Different Types Of Sculpture In The World

Different Types Of Sculptures In The World


“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it”
– Michelangelo

It is an art shape that brings life to the most insignificant objects. It is a way to treat our senses with an art form that is three-dimensional as well as help us view the world through a new viewpoint. From the idols made of Gods and Goddesses for worship, to sculptures of human beings creating immortality There is a myriad of reasons for creating the Sculpture. Before we get to the most well-known sculptures we will take a peek into the background.

The tradition of carving on metals, stones wood, and other substances goes back to the prehistoric period, in which our early grandparents paved the way for this form of art by scratching the cave walls. Later on, various civilizations such as Greek, Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China, and others came up with their style of sculpture to convey their thoughts and convictions. They ranged from simple nature-inspired designs as well as abstract shapes to hyper-realistic sculptures. The majority of them are seen in temples and other significant shrines.

Today, sculptures are no longer restricted to rocks! Modern-day sculptors believe that every substance is not able to be used to create a gorgeous sculpture. Everything from soaps to pencils, glass, and even garbage can be turned into complex, artistic works. This article is a salute to some of the most beautiful Sculptures around the globe that are masterworks in their unique forms.

20 Creative Ancient and Modern Sculptures in World:


This is a stunning collection of imaginative sculptures from India and all over the globe made using various materials and mediums:

1. The Oldest Nataraja Sculpture in India:


Nataraja is the dance version of Lord Shiva who is a symbol of the holy union of nature and the god of God. The bronze statue of Shiva Nataraja dates back to the Chola period in the 11th century. It has an elongated fire halo in which the Lord is seen dancing. The two hands on the upper side are holding the Damru and Agni while the lower hand displays the Abhayamudra. He is a trample of the Apasmara Purusha, which is the symbol of illusion in humanity. Even after all these centuries, it’s incredible to observe how the statue has stood the test of time.

  • Artist Name: Unknown  artist from the Chola Dynasty
  • Location: Florence and Herbert Irving Galleries for South and Southeast Asian Art, USA
  • Material: Bronze
  • Time: The 11th Century circa.

2. Gajendra Peeth – Akshardham Temple:


Gajendra Peeth is the lower portion that is part of the principal shrine at Akshardham temple, located in New Delhi. It is designed to demonstrate the mandir’s entire structure upon the backs of massive elephants. There are 148 elephants, weighing approximately 3000 tonnes and carved with different shapes and sizes This stunning stone structure is considered to be among the world’s most renowned statues of elephants found in India.

  • Artist Name: Different Artisans
  • Location: Akshardham Temple, New Delhi, India
  • Material: Rock
  • Date: 6 November 2005

3. The Mighty Horses Of Konark Chariot:

Konark Chariot is one of the most famous structures in the world that is believed to be pulled by seven horses it. The horses are portrayed with different symbolisms that are associated with their symbolic meanings. While some people consider that they represent the seven days of the week, others see them as the seven colors that make up the rainbow. The horse statue is among the most ancient sculptures in India and was destroyed because of attacks.

  • Built By: Raja Narsingha Deva – I of Ganga Dynasty
  • Location: Konark Temple, Odisha
  • Material: Rock
  • Date: Mid of 13th Century

4. The Ashoka Pillar – Sarnath:


The Ashoka Pillar, popularly called the Lion Capital of Ashoka sculpture is situated at Sarnath, India. It was constructed by Ashoka who was the Emperor of the Maurya Kingdom. The structure is adorned with four Lions on hind legs, on a large pilaster, with different angles. The four Asiatic Lions represent the strength of courage, confidence, courage, and honesty. The lion later was adopted as India’s National Emblem of India.

  • Built By: Emperor Ashoka
  • Location: Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh
  • Material: Stone
  • Date:3rd Century

Different Types Of Sculpture In The World


Different Types Of Sculpture In The World


5. Apsara- The Celestial Female:


If beauty could have an image it could appear like this sandstone sculpture of Apsara! According to Indian stories, Apsaras are celestial or supernatural beings who are extremely gorgeous. They are stunning dancers with beautiful, elegant bodies. This statue from the 12th century is one of the most renowned female rock sculptures that showcase the finest detail. With beautiful body parts with sharp features, stunning features, and gorgeous jewelry, nobody will ever be as stunning as this beauty!

  • Built By: Unknown
  • Location: Museum, United States
  • Material: Stone
  • Date:12th Century

6. Jatayu is one of the planet’s Largest Birds Sculpture:


In the Kollam district in Kerala, there is a majestic statue of Jatayu the mythological animal from Ramayana it is the largest bird statue anywhere in the globe. It’s 200 feet long 150 meters in breadth and 70 meters in height. The statue is situated 1200 feet above sea level. It is an icon of the protection of women. The area is also known as Jatayu Earth’s Center or Jatayu Rock and is a nature center and a museum.

  • Artist: Rajiv Anchal
  • Location: Chadayamangalam, Kollam District, Kerala
  • Material: Cement and Stone
  • Date:5th December 2017

7. The Bean – Chicago, United States:


Cloud Gate Cloud Gate, popularly called the”Bean “Bean” is considered to be one of the best public sculptures in the world. It was designed and created by the late Sir Anish Kapoor, a well-known British-born Indian artist. The whole structure is made of 168 stainless steel pieces that are joined so that they reflect Chicago’s iconic skyline. It is now one of the most iconic structures in Chicago which is the place where thousands of tourists throng every day to snap photos of the unique reflection of the statue’s surface.

  • Artist: Anish Kapoor
  • Location: Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Date:15th May 2006

8. David by Michelangelo:


David David’s Renaissance sculpture made by the Italian creator Michelangelo is among the greatest works of art that exist. The statue portrays the Biblical hero, David who stands around 14 feet tall and is completely carved with white marble. Because of the passionate expressions in his eyes, David quickly became the “symbol of liberty and freedom” of the Republicans. To guard against the effects of exposure and weather the original statue was relocated to the Galleria dell’Accademia in 1873 and was replaced with a replica.

  • Artist: Michelangelo
  • Location: Galleria dell’Accademia, Florence, Italy
  • Material: Marble
  • Period:1501-1504

9. Michelangelo’s Pieta:


Pieta is thought to be the most famous sculpture created by Michelangelo since it is the only sculpture bearing his signature. Pieta translates to “Pity”, which uses the motif of Mary with Christ’s crucified remains Jesus on her lap. The detail level of the statue, in regards to the draping, the facial expressions, and the physical aspect of the figures is amazing. The sculpture is made of the finest marble and measures roughly 1.74m in size. 1.95m.

  • Artist: Michelangelo
  • Location: St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City
  • Material: Marble
  • Period:1498-1499

10. The Force of Nature, Doha:


The Force of Nature is one of the most stunning modern sculptures that you can find. It was designed in the hands of Lorenzo Quinn, an Italian artist who sought to send an eloquent signal to all of the earth about nature’s power. The concept was conceived in response to the devastation that occurred in Thailand and around the globe caused by hurricanes that were violent. The situation shows how small and insignificant we are in the face of Mother Nature’s wrath!

  • Artist: Lorenzo Quinn
  • Location: Cultural Village, Doha, Qatar
  • Material: Bronze, Stainless Steel, and Aluminium
  • Period: October 2011

11. Soap Sculptures by Narong:


Narong Noppamartis is a Thai artist who is internationally recognized for her exquisite soap carvings. With a soft material such as soap, it’s amazing to observe how she transforms it into intricate and complex designs. From basic baskets to elaborate Dragons to mythological beasts and modern motifs, Narong has raised a new bar within the long-standing art of carving soap in Thailand.

  • Artist: Narong Noppamart
  • Location: Thailand
  • Material: Soap

Different Types Of Sculpture In The World

12. The Moon Dog, Minimalistic Abstract Art:


In the realm of abstract sculpture art, it is said that the Moon dog is considered one of the finest sculptures from the Minimalism movement. The Moon dog is an abstract form composed of 10 tetrahedra that are placed to form an ideal balance. Moondog was named after the blind poet and composer Moondog was invented by Tony Smith in the year 1964.

  • Artist: Tony Smith
  • Location: National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, Washington, USA
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Year:1964

13. Surreal Bust Sculptures By Yuanxing Liang:


Yuanxing Liang is a Chinese artist who creates whimsical works of clay. Each sculpture is meticulously intricate and 3D and is comprised of imaginative characters as well as elements of old Chinese mythology. The handmade statues could take several months to complete due to the number of details. From the smallest details to the most noticeable expressions of the faces of the figurines Liang is truly a master of clay sculptures that are unique in the world!

  • Artist: Tony Smith
  • Location: National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, Washington, USA
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Year: 1964

14. Ali and Nino, The Metal Art Sculptures:


Ali and Nino, the male and female metal wind sculptures that move, are situated in Georgia. They were originally referred to as the “Love statue”, the sculpture is 26 feet tall and is a tribute to the love affair that tragically ended between Ali who was a Muslim boy, and Nino who was a Georgian princess. It’s made with unique technology that allows people to walk 10 minutes per day. They briefly hug before moving away.

  • Artist: Tamara Kvesitadze
  • Location: Seaside, Batumi, Georgia
  • Material: Steel
  • Year: 2010

15. The Guitar, Paper Sculpture by Pablo Picasso:


Pablo Picasso created a revolution by sculpting this piece of paper “The Guitar”. He set the stage for the creation of a new type of sculpture using the technique of collage. It was quite different from the conventional method of creating figurines by carving, molding, and so on. He made use of cardboard, paper, and wires to make the muted instrument. It was the first piece of durable art created using a delicate medium such as paper.

  • Artist: Pablo Picasso
  • Location: The Museum Of Modern Art
  • Material: Paper
  • Year:1912

16. The Fireworks of Glass, World’s Largest Permanent Glass Sculpture:


The Fireworks of Glass is a permanent structure built within The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, USA. It is surrounded by a base of the glass and can reach up to 43 feet above the Pergola ceiling. It is constructed from the equivalent of 1600 pieces of multicolored glass. The whole tower is constructed from 3200 pieces of various colored glass pieces. This sculpture is a perfect illustration of the extraordinary art that is Dale Chihuly, who is one of the top glass artists.

  • Artist: Dale Chihuly
  • Location: The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, USA
  • Material: Glass
  • Year:2006

17. The Mermaid 0f Warsaw, The World Famous Metal Statue:


The Mermaid of Warsaw is situated inside Warsaw’s Old Town Square of Warsaw, Poland. The Mermaid of Warsaw was made after the legend of the Mermaid which was caught by local fishermen. According to the legends, the creature appeared to be a fish, was trapped in fishing nets, and began singing. The creature was later imprisoned by a wealthy merchant and was later released by citizens of the city. Since then, her status, which was her with a sword and shield, was put up in the town’s central area to provide a sense of safety and security.

  • Artist: Konstanty Hegel
  • Location: Old Town Square, Warsaw
  • Material: Bronze Zinc
  • Year:1855

18. The Largest Wooden Buddha SculptureIn The World:


The Lama Temple of Beijing, there is the tallest wooden statue on the planet in the form of Gautama Buddha. The most interesting aspect of the statue is that it’s made entirely from the trunk of a single tree and is about 18 feet high. The sculpture was hand-crafted in the Qing Dynasty. It has survived many dangers from humans and nature the temple and statue have remained unaltered.

  • Artist: Unknown
  • Location: Lama Temple, Beijing
  • Material: Wood
  • Year:1694

19. That Sinking Feeling, Christopher David White:

This statue appears as if it is made from wood! But, it’s not! David Christopher White, one of the most innovative ceramic artists, creates sculptures that fool our eyes. This sculpture was created using acrylic and ceramic material. It is made using a specific method to give it the appearance of wood. It is possible to see the particulars of the facial expressions of the human and skin texture as well as the veins of the sculptures.

  • Artist: David Christopher White
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Year: 2016

20. The Terracotta Army, China:

The Terracotta Army is a group of more than 8000 clay sculptures of warriors. It is among the most ancient and largest collection of clay sculptures found in China. According to archeologists the first Chinese Emperor, Shi Huang, wanted an army of soldiers to protect his body after death. He, therefore, commissioned hundreds of artisans to mold together and paint models of various-sized soldiers by their rank in the military. They also included sculptures depicting 670 horses as well as 130 Chariots.

  • Location: Terracotta Warriors Museum, Xian Province, China
  • Material: Terracotta
  • Year:446 BC- 221 BC

The beautiful collection is now complete with the most well-known sculptures in the world. In addition to the actual rank of these sculptures, we wanted to draw emphasis on the distinctiveness of the style and selection of the material. Behind each sculpture is a fascinating story that served as a muse for the artist. Have you ever visited one of these places or have you read about them? Tell us which of them is your favorite!

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