Biography of Mayawati

Biography of Mayawati



Born: 15 January 1956, New Delhi

Area of Work: Politician, Former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

Mayawati Is an Indian female politician who was also the ex-Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. She is the President of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). She was the youngest female Chief Minister and the only Dalit Chief Minister in India. The four-time chief minister from Uttar Pradesh, she also had to face the challenges that come with the position of power. Her first job was as a school teacher however, she was influenced by Kanshiram’s ideas and work and subsequently became a politician.

His political career has been prosperous and he came back to the presidency in 2007, despite having lost his 2003 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. Mayawati popularly referred to by the supporters of her by the name as Behen Ji was elected chief minister of Uttar Pradesh for the fourth time on the 13th of May in 2007 and, after five years in office, she lost at the elections of 2012, to her principal opponent who was her party, the Samajwadi Party.


The first step is life.

Mayawati also known as Chandavati Devi was born on January 15, 1956, in Delhi. His mother’s name was Ramrathi. Name of his father is Prabhu Dayal. Officer at Prabhu Telecom Centre. Mayawati has six brothers. He completed the BA in Arts degree at Kalindi College, Delhi, and later L.L.B as well as B.A, a Delhi University.

Even Ed. His father had a dream to become a Collector, and for this reason, he committed all of his energy to Indian Administrative Service preparation. At the same time, she began becoming a teacher. Mayawati’s father was not any time satisfied with Kanshiram’s rising influence on her life. Mayawati was advised not to follow Kanshiram’s lead but, after listening to her father’s advice, Mayawati joined the works and projects of Kanshiram on a massive scale.


Biography of Mayawati

Life in politics

Mayawati was a teacher until 1984. She was deeply impressed by Kanshiram’s work as well as his determination. In 1984 in the year 1984, when Kanshiram established a political party, dubbed the ‘Bahujansamaj Party (BSP), Mayawati quit her job as a teacher and became an official party worker full-time. The same year, he began his first campaign for election from the Kairana Lok Sabha seat in the Muzaffarnagar district. He was a tireless worker to win both Lok Sabha elections in 1985 and 1987 too. In 1989, his Bahujan Samaj Party took 13 seats.

The reach of the party to Dalits and other backward classes was growing and in 1995 Mayawati was appointed Chief Minister of the Uttar Pradesh coalition government. In 2001, the party’s founder Kanshi Ram declared Mayawati to succeed him as the party’s president. Mayawati was elected Chief Minister under the Bharatiya Janata Party coalition government between 2002 and 2003. The Mayawati government was dissolved when the BJP quit supporting the government. Following that, Mulayam Singh Yadav took over as the Chief Minister of the state.

Following the 2007 elections for the legislature, Mayawati returned to power and was at the helm of India’s largest state. Under Mayawati’s leadership and administration, the BSP was not able to expand beyond Uttar Pradesh as many backward classes turned away from her because of her autocratic rule. During her reign, Mayawati established several monuments in honor of Dalits as well as Buddhism.


Biography of Mayawati


The politics of identity

Mayawati might be involved in a variety of scandals and controversies throughout her time in power however her rise to power is truly impressive. A Dalit woman born into a family of commoners has managed to attain an honor that only a handful of women have had during the entire history of the nation. No matter the debates Mayawati’s supporters have shown their loyalty by backing her at every turn. Mayawati has made a space within the heart of Dalits and instilled trust in her.

Life events

1956: Born in Delhi

1977: First year of a career as a teacher

1984: Quits teaching position 1984: Joins BSP and begins his very first Lok Sabha election campaign

1989: He was the leader of his party. was able to win thirteen seats during 1989’s Lok Sabha elections

1995: Elected Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh


Biography of Mayawati


1997: Re-elected as Chief Minister

2001 Kanshi Ram was declared as the successor.

2002: Once more became the Minister in Chief of Uttar Pradesh

2007: Appointed chief minister of Uttar Pradesh for the fourth time.


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