Allahabad Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode

Allahabad Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode



Allahabad Bank, one of India’s prominent public sector banks, offers a variety of credit card options with attractive features and benefits. As a credit cardholder, timely payment of the credit card bill is crucial to maintain a good credit score and avoid late payment charges. Fortunately, Allahabad Bank provides customers with multiple convenient payment options, including both online and offline modes.



Online Payment Methods :

Allahabad Bank’s online payment facilities provide customers with the ease and flexibility of making credit card bill payments from the comfort of their homes or on-the-go.

Here are the various online modes available:

Internet Banking: Allahabad Bank‘s internet banking portal allows credit cardholders to log in using their credentials and access the credit card payment section. Users can initiate a fund transfer from their savings or current account to settle the credit card dues securely.

Mobile Banking: The bank’s mobile banking app enables customers to make credit card bill payments using their smartphones. After logging in, users can navigate to the credit card payment section and complete the transaction effortlessly.

Auto-Pay: Allahabad Bank also offers an auto-debit feature, where credit cardholders can set up standing instructions to deduct the bill amount automatically from their linked bank account on the payment due date. This helps avoid any chances of missing the payment deadline.

NEFT/RTGS: Customers can use the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) or Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) services to pay their credit card bills. They need to add the credit card as a beneficiary and initiate the payment through their bank’s net banking platform.


Allahabad Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode


Allahabad Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode


Offline Payment Methods :


For customers who prefer traditional modes of payment or do not have access to internet services, Allahabad Bank offers several offline options to settle credit card bills:

Branch Payment: Credit cardholders can visit the nearest Allahabad Bank branch and make the payment over the counter. They need to fill out a payment slip mentioning their credit card details and the amount to be paid.

Cash Payment: The bank also accepts credit card bill payments in cash at designated branches. Customers need to present their credit card along with the cash amount to the bank staff for processing.

Cheque/Demand Draft: Another offline option is to issue a cheque or demand draft in favor of Allahabad Bank and drop it at the bank’s designated drop-boxes or branches. The cheque/demand draft should mention the credit card number and the payment amount.

Conclusion :

Allahabad Bank strives to provide its credit cardholders with a hassle-free and convenient bill payment experience. Whether customers prefer the convenience of online transactions or the traditional offline methods, the bank ensures that various options are available to cater to their preferences. By promptly settling credit card dues through any of these modes, customers can maintain a good credit history, avoid late payment penalties, and continue enjoying the benefits of their Allahabad Bank credit cards.