 2 minutes Aadhaar Card ID Card Link:

  •     www.NVSP.in Visit
  •     Click on the picture titled, 'Your Aadhaar number Feed ".
  •     On the landing page, would require you to search your name in the voters list of voters.
  •     You can do that in two simple ways either click 'Search by Name "or" Search EPIC No.'
  •     We recommend you to search names by your EPIC no input, because the less time would take.
  •     Once you enter your EPIC No, you would be able to enter your data in the voter list of your choice to see.
  •     Click "View" (On the extreme left of the row with the details).
  •     On the detail page, you can then feed your Aadhaar data ie your name and Aadhaar number as they appear on your Aadhaar card. This would make the Aadhaar card Voter ID Card
  •     To have the link finished, you would need to register your cell phone number and email address.
  •     Once you have entered these two details are correct, click on "Send".
  •     Upon successful submission of details, would you a confirmation message via email or SMS. This would confirm that the successful combination of Aadhaar card Voter ID Card

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Link Aadhaar Card Voter ID card via SMS

The internet connection is not required if you want to Voter ID card to connect Aadhaar card. This linkage of the two highest identity cards can also be done via a quick text message.

So Aadhaar Card Linking Voter ID card via SMS, you must enter the following SMS message: -

  1.     ECILINK <Voter ID card number> <Aadhaar Number>
  2.     A sample SMS this type would typically look like-'ECILINK IJH3456780 123.456.789.123 '
  3.     Once you have a text message from this format ready to enter, you can send it to the number 51969
  4.     They would then shortly receive a confirmation SMS to link Aadhaar Card Voter ID card explains part.

So you can choose one of the above two possibilities Aadhaar Card Voter card to connect and remain to be sure that the process is not more than 2 minutes of your important time would take. If in case you have problems, while the two cards link, you can send us a comment below.

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