Telangana Traffic E-Challans Online Payment and TS Police E-Challan Online Status

Telangana Traffic E-Challans Online Payment and Police E-Challan Online Status 

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Online Payment and Online Status Information site Telangana  E Challan
is issued a ticket on site traffic by the traffic police for voilation
of traffic rules.This Challan can be paid in cash or in e-Seva centers or through an online payment mode.TS E challans Online payment mode,Ts Traffic E Challans Payment ,TS challan pay in online mode pross this post full information.


Telangana Traffic E-Challans Online Pay and E-Challan Status Online

 The injury, which generates e-Challan:

  1.  On Parking No
  2.  overspeed
  3.  Stop line at traffic lights
  4.  Incorrect U Turn
  5.  Wrong side driving
  6.  Incorrect plate number
  7.  Inappropriate License Plate Design
and Etc …  Police Traffic Fine details
*** A new traffic infraction, which was commissioned by Cyberabad traffic police, the car insurance. They have integrated eChallan system insurance database that ensure the vehicle that does not renew there car insurance on time to an e-Challan be issued automatically.

Main Reasons for Traffic E-Challan (or) Fine:

Telangana Traffic E Challans Pay and E Challan Status Online

Main Reasons for Traffic E-Challan (or) Fine:
  • -When Parking of the vehicle is at No Parking zone,
  • -If your vehicle is at over speed,
  • -Stop line at Traffic Signals,
  • -If an incorrect U-Turn has been made,
  • -If someone is driving on the wrong side,
  • -Incorrect plate number of the vehicle,
  • -Inappropriate License Plate Design, etc.
So you need to payment the fine before due time. Else again you will have pay the penalty.

Steps to Check Telangana State Traffic E-Challan Online Status:

State Traffic PoliceTraffic E challan is available online. You can
check the status from the official website of Telangana State Police
Integrated E-Challan System.

Telangana State Traffic E-Challan Online Status

  • -Now to Enter the vehicle Number – and Security Code which you can see beside your vehicle number field Online.
  • -If
    you have pending E challan those will be listed on the page with
    captured photo /along with date / time. So you can easily identify the
  • -If you don’t have any pending E challan you will be Prompt with a message that “no pending E Challan”.

Telangana Traffic E-Challans Online Payment and TS Police E-Challan Online Status Telangana Traffic E-Challan Enquiry:

  • – Just go to official website of Telangana E-Challan or Telangana Traffic E  Chalan inquiry. Both are the same Website where Telangana E-challan can be checked.
  • -Here you check your vehicle Online status by giving your Registration number or license number. You can use any one of them.
  • -Also, for Android Users, they can Free download the Hyderabad/Telangana Traffic E Challan App: Click Here.
  • -This Mobile App. will always show you your vehicle online status. So you don’t need to go to official web-site always.

Regulation with Traffic Rules and penalties if you break the norms in Telangana



Dissatisfied with the documents @@ challan Hyderabad:


  •      If you drive a vehicle without a driving license, the penalty will be Rs. 500 / – for two, three, four & six wheels. This action comes in the M.V.Act.181 section.
  •     If you drive without a vehicle registration, then you get Rs. 2000 / – for two, three, four & six wheels. Comes in M.V.Act.192 (1).
  •      If you drive vehicles without permission, you will be punished in court or offices under Section M.V.Act.192 (A).
  •      Vehicle insurance is Rs. 1000 / – Penalty will be issued under M.V.Act.196.
  •      If you are driving the vehicle below the age of Rs. 500 / – penalty under M.V.Act.181.
  •      You can also pay Ecclan Cyberabad Online from eChallan’s official site. Check the Telangana Chalan check from here.

Offenses Related to driving in E Challan Hyderabad & Echallan Dues:

  •     If the driver is off to drive, even if no board is issued, then under Section 177 Rs. 200 / – penalty for two. three, four and six wheels.
  •     Injury of one-way comes under section 177 and punishment as above.
  •     Injury of U is also mentioned as mentioned above.
  •     If you are rushing or driving at high speed, as mentioned, then
    under M.V.Act 184 Rs 1000 / – is output for two, three, four and six
  •     Even if you try to threaten other people, then output Rs 1000 / – as described in section M.V.ACT 184.
  •     Footboard is for pedestrians to go, but if you drive on the
    footboard then under section 123 Rs. 50 to Rs 200 penalty of RTC High
    Court or RTA.
  •     You should not run away if you have committed an accident if you do this under § 187.
  •     Wearing helmet is safe during the trip because it saves you when
    you hit with an accident, so government also a rule to wear a helmet
    when you issued violet rs. 200 / – under § 129/177.
  •     Check Telangana e Challan online from here.

Telangana Traffic E-Challan Online Payment:

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