Dabhosa Waterfall In Maharashtra

Dabhosa Waterfall In Maharashtra


Dabhosa Waterfall Maharashtra | Timings & Accommodation
Dabhosa Falls is a magnificent waterfall that is located in Dabhosa, a town in Dabhosa located in Dabhosa in the Jawahar Taluk, Thane region of Maharashtra. Dabhosa Waterfalls are on the Lendi River and fall from around 300 feet. The Dabhosa waterfall’s timings are 7 AM until six PM.

Dabhosa waterfall is among the most breathtaking waterfalls during the puffy season with its full greenery and flowing in Maharashtra near Mumbai.

It’s a booming business area offering the possibility of kayaking, valley crossing the zip line and rappelling, ladder, and trekking as well as fishing.

Dabhosa Falls Resort and Jawahar Hill Station Resort are both convenient options near Dabhosa Falls.

These resorts provide an array of challenging exercises including

Burma Bridge
Valley Crossing
A 280-foot rappelling line is located next to the waterfall
Trails at night
Jungle cooking
Ladder climb
Fishing and trekking at the waterfalls
In the evening at night, at night, the Dabhosa falls disappear completely due to nature’s involvement with thunder.

Dabhosa Waterfall In Maharashtra


Dabhosa Waterfall In Maharashtra


The best moment to go
Dabhosa Waterfall Resort has a wide range of activities throughout the year and is situated in a tranquil area in an isolated village. There isn’t much to see within the resort, besides adventurous activities within the resort.

So the weather is nice and is the ideal time to take part in thrilling activities without too much fatigue.

Therefore, the best option is to travel during the dry or winter months. Beware of hot and humid summers because the weather is not suitable for adventurous activities.

Important points
Parking is at the resort automobiles.
They also have warm blankets for drivers during cold winter nights.
In general, anyone between 12 and 65 years old can participate in any adventure at the resort.
They also arrange day trips for families or groups, with every adventure and meal. However, an entire day is often exhausting and strenuous If you’re from a city that is far away.
My suggestion is to take advantage of your overnight stay to experience the best of both adventure and relaxation.
Accommodation is the main thing. The hostels are divided into two and 11 cottages are available for guests. The living room is equipped with an area for sleeping as well as a table and chairs, and a basic bathroom with soap and towels. There’s No TV, no cupboard, or extravagant interiors. If you’re looking forward to an extravagant getaway You will be disappointed.
Be aware of children, especially when hiking as the trail may be slippery and the path may be broken and slippery.
Campers will be content since the resort has plenty of space to pitch their tents at a cost of small amount.
Check-in hours were fixed for weekends (Friday and Saturday), i.e. 5.00 PM, but on days when you are not on the weekends, you can check in by noon, subject to availability.
It is important to wear comfortable clothes when undertaking adventure sports. So, it is been recommended to wear a comfy T-shirt, full-length pants, and shoes that have a good grip.
It is recommended to stay clear of sandals, saris, shorts, or heels, as well as jewelry in all outdoor activities.

Dabhosa waterfall Resorts
Tour De Tribe 01, 13.6 km
Vishal Lake View Resort 14 km
SS Resort is close to Jayanagar Lake, 14.4 km
The White Feather Resort Kauncha, 19.5 km
IHS Hotel 22.7 km
Khanvel Resort, 23.3 km8
Green Paradise, 24.5 km

Dabhosa Waterfall In Maharashtra

Dabhosa Waterfall Timings
The following are Dabhosa waterfall times We must prepare for the trip accordingly.

Dabhosa waterfall Timing From To
Sunday 7:00 AM 6:00 PM
Monday 7:00 AM 6:00 PM
Tuesday 7:00 AM 6:00 PM
Wednesday 7:00 AM 6:00 PM
Thursday 7:00 AM 6:00 PM
Friday 7:00 AM 6:00 PM
Saturday 7:00 AM 6:00 PM

How do I reach

Nashik Airport is the nearest airbase is located around about 80 kilometers away from Jawahar via air. Mumbai International Airport is the closest airbase at 100 kilometers. It is easy to find taxis from both airports to get to Dabhosa waterfall.


It is the Igatpuri Railway Station in Nashik is the closest train station that connects to Jawahar. It’s 60km away and takes approximately two hours to get to Jawahar. At the railway station, you can avail of 24-hour taxi services that can take you to Jawahar along with the Dabhosa waterfalls.


The road route is a convenient and easy alternative. Along this route, there are many taxi companies. You can take a taxi or cab from nearby cities such as Mumbai and Thane for a trip to Jawahar. Dabhosa is located 19 kilometers from Jawahar.


Dabhosa Waterfall In Maharashtra


Local places to visit

Jai Vilas Palace
The vast palace is well-known for its architecture and its size. It is often referred to by the name of Raj Bari. It was under the control of Jawahar’s tribal king. The view from inside is not permitted since it is private property.

Sunset Point
As the name implies, this spot offers an amazing view of the sun setting near Dabhosa waterfall. Dabhosa waterfall. The views of the valley below from this point are equally stunning.

Shirpamal is the place where Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was a camper on his journey to Surat. The surroundings are stunning.

Hanuman Point
Another breathtaking destination that should be on your bucket list is Hanuman Point, which is set in an amazing natural setting. According to the legends associated with the area, Hanuman used to rest there in the days before he went to meet the brother of Lord Rama Bharata and hence the name.

Bhopatgarh Fort
Bhopatgarh Fort is Another central region that reveals the history of the city’s history. The fort is also an important site of historical significance.

Established by Chhatrapati Shivaji the fort is tiny in size and nearly synonymous with its ancestor, the Maratha Empire.

Dabhosa Falls
The Dabhosa waterfall resort is not only affordable but also offers the best value for dollars. Dabhosa waterfall is an ideal location to spend time with your loved ones, colleagues, or groups. With the delicious food, friendly personnel, comfortable rooms, and guided activities you’ll be able to enjoy your stay in the resort, however, you could miss out on the chance to climb the ladder since it’s closed.

Overall, it’s a wonderful experience, and I highly suggest that my readers go to the resort at least once.

Activity Place
Dabhosa Waterfall, Taluka Jawhar, District Palghar, Maharashtra

Number: +91 8080809536 | +91 2249422000

Email: plnarayana4u@gmail.com


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