Biography of Singer K.J.Yesudas -

Biography of Singer K.J.Yesudas

Biography of Singer K.J.Yesudas


Kattacherry Joseph Yesudas

K.J. Yesudas is a famous film playback vocalist and one of the top Carnatic performers in the Indian film industry. He has earned him a spot in the heart of South Indian people with his Gandharva voice. He is also called “Kana Gandharva” by music fans. In the film industry for more than half a century, he has performed songs from films with his voice in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Oriya, Sanskrit, Tulu, Malay, Russian, Arabic, and Latin languages. as well as English… He has sung more than 4000 songs and has been recognized with his Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri which are the most prestigious awards awarded by the Government of India. He has received seven “National Awards” as well as more than forty state prizes in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and West Bengal, more than any other musician.

Born: 10th January 1940

Location: Kochi, Kerala, India

Occupation: Carnatic Musician. Singer

Citizenship: Indian


Kattacherry Joseph Yesudas’s natural name is Pr. J. Yesudas was born on the 10th of January, 1940, in Kochi, Kerala, India to Augustine Joseph and Alaikutty in a Latin Catholic family. The father of the son is a Malayalam actor and musician.

Education and early life

Yesudas The singer, who began to develop his vocal skills when he was five was taught the earliest tunes by his parents. He was taught music by the father of his children, he eventually joined RLV. He was a music teacher at the Academy of Music. Esudas was a student at Swathi Thirunal Sangeet College in Trivandrum to pursue his higher studies but was unable to finish his studies because of a lack of funds. But, during his time at the college, he earned the respect of prominent teachers such as Semmangudi Srinivas Iyer as well as Chennai Vaityanatha Bhagavatar.

Jesus’ “Journey” into the Film Industry

Yesudas began his film career in the year 1960. S. sang the first song in the Malayalam film “Kalpadukal” directed by Antony. It not just provided him with a solid start but also allowed him to sing in other films. He stepped into the Tamil film industry in a short time. Balachander was able to make his Tamil debut by singing “Neeum Pommai Nanum Pommai” in the film “Pommai”. In 1970, he made his debut in the Hindi movie industry to become a vocalist in the film “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan”. However, the first film where he sang in his first Hindi movie “Choti Si Baat”. Since then, he has sung greater than 40000 films songs composed in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Oriya, Sanskrit, Tulu, Malay, Russian, Arabic, Latin, and English languages. Additionally, he composed music for religious purposes and also other tunes.




Biography of Singer K.J.Yesudas

Vijaya Yatra

1972 Q. S. He was awarded his National Award for Best Playback Singer for the song ‘Manushyan-Madangale from the film ‘Acchanum’ (Malayalam) directed by Sethumadevan. The following year, he won the National Award for the song “Padmatheerthame Unaru in the film “Gayatri'” (Malayalam). The film was followed by the hit song “Bashi Kori Dera Wavom Bada” in the film “Sitecore” (Hindi), “Akasha Desana Ashada Masana” in the 1982 film Mekasanthesam (Telugu), and “Unnikele Oru Kata” from the 1987 film “Unnikele”. Malayalam) in the track ‘Oru Katha Pariyam In 1991, he was awarded the National Award for all the songs from the film Bharat (Malayalam) and ‘all the songs of the film’. Sopanam in 1993.

The Yesudas character is a Tamil film actor. Tamil film industry

While he was initially only singing tracks for Tamil films, however, the track “Vijiye Kathhayejjuthu” from the film “Urimaikkural,” released in 1974, was a hit with everyone. He then sang all the songs from the MGR film “Pallandu Valka” and captivated the Tamil fans. Songs like “Poi Wa Nadiyalaiye”, and “Omre Kulamenru Patuvom” are lovely and enjoyable to hear. Additionally, “Daivam Tanta Veedu” in the film “Neethikku Talaivanku”, “Intha Sadthkilikoru”, “Malare Kurinji Malare” in the film “Dr. Siva”, “Aval Oru Thodarakatai” has made Yesudas well-known in Tamil.

“I am a calf in search for a tank to drink water”, ‘Namtam Namtanamtam Namtanam in Tamil” and “Poove Sempoove and ‘Thenpandi Chennai’as well as Arariro Padiyataro’ and ‘Thenral Vandu Ennai Totam’, “Poongarthu Putiyathu,” “Raja Raja Cholan” Santalum,” Naan songs such as “Pool,” “Kalyana Thennila and ‘Adisaya Ragam remain resonating in the hearts of music enthusiasts.

home life

Yesudas got married to a lady who was named Prabha. The trio of sons he has are, namely Vinod, Vijay, and Vishal. His child Vijay Yesudas is following in his father’s footsteps and is an actor and singer.


Biography of Singer K.J.Yesudas

Awards and Honours

1975 – Padma Shri Award.

Honorary doctorates were awarded from Annamalai University (1989), Kerala University (2003), and Mahatma Gandhi University (2009).

1992 – Musician Award.

1992 – Sangeet Natak Akademi Award.

2002 2003 Padma Bhushan Award.

2003 2003 Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award.

In 1972, for the track “Manushyan Madangale”, and for the song “Padmatheerthame Vainda In 1976, for the track ‘Kori Kaon Bada’. Then in 1982 the hit song “Akasha Ashaada Masana In 1987, to sing ‘Unnikele or Katha Parayanam’ and in 1991, they the song “Bharatham” (Malayalam). He was awarded the National Awards in all songs in the film as well as in 1993, for all songs in the film “Sopanam’.

He has won over 40 State Awards, Filmfare Awards, and Vanitha Film Awards from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra, and West Bengal for his films such as “Sangeetha Shikharam and ‘Sangeetha’s Chakraborty’, ‘Sangeetha Rama ‘,’. Sangita Ratna “‘ Kanagandharva has been awarded numerous awards and has set records. Music transcends language and boundaries! In that way, there is no doubt that the music sung in the voice of Yesudas with their heavenly voice will be forever in the hearts of music lovers.


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