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Andhra Pradesh D Ed Examination Fee Notification 2023

Andhra Pradesh D.Ed Examination Fee Notification20 23

AP D.Ed 2nd year Examination Fee Notification


AP D.Ed 2nd year Examination Fee Notification Release 
AP D.Ed 2nd year examination fee release  Download on www.bseap.org: Directorate of Government checks Andhra Pradesh has AP D.Ed II year published examination fee release  www.bseap.org on its official website.
Below are the due dates for payment of the examination fee and submission of nominal rolls for the D.Ed 2nd-year exams for a batch of candidates. The failed candidates in earlier batches are also entitled to appear for these exams as private candidates.

AP D.Ed 2nd year Examination Fee Notification Release 

 S.No details on the Last date for payment of the fee of the candidates on the last day concerned Principals for remittance of examination fee by the principals in Govt. Treasury date for submission of NRs in the O / o the DEO Concerned date for submission of NRs through the DEO in the O / o the DGE
The examination fee is Rs 250 / -. For regular candidates. The fee must be paid separately for regular and one failed candidate through separate consolidated Challans in the treasury of the following ladder account.

AP D.Ed 2nd year Exam Fee Due Dates 2023 for D.El.Ed Course Yearly Exams. The D.Ed 2nd year 2023-2025 Batch Special Examination Fee Notice has been issued by the Director of Government of Examinations in Andhra Pradesh. More details are available at https://www.bse.ap.gov.in/

December will see the 2nd year AP DEd annual exams. The government of AP decided to hold the second year D.El.Ed exams for 2023-25 batch students next month in December. Both regular students and those who failed in the previous batch can also take part in the exams. Regular students must pay the exam fee on or before December 1, and the penalty fee of Rs 50/- until December 7.

  • Six subjects will be charged to students who fail the exam.
  • Three subjects: Rs.175
  • Two subjects at Rs.150
  • Each subject must pay Rs.125

Students should contact their college principals for more information.

Name of D.Ed Exam Fees
Title Deadlines for D.Ed 2nd year Exam Fee
Subject BSE AP has published D.Ed 2nd-year Exam Fee Due Dates in 2023
Exams Batch 
Category Dates for Exam Fees
Website https://www.bse.ap.gov.in/
AP D.El.Ed website https://www.bse.ap.gov.in/D.EI.ED_Links.aspx
Deadlines for D.Ed 2nd-year Exam Fee

DGE, AP has announced that the D.Ed 2nd-year Examinations for the above-mentioned batches will take place in December. D. Ed 2nd Year 2023-2026 Special Exams Timing Table has been published. Private candidates who have failed in Theory/Internal/Practicals/Records are also eligible to take these Exams.

Due dates for payment of the Special Exam fee are: BSE Andhra Pradesh has informed that the D.E1.Ed. 2nd-year Examinations will be held in April/May 2023. Private candidates are also available for the examinations for those who failed the previous D.E1.Ed. batches.

These are the due dates to submit nominal rolls and remit the Examination Fee.

Dates of the Exam Fee for D.Ed Candidates

Particulars Last date for remitting fees by candidates
No late fees April
Late fees of Rs.50/ April
Exam Fees for AP D.Ed 2nd year

Dates for principals’ exam fees

Particulars Last date to pay the exam fee by Principals in Government Treasury
No late fees April
Late fees of Rs.50/ April
Exam Fees Dates for Principals

Important Dates for NRs Submission

  • Date of submission of NRs to the O/o the DEO concerned: May
  • Date of submission of NRs to the DEO in O/o the DGE is May

How do I pay the exam fee?

I will have a link that allows you to upload your application online. Regular candidates will pay Rs.250/_ for the Examination fee. Regular candidates and once unsuccessful candidates must pay the Examination fee separately through separate consolidated challans to the Government Treasury via AP CFMS to each Head of Account.

Website: www.cfms.ap.gov.in
ESE 03 – Director of Government Examinations
1041 – Minor Exam Fee (D.Ed).

Remittance procedure for examination fees:

  • First, visit cfms.ap.gov.in.
  • Click on the Receipt links
  • Click on Citizen Challan
  • Go to ESE03 (Department-Director of govt. exams)
  • Visit 1041 (D.Ed Exam Fee)
  • Click on “Submit”
  • Complete the form
  • Manual payment/e-payment (Manual payment at any SBI Branch)

Regular candidates pay Rs.250/ Examination fees. Regular candidates and those who have failed must pay the Examination fee separately through separate consolidated Challans in Government Treasury to the following:

Head Of Account the fee

Fee structure for candidates who have failed once is:

Particulars The amount fort for
For four and five subjects Rs.250-00
Three subjects Rs.175-00
Two subjects Rs.150-00
One subject Rs.125-00
Fees for the AP D.Ed Exam

Principals are asked to provide information online regarding candidates the from old batches, duly providing the MNR (Manuscript Notional Roll) and fee challan. Notice: Candidates whose results for the first year are not yet available online should inform their principal that they will not be charged a fee.

Instructions for payment of the Examination Fee and submissions of Nominal Rolls

2nd-year year Examination Fee Deadlines – Payment of Examination fee and submission of Nominal Rolls. – Some Instructions. This Office Press Note is cited. All Principals of Government DIETs or Private D.Ed. Colleges in the State are asked to follow these instructions for payment, submission of Nominal, Rolls, and online uploading of applications.

  • The dates given in the Press Note to the emit Examination Fee and submit Nominal Rolls must be followed strictly.
  • Separate Challans must be remitted to regular and private candidates.
  • The Challan must have all the names of candidates who are to receive the consolidated challan.
  • Principals are asked to prepare separate manuscript Nominal Rolls for each candidate appearing in the examinations, following the format below.
  • To be submitted are the Nominal Rolls (Manuscript), OrigChallansalans, and Copies of web applications.
  • Online uploads are possible for both the current batch of regular candidates as well as failed candidates.
  • unsuccessful candidates, Manuscript Nominal Rolls must be submitted with the manual applications and Marks Memos. The number of the previous roll and the batch. These candidates and memos muscularly mentioned.
  • The site will open to accept applications from the candidates, along with Record Marks and Internal Marks, during the second week of September. All Principals will be informed.
  • The system of submitting the Nominal Rolls of D.Ed. for the 2nd year in the Director, Government Examinations, A.P. Hyderabad, has been discontinued.
  • The Principals must now submit the Nominal Rolls to the O/o District Education Officer on the specified date.
  • Uploading the Record Marks and Practicum must be done with care.
  • Once uploaded, Marks will not be changed. Under no circumstances can the marks be modified. Any mistakes made during uploading will be held accountable by the Principals.

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