Indian Hindu Baby Names Starting A -

Indian Hindu Baby Names Starting A

Indian Hindu Baby Names Starting A


1. Aadesh:

Aadesh signifies ‘command message’. It’s the perfect name for your child, particularly in the case of being on the high-energy side.

2. Aadarsh:

Aadarsh is a contemporary Hindu birth name. It means “one who is guided by the principles’. It is also a great method to teach your child that they are essential in the world.

3. Aadhishankar:

The name is one that is associated with some significance in religion. It’s an inscription on the tombstone of Sri Shankaracharya who is the creator of the Adwaitha philosophy.

4. Aadit:

Aadit means ‘peak’. The term is used to mean Lord Shiva.

5. Aagman:

Here’s a unique Hindu baby name that you can give your baby boy. The name means “arrival” and is the perfect occasion to name your child with the name.

6. Aagney:

This is a name that is extremely strong. The name means “born of fire’ and indicates the determination of the boy.

7. Aahva:

What about this new Hindu moniker for him? Aahva is a Hindi word meaning ‘beloved’. It is a great way to express what is important to him.

8. Aakarshan:

Aakarshan means ‘attraction’. It’s a perfect name for your little handsome boy who you cannot look away!

9. Abhay:

It is a Hindu baby name that has meaning and will help your child follow certain fundamental concepts of living. Names like ‘fearless’ as well as “son of Dharma’.


Indian Hindu Baby Names Starting A


10. Abhi:

Abhi means ‘fearless’.

11. Abhijat:

The name you choose for your son is an extremely special and unique one. The meaning of the name is ‘one who is wise and noble’. It also means “total victory’.

12. Abhijit /Abhijeet:

This name comes with a variation in spelling, however, both refer to the identical. It refers to “one who has won’. It also refers to a celebrity.

13. Abhik:

Abhik is a distinctive Hindu baby name that is suitable for the boy. Abhik means ‘beloved’.

14. Abhilash:

Abhilash is a popular Hindu baby boy’s name. It is a reference to ‘wish or desire’.

15. Abhinandan:

Isn’t this a name we all know is heard on a daily basis? The word means “congratulations”.

16. Abhinav:

Abhinav is another popular Hindu name, which translates to “quite new”. A fitting name for your baby son isn’t it?

17. Abhinivesh:

Abhinivesh means ‘desire’.

Indian Hindu Baby Names Starting A


18. Abhiram:

Abhiram is a very popular Hindu baby name, which means “lovely”. It also means pleasing.

19. Abhiroop:

Abhiroop means “handsome”. If you want to name that beautiful little boy, this could be one of the Hindu child’s names that you could imagine.


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