Biography of Shahnaz Hussain

Biography of Shahnaz Hussain


Shahnaz Hussain

Born: 1940

Job/Business/Position: Beauty Expert & Entrepreneur – Shahnaz Herbals CEO

The well-known beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain is one of the most successful businesswomen from India and her business Shahnaz Hussain Herbals is one of the largest producers of herbal products around the world. The company makes about 400 beauty products as well as health and markets these products all over the world. Famous for his bold designs and charming style Shahnaz Hussain controlled his franchise model. Due to this, the herbal products of their company quickly became the pinnacle of style and quality throughout the world.

The first step is life.

Shahnaz Hussain was born around the 1940s to an aristocratic, prominent family. Her father was the former chief justice of India NU Baig. The grandfather of his father Mir Yar Jung was the Chief Justice of Hyderabad and Governor of Nagpur. They were engaged at 14 and were married at 16, and she became the mother of a child within the same year. Both her father and husband encouraged her to pursue a career as a beauty therapist when she got bored with her family life. Then she attended numerous beauty schools across the world.


Biography of Shahnaz Hussain


Biography of Shahnaz Hussain


Chemicals are frequently used in modern cosmetics that can have negative effects on the human body. In this regard, he decided to study Ayurveda and spent the next 10 years learning about natural beauty treatments at renowned salons that were located in London, Paris, New York, and Copenhagen. Shahnaz Hussain founded Herbals in 1977, from his residence in Delhi. She received an overwhelming response at the beginning as well as being booked over six months. Before that, she used to create treatments specifically for patients, but she soon introduced several products available to treat the appearance of acne, blemishes, loss of dehydration in the skin, and Alopecia.

In the early 90s, Shahnaz cosmetics began to be sold at major retailers across the country and the globe. In the seventies, she was a representative of the nation at Sidesco which was a global gathering of professionals in beauty, and was invited to be the chairperson for a whole day. By taking advantage of this, he attempted to draw worldwide attention toward Ayurveda.

Slowly, her cosmetics began to be sold all over the world and everybody starting from Harrods to Harrods in London up to Sultan Stores in Dubai was eager to sell her products. She’s opened her stores of specialty in India as well as overseas under franchising to expand her business. However, she first teaches the franchise owners to maintain quality in check.

In recognition of the need for international training institutions in the area of Aesthetic Medicine in India, Shahnaz created Women’s World International. Its principal goal is to offer training in all aspects of body composition, the development of personality and beauty, to the management of salons. In the following years, Shahnaz also launched ‘Man’s World International, a brand in the area of male-specific beauty.


Biography of Shahnaz Hussain

Shahnaz Hussain Herbals operates two R&D centers. In addition, Delhi also has two flower and medicinal gardens. garden. What’s distinctive with Shahnaz Hussain Herbals is the fact that the company is focused on quality throughout all stages of production, starting from raw materials to manufacturing and packing. Although the company has many products and a large business it does not advertise its products. According to his words, “Customer satisfaction is the largest advertisement, and word of mouth builds more confidence in the consumer’s brain than any advertising.”

They’ve developed these products, which were previously only available in Ayurvedic centers across the nation. The products are customized to each client’s specific needs from exotic spas. Shahnaz Hussain’s business has grown in India, Dubai, and London in addition to other cities and countries around the globe. Her products are offered in the luxury department retailer Selfridges and she also runs an office in Harley Street.

Honors and Awards

Shahnaz Hussain, an eminent businessman in the field of cosmetics, is praised across the world for his efforts to promote Ayurveda.

Lloyd’s TSB Jewel Award in the UK

‘Leonardo Da Vinci Diamond Award’ in America

International Star Award: Quality Diamond Category of Product: Recipient in Geneva

“The Arc of Europe Gold Star for Quality Award

“One of the world’s top Women Entrepreneurs’

“2000 Millennium Medal of Honour’

Rajiv Gandhi Goodwill Award

Woman of the Decade Award 1983

Image India Award 1985

FICCI Outstanding Woman of the Year Award for 1986.


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