ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode

ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode


You need to make sure that you are paying your credit card bill in time to avoid finance charges and late fees. In addition, not paying your credit card on time can negatively impact your credit rating. ICICI Bank accepts credit card bill payments through a variety of methods like mobile banking, net banking auto debit, and many more. Find out more specifics of ICICI charge card billing methods.


How to Make ICICI Credit Card Bill Payments

How to Pay ICICI Credit Card Payment through Net Banking

Customers who have enrolled for ICICI Bank’s Net Banking services can be able to pay credit card balances via the online banking portal. Follow the steps below:

Visit the Net Banking Portal of ICICI Bank
Enter the Customer Identification as well as the password to sign in.
Click on the ‘Credit Cards ‘ tab
Choose the card on that you’d like to make the transaction
Click on ‘Pay Now
Choose the current or savings account from which you wish to make the payment.
Select the amount you want to pay from the total amount due, minimum due, or create a custom amount
You must pay the bill
Net banking transactions guarantee instant credit on your credit card account.

How to make ICICI Bank Credit Card Payment via ICICI Bank Mobile App

ICICI credit card users are also able to pay bills via ICICI Bank iMobile App. Follow the steps below:

Sign in for the mobile application
Click on the “Cards” tab, choose the card, then click “Pay Bill’
Click to select the account through which the payment is to be made.
Select the amount you wish to pay or create a custom amount
Continue to make payment
ICICI credit card transactions made via mobile apps can be included in the total in real-time.

How to make ICICI Credit Card Payments via BillDesk

It is also possible to make ICICI Bank credit card bill payments online through the bill desk. Follow the steps below:

Visit ICICI Bank BillDesk
Please enter your credit card information as well as your email address.
Input the amount you’d like to pay
Choose the bank to that you intend to make the payment.
Now you will be directed to the chosen bank’s online banking portal.
Log in with your credentials
Authorize the transaction through your OTP that you have received on the mobile number that you registered
Bill desk payments could take three to five days to take to. The email address will then be sent out email address with information about ICICI payments made by credit cards.

How to pay ICICI Credit Card Pay with Debit Card

ICICI Bank Account holders can be able to pay for the ICICI credit card charges through ICICI Bank ATMs with their debit cards.

You can swipe the card ICICI Bank debit card at the ATM
Go to ‘More Options
Choose the option ‘Pay with credit card option
Type in the sum to be to be
Continue to make payment
The amount will be taken from the current account or savings account that is linked with the debit card. In addition, a credit card payment will be made.

How to Set Auto Debit for ICICI Credit Card Payment

ICICI Bank offers auto debit to pay the credit card bill. Cardholders can benefit from this option by filling out the form for the mandate or signing up for it via net banking. Once you have completed the registration the auto-debit option will be activated on the current or savings account as well as the credit card payment will be paid by the due date. You can either pay for the minimum sum or pay the full amount due on your ICICI credit card by using an auto debit feature.

ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode


ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment – Call to Pay

Pay ICICI Bank credit card bills by calling the ‘Call to Pay service. All you need to do is call the 24×7 ICICI Bank Credit Card customer service number and follow the IVR instruction to make payments on your credit card bill with the debit card they have. The money is cleared instantly.

ICICI Bank credit card holders who do not have current or savings accounts with ICICI Bank can resort to the following methods for payment of credit card bills.

ICICI Credit Card Payment via Other Bank’s Net Banking

A majority of banks allow their customers to pay for bill payments for another bank’s credit card right via their online banking portal. Although the procedure varies between banks you’ll generally need to follow the steps below:

Log in to the other bank’s Net Banking portal.
Click on the section ‘Payments’ and include an invoice
Make payment registration by entering the ICICI Bank credit card details in the biller’s information
After you’ve registered, you’ll be able to pay directly on the card each month.


ICICI Bank Credit Card Payment of bills via NEFT with IFSC Code

It is possible to pay for the ICICI debit card balance through the NEFT option from an account at any bank. Follow the steps below:

Log in with your customer ID and password
Select the ‘NEFT’ option
Include your ’16-digit ICICI Bank credit card number in place of your account number
Input ICICI credit card IFSC Code as ICIC0000103
Pay the bill

ICICI Credit Card Payment through RTGS with IFSC Code

You can pay for your ICICI charge on your credit card through the RTGS facility with any other account at a bank. To make use of this facility, the customer must register their ICICI Card as a beneficiary to their bank account:


Cardholders first need to join the credit card on the beneficiary list The steps to do this are outlined below. Don’t bother if the card already has a registered.

Login to your Bank’s net Banking portal.
Go to the Fund Transfer page, and choose the option that lets you select beneficiaries to fund transfer. Provide the following information
Name of the Beneficiary -Name that appears on the card
Beneficiary Bank Name – ICICI Bank
Transaction Code -52
Beneficiary Account Number – Credit Card Number
ICICI Bank Credit Card Bill Payment IFSC Code – ICIC0000103
It will appear on the beneficiary list within a matter of hours.
After that, follow the instructions to pay the bill.


Log in with your customer ID and password.
Click on the ‘RTGS’ payment option
Choose your ICICI Bank credit card from the beneficiary’s list
Enter the amount, then click pay
ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment made through Visa Money Transfer
ICICI Bank credit cardholders can pay their credit card bill conveniently using their Visa Money Transfer (VMT) service. The exact procedure is dependent on the financial institution that you select to utilize the VMT service. The funds are credited to the ICICI Bank credit card account within three working days. ICICI Bank account holders can benefit from this Visa Money Transfer service.


ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode



ICICI Credit Card Transfer via UPI by using ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment’s IFSC Code

ICICI Bank credit card payment may be completed via UPI (United Payments Interface) with the help of UPI-ID, Account number as well as IFSC Code. New users need to register themselves to transfer funds via UPI.


Log in to your Bank’s mobile banking app
Under Account, click on UPI.
Send the message generated by the system that will connect your mobile to the service.
Create a UPI ID
Connect the UPI ID to an account at a bank

Login to the preferred bank’s Mobile Banking application
Click on Pay
Then, click on UPI Payment.
Select ‘Send Money
Pay using the UPI ID, Account Number, and HDFC Credit card payment code IFSC
Input the amount, add a note and then pay
ICICI Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Offline
ICICI Bank also gives the option of making payments for credit card bills offline. There are two options for offline payment: cash and Cheque/Draft.

Cash It is possible to make ICICI Bank credit card bill payments in cash at any of the closest ICICI Bank branches. The credit will be issued the next day. Banks charge a minimal cost of 100 Rs. 100 + GST on cash transactions.

ChequeYou also can pay your ICICI charge card payments by dropping a cashier’s check or draft into the closest ICICI ATM or branch of the bank. The demand draft or cheque should be drawn in favor of the ICICI Bank Credit Card using the 16-digit credit card’s code.

ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode


A cheque transaction from an account at a locally-owned ICICI Bank account is completed in 3 days, and a cheque transaction from a non-ICICI local bank is cleared within 5 working days. Outstation cheques issued by ICICI Bank accounts can be cleared in 12 working days for outstation checks from banks that are not ICICI-affiliated are cleared in 21 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Do I require an account with ICICI Bank to make ICICI Bank credit card bill payments?
There is no need for an ICICI banking account to settle for your ICICI Bank debit card. There are many offline and online payment options that you can use to pay the bill.

Q.Should I sign up to use Net Banking for my ICICI Bank Account to pay my ICICI Bank credit card bill?
It’s not a requirement but you can conveniently make payments on your credit card bill online using the help of an ICICI Bank account with your account’s net banking ID and password. It is not necessary to go to the ICICI Bank branch to pay your credit card bill. You can also make use of a credit card from your ICICI Bank debit card to pay your bill.

Q.Can I pay the ICICI Bank credit card bill payment on the day of the bill?
It is advised to pay the payment for your credit card in advance to avoid penalties for late payments several bill payment companies can allow you to credit your payment right away. Pay with ICICI Bank net banking, the NEFT, Pay-by-phone, Pay service, or debit card. You can also make a cash deposit to pay your bill on the final day of the month.

Q.I don’t possess an ICICI Bank account but I need to be able to settle the ICICI Bank credit card bill on the internet. What do I do?
If you are a user of a net banking service with one of the ICICI-authorised banks, or online payments, you can make payments online for your ICICI debit card bills. It is all you have to do is sign in to your banking account by using your bank’s net banking ID along with a username and password, to make payment on your account for the credit card. You can also pay the payment via the NEFT (IFSC Code: ICIC0000103 and Transaction Code 52) or Visa Money Transfer (VMT) service.

Q.What do you mean by ICICI charge card the payment IFSC Code?
ICICI Bank credit card bill payment IFSC code is ICIC0000103.

Q.Can I automatize the payment of my ICICI Bank credit card bill payment?
Yes, you can automate your ICICI Bank credit card by registering for auto-debit in the ICICI Bank accounts. All you need to do is fill out an application form that contains the information required to sign-up for this feature. Once you have registered the minimum amount or the total amount due will be automatically debited out of the account of your ICICI bank account for payments on your ICICI credit card bill when the payment is due.


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