HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode

HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode



HSBC credit card holders can choose from a variety of options for making payments on bills. Timely payment of the bill is essential if consumers are looking to avoid fees for late payments. HSBC credit card bill payment is made easy with the help of the below-listed methods.

HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment Online

There are numerous options for cardholders to can pay their bill on time. The most appealing aspect of online bill payments is that the bill can be paid at any time, from any place. Additionally, these options are secure and swift. A few of the options to make HSBC credit card payments online include :

HSBC Credit Card Payment via Netbanking

HSBC account holders can make the payment for their credit card bills via the net banking service online. But, the cardholder must sign up for the HSBC net banking facility before taking the money. The cardholder must follow the steps below to process the payment in a flash:

Register for account HSBC Netbanking Account using the link here
In the section for cards select your credit card in the drop-down list.
Choose”Pay and transfer” in the ” Pay and Transfer” option and then enter the amount you wish to be paid
Verify your request, and then make the payment immediately.
It will then be added to the credit card, and an acknowledgment message sends to the cardholder via SMS and email.

HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment made through Mobile Banking

HSBC net banking users can make use of HSBC mobile banking to pay for payment of credit card bills online. Follow these steps to make HSBC credit card payment using mobile banking:

Download your HSBC mobile banking application on your phone
Sign in with your secondary and primary passwords
Under the ” Credit Cards” section, click the option
Select your payment method (Total Total Amount Due Minimum Amount Due, Total Amount Due, or Other Amount)
Make a payment of your total amount and then submit your request
The confirmation email will go out to the mobile number that is registered as well as the email address.



HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode

HSBC credit card bill Payment via Visa Money Transfer

Visa cardholders can pay payments with the HSBC purchase with their credit card via Visa Money Transfer by following the steps below:

Log in to your net banking bank account at the institution you use
Choose”Visa Money Transfer” and click the ” Visa Money Transfer” option
You’ll need to register your card before you can add it. It’s a one-time procedure however
Once you’ve added the card in the ” Add Billers” section, you will be able to transfer the money directly to your account.
Input the amount to be paid, and make the payment immediately
The procedure for transferring funds could differ from one bank to the next.

HSBC credit card bill payment via Neft with IFSC Code

One may make payment on the HSBC credit card bills using NEFT, as well.
If you are transferring funds via NEFT make sure to enter the credit card’s number in the account number
The IFSC code for HSBC credit cards is HSBC0400002
Enter the amount, and then pay the amount.
It is important to mention that there won’t be an option to pay the Minimum Due Amount, the Total Due, and so on. and the customer will be required to pay the specified amount only.

HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment made through RTGS by using HSBC Credit Card IFSC Code

For paying HSBC credit card bills using RTGS the customer must include the HSBC credit card on the list of the beneficiary. The steps to do the following are provided below:

Set HSBC Card to the Beneficiary List

Login to the preferred bank’s web banking portal.
Check out the Funds Transfer section.
Click on Add-beneficiary
Give the following details
Beneficiary Name –Name as it appears on the credit card
Account Number – 16-digit credit card number
HSBC Credit Card IFSC Code: HSBC0400002
It could take up to an hour to have the bank add an account as a beneficiary.


Log in to your Bank’s Net account for banking.
Visit the section for funds transfer and choose RTGS (Real-Time Gross Settlement)
Select the credit or debit card from the beneficiary list and then verify the card’s details.
Enter the amount, and then pay the amount.

HSBC Card Credit Payments through Electronic Clearing System

Electronic clearing allows banks to take the funds directly from the bank account for the specified amount each month.
The cardholder needs to authorize banks to deduct the necessary quantity directly from the account of the bank.
It is not necessary to pay manually every month.
Some banks also offer cashback when you set the ECS to process credit card payments

HSBC Card Bill Payment through BillDesk. 

Cardholders can make payments on HSBC credit card bills using BillDesk fairly easily, in just 3 simple steps. The steps are as follows:

Go to the HSBC BillDesk Portal by clicking here and selecting”Pay Now. ” Pay Now” button.
Input the required information like the credit card number, type of card, mobile number, email ID, and payment amount or bank account. and then submit your request.
Log into your net banking account and confirm the transaction
The payment will be processed in a matter of minutes
The confirmation email will then be sent to the registered mobile number and email ID.

HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode


HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment via Standing Instructions

HSBC customers can establish permanent instructions to the bank to deduct each month’s amount from their HSBC account
The permanent instructions through net banking phone banking, mobile banking, or by going to the bank
The standing instructions can be revoked at any time and anyone can then begin paying the bill using any other method.
Standing instructions let you pay for the transaction regularly

HSBC Credit Card Bill UPI payment using HSBC Credit Card IFSC Code

A unified Payments Interface (UPI) can be used for clearing HSBC credit card balances. Cardholders can make use of a UPI Identification number, Account Number as well as Credit Card IFSC Code to pay the amount.


To register, follow the steps below:

Download and log in to the app that is compatible with UPI payment
Input the number of your mobile to sign up
Enter bank account details like Credit Card IFSC Code, bank name
Set the UPI ID and PIN.


Log in to the app
Visit the UPI Payments section.
Select Send Money
Enter the account number and HSBC credit card IFSC Code
Input the amount, add comments and then pay

HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment Offline

HSBC credit card holders, who aren’t proficient in making payments online, can do the payment in person too. There are four options such as phone banking, mail check/draft ATM, and going to the branch.

HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment via Phonebanking

HSBC credit cardholders can pay the bill via telephone banking, in addition
Cardholders may make a phone call to the number 1860 080 788 (or 1860 500 2277to verify the PIN and request for the institution to deduct the money directly from the account of the bank.
The balance is instantly debited and a confirmation email is sent to the cardholder’s email address and the mobile number registered and email ID

HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment via Draft or Mail Cheque

The cardholder may make the payment on the credit card bill through a demand draft or cheque as well.
The cardholder must pay the money to the closest HSBC branch before the end of the deadline
If the demand draft or cheque arrives at the bank before the due date the bank could charge a late payment fee from the cardholder
There is no requirement to transfer the check/draft to the branch in your home.


HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode

HSBC Credit Card Bill Pay through ATM

The cardholder can deposit cash at any ATM at HSBC to the credit card before the expiration date
You can also make money in a check in an HSBC ATM for debit or credit card payment
Alternatively, the cardholder could pay for a transfer of funds using the debit card to the credit account of the card

HSBC credit Card Bill Payments through Bank Branch 

HSBC account holders can pay with a credit card in person at the branch, as well
The payment can be made with cash or a cheque
The payment must be made by the deadline

HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment FAQs

How can you pay your HSBC debit card on the internet?
Cardholders can pay their HSBC credit card bills on the internet using any of the options mentioned below:

HSBC Net Banking
Bill Desk
HSBC Mobile Banking
Visa Money Transfer
Electronic Clearing System

How can I look up my HSBC credit statement?
You can view the balance of your HSBC credit card account statement via email. HSBC mails the card statement to the email address registered to the cardholder. To learn more about HSBC credit card statements visit this link.

How can you pay your HSBC charge on my credit card at a different bank?
You can pay the payment for your credit card via a different bank Visa Card Pay, standing instructions, or NEFT.

How much do I need to pay each month to get my HSBC credit card?
The idea is to make sure you pay the full amount each month so that there’s no interest due on the remaining amount.

What happens If I make a payment before the deadline?
If you pay the credit card charge before the due date the late payment fees will be paid by the bank along with interest charged on the outstanding balance.


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