Biography of Mirabai Chanu

Biography of Mirabai Chanu


The life story of Mirabai Chanu. Mirabai Chanu Biography

Mirabai Chanu, An Indian Olympic player. The athlete recently handed India its first gold medal at the current Olympics held in Tokyo. Mirabai Chanu was awarded the silver medal for lifting 200 kilograms. People will be shocked to find out that India is the first country to win the weightlifting Olympic medal after 21 years. Meerabai is the first to secure the position at 48 kg in weightlifting for women. Neeraj Chopra also bagged the gold medal for India at the Olympics.

Mirabai Chanu was the winner of gold at Mirabai Chanu’s win at the New World Weightlifting Championship in the year 2017 after lifting 194 kilograms. It will surprise you to learn that Mirabai Chanu was only 22 years old when Chanu was awarded the gold medal in the year 2017. When Mirabai Chanu was awarded gold it was her actual sister’s wedding.

Brief information about Mirabai Chanu

Name Mirabai Chanu
Real name Saikhom Mirabai Chanu
Born on 8 August 1994
The place of birth Manipur India
age 27
Father Saikhom’s masterpiece
Mata Saikhom Ongbi Tonbi Leima
Brother saikhom sanatonba
Sister Saikhom Rangita, Saikhom Shaya
Profession Weightlifting
Coach Kunjarani Devi

Biography on Mirabai Chanu

Mirabai Chanu is an Indian woman who comes from Manipur. Mirabai Chanu was an Olympic Indian player who recently took home India’s first gold medal at the current Olympics in Tokyo. Mirabai Chanu has worked an immense amount of work to win the gold medal in the Olympic sport. India received a lifting Olympic medal after 21 years of training. Mirabai Chanu has done her best to make India proud across the world when she won the Weightlifting Olympic medal. Mirabai Chanu became the only woman to earn an Olympic medal with a silver award in the category 49 kg in Olympic sports. She is making India proud.


Biography of Mirabai Chanu


Mirabai Chanu Biography

Mirabai Chanu who won the silver medal at the Olympic weightlifting event is being celebrated not just by her relatives but equally by all the citizens of the nation. The entire nation has expressed its gratitude to Meerabai. Premier Narendra Modi tweeted that “Not only us, but the entire citizens of India are extremely proud of Meerabai Chanu. Meerabai Chanu has proven to the world what she can do. That’s something that no woman has accomplished until now” Mirabai Chanu also has been awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India this year.

Biography of Mirabai Chanu


Where and when did Mirabai Chanu born?
Mirabai Chanu belonged to a middle-class family. Mirabai Chanu was born on the 8th of August 1994. Mirabai is a native of Imphal, Manipur district. Mirabai Chanu is also engaged on Instagram.

What is Mirabai Chanu’s family connection?
Meerabai is part of a middle-class family, and her relations with her family are excellent. Her parents have supported her to reach her goals. The name of Meerabai’s mom is Saikhom Tonbi Leima and she works as a shopkeeper. Mirabai Chanu’s dad’s name is Saikhom Kriti, he works in the PWD department. She has 2 sisters, Saikhom Rangita and Saikhom, Shaya, and also one brother named Saikhom Sanatoba.

Life of Mirabai Chanu

Mirabai Chanu, an Indian weightlifting champion and is currently not married. Mirabai Chanu currently is single. The reason she hasn’t married is that she believes that if she were to get married, she’ll not be in line with her dream and that is why she is not yet married. Mirabai Chanu’s age is 27 years as of now.

Who is Mirabai Chanu’s coach?

Mirabai Chanu’s trainer’s surname is Kunjrani Devi, Kunjrani Devi is also an Indian resident living in Manipur. Kunjarani Devi herself has been an Indian athlete in weightlifting. Mirabai Chanu has been interested in weightlifting from a young age, and she began weightlifting with her goals in mind. Mirabai Chanu has done weightlifting under Kunjarani Devi.


What year did Mirabai Chanu earn the first gold medal?

Mirabai Chanu was the winner of her first gold medal at the age of 11. Meera was the first to win n gold medal at age 11 by weightlifting at the local weightlifting championship. Mirabai Chanu’s body is slim and healthy, her size is five feet tall and her weight is 48kg.


Mirabai Chanu Education

There isn’t any information on the length of time Mirabai Chanu has been studying and at which college she is enrolled, and there’s no information regarding her academic background on the web. Some people think that Mirabai Chanu is a graduate, however, this could be either true or not. The correct information has not been obtained about this.


Mirabai Chanu’s tale of becoming a champion

Since the year of 2016, Mirabai Chanu’s path to Rio Olympics through the Rio Olympics is awe-inspiring fat Mirabai Chanu did not make it out of them the Rio Olympics”Did Not Finish” got written the middle of her name due to the fact of her inability to leave. Meerabai was devastated and lost all morale after putting the word “Did Not Finish before Meerabai’s name. Let us explain the time Meerabai participated in the Olympics at the time, it was nighttime for us in the country i.e. India which is the reason why only a few people saw this particular moment when she was planning to lift a huge weight, and then suddenly her hand stopped. You’ll be shocked to find out that she had lifted the weight several times before. Mirabai fell into depression because Chanu not lifting weights.


Biography of Mirabai Chanu


Mirabai Chanu’s tale of becoming champion

She had fallen into a depression to the amount that she had to seek out the assistance of psychiatrists, after which she recovered from depression after a lengthy period. The biggest issue in the lives of Mirabai Chanu she was stunned at the loss. I was thinking that now I would give up weightlifting however Mirabai Chanu needed to regroup herself to fulfill her dream and that is why she decided to return to weightlifting. Thanks to this choice of Mirabai and her family, she has had a huge achievement. You may not be aware of the fact that Mirabai Chanu won gold at the Commonwealth Games 2018 and after that, she was awarded the silver medal at the Olympics.

How did Mirabai Chanu get the gold medal?

Mirabai Chanu took gold at her first New World Weightlifting Championship in 2017 by lifting 194 kilograms. In the year 2017 when Mira was awarded this title, I was just two years old. It is interesting to find out that the day that Mera”Gold,” was named in honor of him was the wedding of his sister. She didn’t want marriage, but instead pursued her dream and set out to achieve her goals and that’s for her standing before us as a hero.


Meera has made a spectacular comeback following stomach pain in the year 2018.
Mirabai Chanu had to face numerous issues because of stomach pain in 2018. However, Mirabai Chanu did not give up. She was back from the Thailand World Championship in the year 2019. The weight she lifted the highest in her life was greater than 200 kilograms. Mirabai was able to get lots of help through the Government of India, after which Meera was taken to America to be treated for her injury. Mirabai resumed her professional career and gradually gained success in lifting greater and greater weights.

How did Mirabhai receive honors and awards?

The year 2014 brought 15 gold medals 30, 30 silver medals, and 19 bronze medals.
The Year 2014. Silver Medal in 48 kg category (Glasgow Commonwealth
The year 2016 Golden Medal (12th South Asian Games in Guwahati)
The Year 2017 Gold Medal in the 48 Kg category (World Olympic Weightlifting Competition)
The Year of 2018 Gold Medal in the 48 kg category (Commonwealth Games)
2000000 rupees from Manipur’s Chief Minister Manipur for outstanding performance in sports
Silver medal for the year 2021 in the 50kg category (in Tokyo Olympic Games)

Biography of Mirabai Chanu

Q1: Where is Mirabai Chanu’s home?
The answer is Mirabai Chanu is a Manipur resident. Manipur.

Q2What is the mass of Mirabai Chanu?
Answer: Mirabai Chanu 48 kg.

Q3- What’s the name of Mirabai’s father?
Solution: Saikhome can be described as Kriti.

Q4: What’s the name of Mirabai Chanu’s mom?
Answr : Saikhom ongbi tombi leima hai.

Q5: What year did Mirabai Chanu born?
Answer: It occurred on August 8, 1994.


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