ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode -

ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode

ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode


ICICI Bank, one in all India’s leading monetary institutions, gives numerous credit card alternatives catering to numerous consumer needs. Along with availing the benefits of credit score cards, customers should make sure timely invoice bills to hold an amazing credit rating and avoid consequences. To facilitate easy transactions, ICICI Bank gives a couple of strategies for credit card bill price, each online and offline.

Online Modes of ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment:

In the age of virtual advancements, ICICI Bank recognizes the importance of presenting convenient online fee options for its credit score cardholders.

Here are some famous online modes:

a) Internet Banking: ICICI Bank account holders can without difficulty pay their credit card payments via net banking. By logging into their account, customers can navigate to the credit score card invoice fee segment and provoke the transaction in a few simple steps. The bank’s secure online platform ensures a secure and quick payment manner.

b) Mobile Banking Application: For folks that prefer banking on their smartphones, the ICICI cellular banking utility is a reliable option. With a consumer-friendly interface, customers can get right of entry to their credit score card information and make bills from anywhere, whenever.

c) Auto-Debit Facility: Customers can installation an auto-debit guidance from their ICICI Bank savings account to pay the credit card bill mechanically. This way, the charge is made at the due date, stopping past due fees and consequences.

d) NEFT/IMPS/RTGS: ICICI Bank credit score cardholders can use National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), or Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) to pay their credit score card payments. They need to add the credit score card as a beneficiary and provoke the switch from their different bank bills.

e) ICICI Bank’s Website: Visiting ICICI Bank’s reliable internet site allows customers to make credit card bill payments by using the use of their credit score card or debit card. The internet site’s steady payment gateway guarantees information privacy and security.


ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode


ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode


Offline Modes of ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment:

Recognizing that not each person may additionally have get entry to to net banking or choose online transactions, ICICI Bank gives traditional offline charge methods as well:

a) Cash Payment: Customers can visit their nearest ICICI Bank branch and pay their credit card bills in coins. The financial institution presents a designated counter for credit score card payments, making it a sincere procedure.

b) Cheque Payment: Customers can trouble a cheque payable to their credit card account and drop it within the distinct cheque drop bins to be had at ICICI Bank branches or ATMs.

c) Phone Banking: ICICI Bank credit cardholders can also pay their payments through telephone banking by way of contacting the bank’s consumer care helpline. The representative will manual them via the payment procedure.


ICICI Bank’s various variety of on-line and offline credit score card bill price methods guarantees that customers can pick out the most convenient choice to settle their dues. Whether one prefers the ease of online transactions or the conventional method of coins and cheque bills, ICICI Bank ensures a unbroken enjoy for all its credit cardholders. With those payment alternatives in region, clients can recognition on taking part in the benefits in their credit score cards without worrying about missing due dates or incurring consequences.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Do I require an account with ICICI Bank to make ICICI Bank credit card bill payments?

There is not any need for an ICICI banking account to settle on your ICICI Bank debit card. There are many offline and on line charge options that you can use to pay the invoice.

Q.Should I sign up to use Net Banking for my ICICI Bank Account to pay my ICICI Bank credit card invoice?

It’s no longer a requirement but you can quite simply make payments in your credit card bill on line using the help of an ICICI Bank account with your account’s internet banking ID and password. It isn’t always vital to visit the ICICI Bank department to pay your credit score card invoice. You also can employ a credit card from your ICICI Bank debit card to pay your invoice.

Q.Can I pay the ICICI Bank credit score card bill payment on the day of the invoice?

It is cautioned to pay the charge to your credit card in advance to avoid consequences for past due bills several bill fee companies can allow you to credit your charge proper away. Pay with ICICI Bank internet banking, the NEFT, Pay-by-telephone, Pay carrier, or debit card. You also can make a coins deposit to pay your bill at the final day of the month.

Q.I do not possess an ICICI Bank account however I want that allows you to settle the ICICI Bank credit card bill on the internet. What do I do?

If you’re a user of a net banking carrier with one of the ICICI-approved banks, or on-line bills, you can make payments on-line for your ICICI debit card payments. It is all you need to do is sign in to your banking account by the usage of your bank’s net banking ID along side a username and password, to make price on your account for the credit card. You also can pay the price through the NEFT (IFSC Code: ICIC0000103 and Transaction Code fifty two) or Visa Money Transfer (VMT) carrier.

Q.What do you mean by way of ICICI fee card the charge IFSC Code?

ICICI Bank credit card invoice payment IFSC code is ICIC0000103.

Q.Can I automatize the price of my ICICI Bank credit score card bill payment?

Yes, you could automate your ICICI Bank credit score card with the aid of registering for automobile-debit in the ICICI Bank money owed. All you need to do is fill out an application form that includes the records required to signal-up for this feature. Once you have got registered the minimum amount or the total amount due could be routinely debited out of the account of your ICICI bank account for bills for your ICICI credit score card bill while the payment is due.

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