Biography of Deepak Parekh -

Biography of Deepak Parekh

Biography of Deepak Parekh


Deepak Parekh

Born: 18 October 1944

Career/Job/Position: Chairman, H. D. F. C. (Housing Development Corporation)

He is the Chairman (Chairman) of HDFC (Housing Development Corporation) thanks to his unending efforts. He was also awarded his title as HDF. C. was a thriving and large-scale multinational financial institution. He also was the Independent Director for Satyam Computers from 11 January until 17 July 2009.

He believes in hard-working determination, passion, and constant improvement. According to Deepak, Deepak, “One can become successful and successful businessperson only if you’ve got moral values and principles that are with you. Because of unethical conduct, the reputation of a person is damaged and when your reputation is damaged it is difficult to make it better.


Life is the first step.

Deepak Parekh was born on 18 October 1944 in Mumbai, the City of Mumbai, India. He earned a B.A An in Sydenham College, Bombay University. com. After having passed an exam called the Chartered Accountant examination from England and Wales He was the Chartered Accountant.


Biography of Deepak Parekh


Deepak began his career as a Chartered Accountant at Ernst & Young Management Consultancy Services in New York City, USA. After his return to India and working as an Assistant Representative (South Asia) at Grindledge and Chase Manhattan Bank. He was promoted to HDF. C. in 1978. was promoted to HDF. C. in 1978 and then elevated to the position of Managing Director by the year 1985. Because of his dedication and dedication to the business, they appointed the chairman in 1993.

Additionally, in 1997, he was appointed O. D. F. He was also appointed as the Non-Executive (Non-Executive) Chairperson for the company  (Infrastructure Development Finance Company Limited). He was the non-executive chairman of Glaxo India Limited till 2008 and is also on the board of Castrol India. In addition, Deepak is also on the board of several other well-known corporations in India including Hindustan Unilever, Mahindra & Mahindra, and Indian Hotels Company Limited.

In addition to the business world, Deepak is also a member of various committees that were set by the Government of India. In 1964 a high-level expert committee was formed to recommend suggestions for the development of the ‘Unit scheme’. Deepak was chosen as the chairman of the committee. It was the Reserve Bank of India that constituted an Advisory Committee on Securities Market Regulation with Chairmanship by Deepak Parekh.

Also, he was chairman of National Thermal Power Corporation Limited. He also serves as a director in several companies, including WNS Global Services Pvt Ltd, Steel Authority of India Ltd, Airports Authority of India Ltd, and Lafarge India Pvt Ltd. He is an ‘Alternate Director’ at Exide Industries Limited and a Director of the Indo-German Chambers of Commerce. Deepak was also an Executive Director Non-Executive of Singapore Telecommunications Limited.


Biography of Deepak Parekh

Honors and Awards

To honor his contributions to the world of finance and finance, Deepak has been honored with numerous honors and awards.

Business India honored him with “Businessman of the Year 1996”.

The All India Management Association (AIMA) awarded him the JRD Tata’s Corporate Leadership Award.

Deepak is the latest winner of the famous “Corporate Award for Lifetime Achievement” by Acoustic Times.

2006 when he was honored with his Padma Bhushan by the Government of India.

The year 2009 was the time he attended among the dignitaries to attend the dinner that was hosted by the President United States in honor of India’s Prime Minister. India.

In addition, he was recognized with an award titled Best Business Leader Award by CNBC-TV18.

The award was presented by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales for his outstanding contributions to the profession of accounting and finance over many years.

Deepak was appointed as an advisor for Sunil Gavaskar (who was appointed interim chairman of IPL-7).


Deepak Parekh played a very significant role in the growth of India’s banking sector. He also helped in the creation of French companies. In the words of the French government, the economic relationships between India and France are improving due to Mr. Parekh’s unwavering efforts. Deepak Parekh has contributed a significant amount to help to make the desire of owning a house a possibility for the middle class in India through loans with affordable rates.


Biography of Deepak Parekh

Life events

1944: Born in India

1978: Joined HDFC

1985: Became Managing Director of HDFC

1993: Became Chairman of HDFC

1996: Entrepreneur of the Year by Business India

1997: Became Non-Executive Chairman of IDFC

2006: Padma Bhushan Award

2010: Awarded by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales.

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