Biography of Analjit Singh

Biography of Analjit Singh


Analjit Singh

Born: January 11, 1954 (Delhi), India

Present: Founder and Chairman of ‘Max India Limited

Scope: Healthcare Business, Life Insurance, and Overseas Hospitality

Analjit Singh is among the most self-motivated, committed, and persevering entrepreneurs in the current Indian market. They also serve as an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs.

Analjit has also been the founding chairman and member of Max India, Max New York Life Insurance Limited, Max Healthcare, and Max Bupa Health Insurance. Their strong leadership has been the driving force behind the steady expansion and growth of the Max India Group since the mid-1980s. Alongside this, the CEO is also an executive director of numerous well-known Indian enterprises like Vodafone-Essar Tata Tea, the Industrial Development Bank of India, and Hero Honda Motors. The hospitality business of the company has been expanded to South Africa.

With the help of business sense he has, he’s been able to keep up with the constantly changing business world and helped bring his company to the highest level. This is why, these times, Analjit Singh is also an active member of the Indian Prime Minister’s Joint India-US CEO Forum. Additionally, the two hold the top post in numerous local and foreign organizations and establishments.


The first step in life:

Analjit is born in New Delhi, the capital of India on the 11th of January 1954. He was a member of a business family. His father’s name was Bhai Mohan Singh. He was raised with two brothers: Parvinder as well as Manjeet. Manjeet is the youngest brother of his siblings. He started his education at the Doon School in Dehradun and then enrolled in Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), Delhi University to complete his degree in Commerce. Following that, he enrolled at Boston University in the USA to pursue an MBA at the level of Management.


Biography of Analjit Singh


Biography of Analjit Singh

Start your own business

Analjit was back in India following his return from the US after having completed the MBA and in 1986, he joined his father’s family’s pharmaceutical company, ‘Ranbaxy Laboratories’. However, due to the low level of work at ‘Ronbaxy’, there were always disputes in the family. This led to him breaking up the business in 1989 to settle his disagreements with his father.


His older brother Parvinder was given the name ‘Ranbaxy Laboratory as well as older brothers Manjit as well as Analjit Singh each got the real estate belonging to the company. For their part, the Okhla in Delhi received a close-to-closing factory that was almost shut down. He provided the company with an unpaid retirement plan for workers at the factory.

In 1992, he began radio and cellular paging in Mumbai in collaboration with Hutchison Telecommunications, Hong Kong where he did his best. This led to just 6 years, his business was able to record an annual turnover of approximately Rs. 1,368 crores, net profit. In the same year, he was in a disagreement with Hutchison about the license fee, and he decided to sell 41 percent of the stake he held in the business to Hutchison as well as Kotak Mahindra Group. Kotak Mahindra Group. But his ambition was not happy with the results and he aimed to grow his telecom venture, but, due to a dispute over money, there was no other option other than to shut down the business.

The inception of Max India Limited’ a business in the insurance for life and health sector

In 1999, he delved into the healthcare and life insurance industry and discovered an undiscovered value in this industry. In 2000, he founded Max New York Life Insurance. In the beginning, he sold his prior company’s capital at a profitable cost to increase the business. With his strong belief and an effective business plan, the company was able to run the company ‘Max India Limited‘ which also proved to be prosperous. In the following years, Analjit Singh also started working in the field of education. now he is among the founders of the Indian School of Business which is located in Mohali (Punjab).

The year 2008 was the time he began working in the field of “Health Insurance Scheme’ with ‘Bupa Finance Plc in London. Max India Group includes more than 444 offices in more than 275 locations across the country and employs more than 75,000 employees.


Biography of Analjit Singh

Business of hospitality in South Africa

He also built a farm with a total of 40 hectares located in the stunning landscape of Dassenerge, South Africa. Before purchasing the farm He became a shareholder in the wine business that has won awards from Mullex and also the Lilu company run by the family. Analjit Singh was among the initial Indian investor in South Africa in the wine and hospitality industry.

He began a hospitality company in South Africa under the name “Lilu Estate” under the Lilu Collection, which also includes a five-star hotel with 20 rooms, Lilu House, and a 13-room boutique hotel.

Social service work Social services

Through many years, Analjit Singh has not been regarded as a highly skilled and efficient businessman, but he has also been a part of social services. He established the Max India Foundation (MIF) and still serves as the chairman. At present, the foundation is working in the area of social services with many other NGOs, including “SOS Ball Gram, Manav Seva Sannidhi’ as well as Chinmaya Mission.

Awards and Honours

He has been honored and honored by numerous organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, for his expertise in business and political savvy, and his contributions to the nation and society. He is a part of the Joint CEO of India and America, which is established by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Forum. He was recognized with his organization, the Indian American Center (IACPA) by US Senator Hillary Clinton, who was impressed by his extraordinary contribution to helping the world community better understand modern-day technological India.


Analjit Singh is Consul General (Honorary) of the Republic of San Marino in India He is also the chairman of the Board of Governors of India’s famous Engineering College IIT Roorkee. He was also given the Padma Bhushan, the second highest civilian honor from the Government of India in the year 1911.


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