16 Top Tourist Attractions in Wayanad -

16 Top Tourist Attractions in Wayanad

16 Top Tourist Attractions in Wayanad


Wayanad, placed within the northern part of Kerala, India, is a picturesque district known for its lush greenery, mist-blanketed mountains, and wealthy biodiversity. It gives an ideal blend of herbal splendor, herbal global sanctuaries, historical web sites, and cultural memories, making it a popular destination for travelers.


The top traveler points of interest in Wayanad:-


Chembra Peak:

Standing at 6730 ft above the ocean degree, the Chembra Peak is the best top in Wayanad, and one in all its most popular trekking spots. It is a part of the Wayanad variety of the Western Ghats, and is placed 8km south of Kalpetta. Trekking to the top can absorb to 2 hours. One of the main sights right here is the heart formed lake placed at the remaining stretch to the height. Trekking at Chembra Peak calls for permission from the Forest Department workplace at Meppadi. The Chembra Peak vicinity is also home to a huge kind of orchids and other flowering flora, making it a remarkable place for a scenic nature walk.

Trekking to Chembra Peak requires obtaining previous permission from the Forest Department, to make certain the upkeep of this natural surprise. The trek is fairly difficult, with steep and rocky sections, making it a exciting enjoy for journey fanatics.

Chembra Peak isn’t always most effective a paradise for trekkers however also serves as a hub for flora and fauna fanatics. The place is home to numerous species, inclusive of elephants, deer, leopards, and diverse species of birds, including to the biodiversity of the location.

Visiting Chembra Peak is an possibility to connect to nature, appreciate its splendor, and experience a sense of serenity inside the lap of the Western Ghats. It is a destination that captivates the soul and offers an unforgettable adventure amidst the wonderful landscapes of Kerala.

Banasura Sagar Dam:

Banasura Sagar Dam, positioned in Wayanad district, Kerala, India, is an excellent feat of engineering and a famous traveller appeal. It is the most important earthen dam in India and the second-largest in Asia. The dam is constructed across the Karamanathodu River, a tributary of the Kabini River, amidst the scenic beauty of the Western Ghats.

The primary cause of the Banasura Sagar Dam is to offer irrigation and consuming water to the surrounding regions. It additionally serves as a supply of hydroelectric electricity generation. The dam’s production has resulted within the creation of a big reservoir that bureaucracy a picturesque backdrop against the verdant hills and valleys.

The serene environment of the Banasura Sagar Dam entice nature enthusiasts and journey seekers alike. The reservoir gives possibilities for boating and other water-primarily based sports, permitting site visitors to immerse themselves inside the tranquility of the surroundings even as taking part in the scenic beauty.

Surrounded through lush greenery and rolling hills, the dam site is a super spot for picnics and leisurely walks. The panoramic views of the reservoir, with its shimmering blue waters, towards the backdrop of the Western Ghats, create a stunning visual spectacle.

Additionally, the vicinity around Banasura Sagar Dam is known for its various vegetation and fauna. It is domestic to a variety of flora and fauna, which includes elephants, deer, and diverse species of birds, making it a haven for nature fanatics and flora and fauna enthusiasts.

A visit to Banasura Sagar Dam gives a blend of natural splendor, leisure activities, and an possibility to realize the marvels of engineering. It stands as a testament to human ingenuity in harnessing nature’s resources whilst preserving the place’s ecological balance.

Edakkal Caves:

Edakkal Caves, situated in the Wayanad district of Kerala, India, is a fascinating archaeological site that provides a glimpse into the ancient human civilization. These caves are famend for his or her prehistoric rock engravings, making them a extensive ancient and cultural attraction.

The Edakkal Caves are fashioned by way of huge boulders wedged between rocks, creating slim passages and chambers. These natural rock formations have preserved the remnants of human existence relationship again hundreds of years. The cave walls undergo tricky carvings and pictorial writings that depict various factors of early human life, together with hunting scenes, animals, symbols, and human figures.

Exploring the Edakkal Caves is like embarking on a adventure via time, unraveling the mysteries of our historic ancestors. The engravings provide insights into their way of life, beliefs, and creative expressions, serving as a treasured archaeological report.

To reach the caves, visitors embark on a trek thru picturesque landscapes and dense forests, adding an detail of journey to the experience. The ascent to the caves offers breathtaking perspectives of the encircling mountains, valleys, and the remote horizon.

Besides its archaeological importance, Edakkal Caves additionally boast a captivating herbal setting. Perched at an altitude of about 1,2 hundred meters, the caves provide panoramic views of the Wayanad location, creating a serene and enthralling ecosystem.

A go to to the Edakkal Caves is a completely unique opportunity to connect with our historic beyond, marvel at the creative talents of our ancestors, and immerse oneself within the herbal splendor of the Wayanad district. It is a destination that appeals to history fanatics, archaeology enthusiasts, and nature admirers alike.

Pookode Lake: Nestled amidst evergreen forests and luxurious green hills, Pookode Lake is a herbal freshwater lake regarded for its scenic splendor. Boating on the lake is a popular activity, permitting traffic to revel in the tranquil environment. The lake is likewise domestic to a freshwater aquarium and a youngsters’s park.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary:

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, placed within the Wayanad district of Kerala, India, is a biodiverse haven for wildlife and a paradise for nature lovers. Spanning an area of approximately 344 square kilometers, the sanctuary is nestled amidst the Western Ghats, one of the global’s maximum biodiverse areas.

The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a rich style of flowers and fauna. The dense forests are inhabited through numerous species, inclusive of elephants, tigers, leopards, deer, langurs, and a plethora of fowl species. The sanctuary’s diverse surroundings contains evergreen forests, deciduous forests, grasslands, and severa streams, creating an ideal habitat for a wide range of flora and fauna.

Visitors to the sanctuary can embark on thrilling natural world safaris and nature walks to discover the pristine environment. The safaris provide an possibility to spot wildlife in their natural habitat and witness their behavioral styles. The sanctuary also houses the endangered Nilgiri tahr, a mountain goat species discovered in the Western Ghats.

Apart from natural world sightings, the sanctuary also showcases breathtaking herbal splendor. Rolling hills, gushing waterfalls, and picturesque landscapes captivate traffic, growing a experience of awe and serenity.

To make certain the protection of the sanctuary’s ecological balance, the Forest Department manages and regulates tourism sports in the area. They sell responsible tourism practices, permitting site visitors to enjoy the wasteland whilst minimizing human impact at the environment.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary affords a completely unique opportunity to enjoy the untamed beauty of nature and witness the wonders of wildlife of their natural habitat. It is a destination that offers an excellent combo of adventure, conservation, and appreciation for the herbal international.

Thirunelli Temple:


Thirunelli Temple, also referred to as Thirunelli Maha Vishnu Temple, is a famous ancient Hindu temple positioned within the picturesque region of Wayanad in Kerala, India. Surrounded via lush greenery and nestled amidst the Western Ghats, this temple holds notable significance for devotees and draws pilgrims from some distance and huge.

Believed to had been built heaps of years in the past, the Thirunelli Temple is dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu. The temple’s architecture showcases a mix of traditional Kerala and Dravidian styles, characterised by way of complex carvings and exquisite stone structures. The predominant deity, Lord Vishnu, is worshipped in the form of Chaturbhuja Vishnu, with four palms, in a sacred sanctum sanctorum.

The temple complicated additionally homes several smaller shrines devoted to Lord Ganapathy (Ganesha), Lord Shiva, and the serpent god Vasuki. A sacred river called Papanasini flows near the temple, and it’s far believed that a dip in its holy waters can absolve one in every of their sins.

Thirunelli Temple is renowned for its annual competition, called Sree Narayana Jayanthi, which pulls devotees in huge numbers. During this pageant, the temple premises come alive with colourful processions, cultural performances, and various spiritual rituals.

Apart from its spiritual significance, Thirunelli Temple is surrounded by way of herbal splendor, presenting breathtaking views of the encompassing hills and forests. It is likewise positioned close to Kuruva Island and the Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, making it a super destination for nature lovers and natural world lovers.

Visiting Thirunelli Temple provides a serene experience, permitting devotees and traffic to immerse themselves in spirituality and connect to nature. Its rich historical and non secular history, coupled with its scenic vicinity, make it a need to-go to destination for the ones seeking a spiritual retreat or a glimpse into Kerala’s cultural heritage.


Attamala View Point:

Attamala Viewpoint is a scenic destination located inside the beautiful district of Wayanad in Kerala, India. Perched atop a hill, this perspective offers breathtaking panoramic views of the encompassing landscape, making it a must-visit for nature fanatics and pictures fans.

The Attamala Viewpoint presents an expansive vista of rolling hills, verdant valleys, and meandering rivers. The lush greenery, dotted with patches of tea and coffee plantations, creates a picturesque putting that captivates site visitors.

To attain the perspective, traffic can embark on a brief trek through mild slopes and serene trails. The adventure itself is a satisfying revel in, because the air is full of the aroma of spices and the melodious chirping of birds.

Upon reaching Attamala Viewpoint, site visitors are rewarded with a enchanting view that stretches as some distance as the attention can see. The tranquil atmosphere, cool breeze, and the sight of the undulating panorama provide a feel of serenity and calm.

The standpoint is specifically famous for the duration of dawn and sunset, as the sky is painted with colourful colors, casting a mystical glow over the surroundings. It is an ideal time to capture stunning snap shots or actually admire the splendor of nature unfolding earlier than your eyes.

Attamala Viewpoint is a serene retreat that lets in visitors to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of each day life and immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature. It offers a respite from the chaos, offering a serene space to rejuvenate and reconnect with the natural world.

Whether you are looking for solitude, a romantic getaway, or a second of reflection amidst nature’s splendor, Attamala Viewpoint in Wayanad offers an unforgettable enjoy so that it will depart you enchanted with its scenic beauty.


16 Top Tourist Attractions in Wayanad

16 Top Tourist Attractions in Wayanad


Meenmutty Waterfalls:

Meenmutty Waterfalls is a charming natural surprise situated inside the lush inexperienced forests of Wayanad, Kerala, India. With its spell binding beauty and cascading streams of water, it has emerge as a popular vacation spot for nature fans and adventure fanatics.

Tucked away amidst the Western Ghats, Meenmutty Waterfalls is a three-tiered waterfall, plummeting from a peak of approximately 300 meters (980 ft). The call “Meenmutty” interprets to “Fish Blocked” inside the nearby language, thanks to the belief that fish can’t swim up the waterfall due to its steep and rocky nature.

Reaching the waterfalls calls for a trek via dense forests and rocky terrain, including an element of thrill to the enjoy. The path to the falls gives breathtaking vistas of the encircling landscapes, making the adventure as charming as the destination itself.

As you method Meenmutty Waterfalls, you’ll be greeted by means of the roaring sound of cascading water and a clean mist that fills the air. The sight of the water gushing down in three successive degrees creates a picturesque spectacle, imparting ample opportunities for photography and moments of tranquility.

Swimming in the pools shaped by using the waterfall is a famous hobby for site visitors, imparting a risk to cool off inside the crystal-clear waters and enjoy the herbal splendor up close. However, it is important to exercising warning and comply with protection tips because the rocks may be slippery.

Meenmutty Waterfalls is a haven for journey fanatics, as it gives opportunities for rock climbing, rappelling, and hiking within the surrounding hills. The lush greenery and diverse flora and fauna in the area upload to the attraction of this herbal wonder.

A visit to Meenmutty Waterfalls is an immersive revel in, permitting you to reconnect with nature and soak within the tranquility of the environment. It is a should-go to destination for everybody looking for a fresh get away from the bustle of metropolis existence and a chance to witness the sheer power and splendor of nature’s creations.

Soochipara Waterfalls:

Soochipara Waterfalls, additionally referred to as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls, is a breathtaking herbal enchantment placed in the enchanting Wayanad district of Kerala, India. Nestled amidst the Western Ghats, this picturesque waterfall has won recognition for its enthralling splendor and serene surroundings.

The name “Soochipara” translates to “Needle Rock” inside the nearby language, due to the precise formation of the waterfall. Water cascades down from a peak of approximately 200 meters (656 feet) thru a slim cleft inside the rocks, developing a superb sight to behold.

To attain the Soochipara Waterfalls, traffic must undertake a quick trek through dense forests and verdant tea plantations. The path is adorned with lush greenery and gives glimpses of the wealthy biodiversity that thrives in the area, which includes colourful chook species and special flora.

Upon accomplishing the waterfall, one is greeted by way of the fresh sight and sound of water plunging right into a massive pool beneath. The pool is ideal for swimming and gives a great respite from the tropical warmness. Adventure lovers can also indulge in sports like mountaineering and river rafting close to the waterfall.

The surrounding landscape presents a serene atmosphere, inviting traffic to loosen up and immerse themselves in nature’s tranquility. The verdant hills, mist-included valleys, and the soothing sound of cascading water create a relaxing ecosystem that captivates the senses.

Soochipara Waterfalls is an wonderful destination for nature lovers and pictures fanatics. The awe-inspiring beauty of the waterfall, coupled with the plush environment, offers severa possibilities for taking pictures lovely images and developing lasting recollections.

Visiting Soochipara Waterfalls is an immersive revel in that permits you to connect with nature’s wonders. It gives a tranquil break out from the chaos of normal lifestyles, permitting visitors to rejuvenate their minds and soul within the lap of pristine natural beauty.

Karapuzha Dam:

Karapuzha Dam is a outstanding dam positioned in the scenic district of Wayanad in Kerala, India. Situated at the Karapuzha River, this dam serves as an essential reservoir for irrigation and ingesting water purposes within the region.

With its enforcing shape and the backdrop of lush green hills, Karapuzha Dam has additionally grow to be a famous vacationer attraction. The dam gives a serene and picturesque setting, making it a favorite spot for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

The reservoir created via Karapuzha Dam extends over a giant place, with its tranquil waters reflecting the encircling panorama. Visitors can bask in activities like boating and fishing, supplying a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings.

The dam is also surrounded by sprawling plantations, along with rubber, espresso, and tea estates, adding to the scenic attraction of the location. Exploring the close by plantations and taking leisurely walks along the dam’s banks permits site visitors to immerse themselves in the vicinity’s herbal beauty.

Karapuzha Dam isn’t most effective an area of scenic beauty however also serves an important function in assisting agriculture and imparting water for the location’s population. The dam’s importance in water management and irrigation has contributed to the improvement and sustenance of local agricultural activities.

For the ones searching for a tranquil retreat amidst nature or a glimpse into the engineering marvel of a dam, Karapuzha Dam gives a serene and charming revel in. It showcases the harmonious combination of human intervention and herbal splendor, making it a must-visit vacation spot for vacationers exploring the Wayanad place.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary:

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, also called Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, is a haven for nature and flora and fauna fans situated in the Wayanad district of Kerala, India. Spread over an expansive vicinity, this sanctuary is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and offers a wealthy biodiversity that attracts visitors from throughout.

The Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is characterised by using dense forests, rolling hills, and meandering streams, developing a picturesque putting. It is domestic to a big selection of natural world species, including elephants, tigers, leopards, deer, langurs, and various fowl species, making it a paradise for wildlife lovers and birdwatchers.

Visitors to the sanctuary can embark on thrilling jeep safaris or guided nature walks to discover its various ecosystems. The sanctuary’s particular flowers and fauna, along with rare and endangered species, offer ample opportunities for statement and appreciation.

As you traverse through the sanctuary, you may witness the herbal habitat of the animals and birds, offering a danger to apprehend their conduct and ecological importance. The lush greenery and serene environment create a tranquil atmosphere that permits visitors to connect with nature and recognize its wonders.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary also performs a great role in conservation efforts and in maintaining the natural historical past of the region. It acts as a included area for natural world, ensuring their survival and promoting ecological balance.

The sanctuary isn’t only a paradise for flora and fauna fanatics however additionally an fantastic vacation spot for nature walks, pictures, and nature-stimulated activities. The panoramic vistas, the rustling of leaves, and the hazard encounters with flora and fauna make every go to to Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary an unforgettable enjoy.

By traveling Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, you may immerse your self within the beauty of nature, gain a deeper knowledge of flora and fauna conservation, and create loved reminiscences amidst the serene desolate tract of Wayanad.


Kuruvadweep is a stunning little island in River Kabini inside the district of Wayanad in Kerala. It is the only island in India this is surrounded through sparkling water. The vicinity and the geographical characteristics of the website online make Kuruvadweep a sought-after appeal. The mesmerising beauty of the place draws travelers from all around the international, and its landscape makes it a hotspot for nature walks. One can visit the island to explore the picturesque scenery and experience being close to nature. It is for this reason frequented with the aid of locals. The serenity of the island is certain to position you relaxed, an experience each person wants to have in the fast-paced and chaotic international of today.

Kuruvadweep is ready 950 acre in vicinity and is surrounded by River Kabini and several different streams. Since it lies in the delta location, Kuruvadweep is really a collection of islands that can be accessed by means of boats or rafts. These boats and rafts are run by way of the Kerala Tourism Department in collaboration with Kerala Forest Department.

The island has dense forests that are home to quite a few vegetation and fauna and for this reason is visited quite often by using researchers and nature fanatics. Certain areas may be explored by means of foot while others need to be explored in a ship or a raft. The Forest Department officers are very precise approximately retaining the islands unpolluted and unhurt. Thus, that is the region for guests looking for uncontaminated natural environment.


16 Top Tourist Attractions in Wayanad


Lakkidi Viewpoint:

Lakkidi Viewpoint is a charming destination positioned in the scenic district of Wayanad in Kerala, India. Situated at an elevation of approximately 700 meters (2,300 toes) above sea degree, it is renowned as one of the maximum factors in Wayanad and offers breathtaking views of the encompassing landscape.

The standpoint is nestled amidst the Western Ghats, surrounded by using mist-included hills, dense forests, and winding roads. As you reach Lakkidi Viewpoint, you are greeted with panoramic vistas that reach as some distance as the attention can see, creating a captivating sight for site visitors.

The viewpoint presents a hen’s-eye view of the plush valleys, tea estates, and winding roads that wind thru the hills. The dramatic play of mild and shadow, specially during sunrise and sundown, adds a touch of magic to the already picturesque surroundings.

Lakkidi Viewpoint is a popular stopover for vacationers and photographers, because it gives enough possibilities to seize stunning images and create lasting reminiscences. The cool breeze and serene ambiance make it a great spot for relaxation and rejuvenation amidst nature’s beauty.

The point of view is also the gateway to Wayanad, as it marks the start of the Thamarassery Ghat Pass. The winding road main to the perspective is an adventure in itself, with hairpin bends and scenic vistas at every flip.

Visiting Lakkidi Viewpoint offers a completely unique perspective of the natural beauty of Wayanad. It lets in site visitors to immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Western Ghats and revel in the serenity of the location. Whether you’re a nature fanatic, a images fanatic, or virtually looking for a peaceful retreat, Lakkidi Viewpoint is a should-go to destination in Wayanad.

Neelimala Viewpoint:

Neelimala Viewpoint is a wide ranging destination placed in the fascinating district of Wayanad in Kerala, India. Situated close to Meppadi, this standpoint gives panoramic vistas of the surrounding hills, valleys, and cascading waterfalls, making it a must-go to for nature enthusiasts and photography lovers.

To attain Neelimala Viewpoint, traffic should undertake a brief trek through dense forests and rocky terrains. The trek itself is an adventure, filled with the sounds of nature and the perfume of wildflowers. As you ascend, the view gradually unfolds, revealing the enchanting beauty of the Wayanad place.

Once you attain Neelimala Viewpoint, you’re handled to a panoramic landscape of the plush inexperienced valleys, rolling hills, and mist-clad mountains. The vantage point offers an uninterrupted view of the Meenmutty Waterfalls, as they cascade down in all their glory.

The tranquil environment of Neelimala Viewpoint gives a peaceful retreat from the chaos of normal lifestyles. The gentle breeze and the serene surroundings create a great atmosphere for relaxation and contemplation.

Neelimala Viewpoint is likewise renowned for its mesmerizing sunsets, portray the sky in a rise up of colours. Watching the solar dip under the horizon amidst the scenic splendor of Wayanad is a honestly awe-inspiring enjoy.

Apart from the breathtaking perspectives, Neelimala is likewise known for its trekking trails that cause the Meenmutty Waterfalls. The adventurous trek allows visitors to witness the cascading beauty of the waterfall up close, offering a clean and invigorating experience.

Visiting Neelimala Viewpoint lets in you to hook up with nature’s wonders and bask in its serene splendor. The beautiful perspectives, soothing atmosphere, and experience of tranquility make it an unforgettable vacation spot in Wayanad, Kerala.

Chethalayam Falls :

At a distance of 12 km from Sulthan Bathery, & 37 km from Kalpetta, Chethalayam Waterfalls is a lovely waterfall placed near Kidangand, towards Pulpally from Sulthan Bathery. It is one of the lesser-recognized waterfalls in Kerala and many of the exceptional places to go to for the duration of your Wayanad ride.

This is a seasonal waterfall in Wayanad vicinity, however it is good for trekking. Chethalayam Waterfalls with its picturesque splendor, scenic slopes, and blue water our bodies are really worth the trek up. Its environment provide numerous vantage points for fowl watching. This waterfall is situated near the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary that is inhabited by using noticed deer, sambar, gaur, elephants, and sloth endure, amongst others.

One has to trek about four km from Kidangand to reach the falls. The Forest Range Office at Chethalayam issues traveler passes to the waterfall. Their permission is obligatory to get into the jungle surrounding the waterfall. One can avail of the offerings of a manual from the take a look at post. Wild elephants, at instances, bypass through the region. For that motive, the Guide service will become fundamental to this four km trek.

The falls may additionally completely get dried in summer, so the put up-monsoon season is the best time to go to the falls.

Timings: 6 AM – five PM

Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary:

Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is a hidden gem nestled in the Wayanad district of Kerala, India. Situated in the Brahmagiri Hills, this sanctuary is a haven for birdwatching fans and nature fanatics.

Pakshipathalam is thought for its various avian populace, with a extensive sort of resident and migratory birds gracing its skies. The sanctuary is domestic to uncommon and endangered chicken species, making it a widespread website for bird conservation and research.

To explore Pakshipathalam, visitors must undertake a trek through the dense forests and rugged terrains. The journey itself is an adventure, packed with sightings of amazing plants and fauna, consisting of butterflies, reptiles, and small mammals.

Upon achieving the sanctuary, site visitors are rewarded with a tranquil environment and the melodious chirping of birds. The dense foliage and rocky outcrops provide natural habitats for the avian species, imparting possibilities for birdwatchers to have a look at and pick out distinctive species.

Pakshipathalam also has a cave gadget that adds to its attraction. The caves are believed to have been inhabited by historical sages and offer a mystical atmosphere to the sanctuary.

While birdwatching is the main enchantment at Pakshipathalam, the sanctuary additionally offers picturesque perspectives of the surrounding landscapes. The panoramic vistas of the hills, valleys, and forests create a serene backdrop for nature lovers and photographers.

Visiting Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary offers a completely unique possibility to connect with nature, witness the beauty of birdlife, and discover the spell binding desolate tract of Wayanad. It is a should-visit vacation spot for birdwatchers, nature fanatics, and those looking for a non violent retreat in the lap of nature.

Wayanad Heritage Museum:

Wayanad Heritage Museum, also known as Ambalavayal Heritage Museum, is a cultural treasure trove positioned within the scenic district of Wayanad in Kerala, India. Housed in an ancient Jain temple complicated, the museum showcases the rich history and records of the location.

The Wayanad Heritage Museum offers traffic a glimpse into the conventional art, artifacts, and life-style of the indigenous tribes and neighborhood groups. It displays a huge variety of artifacts, inclusive of tribal relics, tools, weapons, pottery, agricultural implements, and ancient manuscripts, supplying insights into the historical and cultural background of Wayanad.

The museum additionally capabilities an extensive series of sculptures, statues, and historical carvings, reflecting the architectural and inventive brilliance of the bygone technology. It serves as a repository of the place’s historical past, retaining and offering it for destiny generations to understand and learn from.

Exploring the reveals within the Wayanad Heritage Museum is like taking a adventure back in time, immersing oneself in the traditions, customs, and manner of lifestyles of the folks who inhabited the place. It offers a deeper information of the vicinity’s cultural diversity and the symbiotic relationship among people and nature.

In addition to the well-knownshows, the museum also hosts cultural occasions, demonstrations, and workshops to sell and preserve the conventional arts and crafts of Wayanad.

A go to to the Wayanad Heritage Museum is an opportunity to delve into the captivating history and cultural tapestry of the place. It gives a unique attitude at the colourful traditions and cultural background of Wayanad, permitting visitors to comprehend the wealthy legacy that has fashioned the identification of the vicinity.

These are only some of the numerous visitor attractions that make Wayanad a fascinating vacation spot. With its herbal beauty, historic web sites, and cultural stories, Wayanad offers a unique and memorable vacation for travelers from round the world.

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