IndusInd Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode

IndusInd Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode


IndusInd Credit bill payment with a credit card can be done online in addition to offline. The variety of options to pay for the bill will ensure that cardholders aren’t in any trouble making their payment punctually.


IndusInd Card Bill Payment Online Credit Card Bill Payment Online

Cardholders can make IndusInd Credit card payments online using a variety of ways. The most appealing aspect of these options is that cardholders are protected from lengthy queues.

Online Payments are available to IndusInd Bank Account Holders
IndusInd credit card holders can pay directly via the net banking system, mobile banking ATMs, and Autopay, in addition to many alternatives.

How to pay IndusInd Bank Credit Card Bill On the internet using Netbanking

IndusInd Savings account at the bank and current account holders can pay for the credit card bill via net banking. Follow these steps:

Customers need to sign up to use the net banking service before registering
Log in to the IndusNet net banking account with the username and password.
Select “Funds Transfer” and select the ” Add a Beneficiary for Visa Credit Card Bill Payment” option.
Give card information, such as the name and VISA credit card number.
Go through the ” To any Visa Card” option located under the ” Transfer Funds” section.
Select the IndusInd savings or current account to which the money must be transferred.
Choose the credit card on the transaction to be made.
Enter the amount of the bill and confirm the date of the transaction
You can confirm the transaction using the Transaction password or the OTP

Instructions to IndusInd Bank Credit Card Payment Online through Mobile Banking

Cardholders can use the mobile banking app of IndusInd to pay using these steps:

Log in on IndusInd’s mobile banking app. IndusInd Mobile Banking app and choose”Credit Cards. ” Credit Cards” option.
Choose”Pay Now” from the ” Pay Now” option located at the lower right of the screen. select the option to make the payment via your bank account or through Swift Pay.
Select the amount to be paid, or choose the amount that was previously mentioned
Input the MPIN to authorize the transaction.
The money will be processed in a matter of minutes and a confirmation email will be delivered to your mobile as well as your email ID

IndusInd Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode

Instructions to IndusInd Bank Credit Card Payment Online through AutoPay

Cardholders can provide IndusInd Bank a standing instruction for automatic debits from their bank account
Customers may set the instructions to make the payment of the entire outstanding balance or the minimum amount to the account.
This eliminates the possibility of IndusInd defaulting on its credit card payments.
Customers need to download, fill out and submit the form for Auto-debit and send it to the institution to start the facility.
IndusInd Bank account must be kept either in a single or jointly, with the signature authority of ‘either-or “and” one or more account owners

IndusInd Credit Card Payments via ATM

IndusInd Credit card holders at banks can pay their bills through an ATM too. They must follow the steps below:

Choose”Visa Credit Card Bill Payment” from the ” Visa Credit Card Bill Payment” option at an ATM
Choose which IndusInd Bank account to which you wish to make the payment.
Input your beneficiary Visa Credit Card number.
Confirm the transaction
An acknowledgment message is sent upon a successful purchase to the mobile number registered and email ID

IndusInd Credit Card Payment Online for Accounts Other Than IndusInd Holders

It isn’t necessary that anyone who is an IndusInd Bank credit card holder to have a bank account at the same bank to make payments to bills. If the cardholder is a member of a savings or savings account with another bank he can make payments to the IndusInd Bank credit card using several choices.

IndusInd Credit Card Payments through the NEFT method, RTGS, or IMPS using IFSC Code

IndusInd credit card payments can be made using the following ways of Fund Transfer:

The NEFT (pronounced “NEFT”) National Electronic Funds Transfer
RTG — real-time Gross Settlement
Immediate Payment Service — Instant Payment Service
Before paying your card’s bill through any other bank account, you must initially add the account to your beneficiary list. To do this, follow the steps below.

Log in to your bank’s online banking portal.
Go to the fund’s transfer section and click Add Beneficiary
Please provide the following information.
IndusInd Bank IFSC code –INDB0000018
Account Number Credit card number
Beneficiary Name Name of the credit card holder
Bank Name IndusInd Bank IndusInd Bank
After you have submitted the information, the bank will need approximately an hour to include it in the IndusInd Bank as the beneficiary. Then, you can complete the payment using the steps below. Note that all three methods of payment need an IndusInd bank IFSC Code.

Log into your bank’s net banking portal.
Click on the Funds Transfer section, and select the payment method you prefer: the options include RTGS, NEF, IMPS,
Examine the details, particularly IndusInd Bank IFSC Code
Input the amount and pay the amount.
Make sure that you have the IndusInd Bank IFSC code INDB0000018. A wrong IFSC Code will result in delays or even cancellation of the money transfer.

IndusInd Credit Card Payments via Visa Money Transfer

Log in to your online banking account
Click ” Visa Payment” under ” Third Party Fund Transfer”
Details of the sender and recipient must be supplied.
Fill in your information below:
Account number: Your 16-digit credit card number
Name of the beneficiary Name of the credit card holder
IndusInd Banking Credit Card IFSC Coding InDB0000018
Below is a list of banks that are covered by Visa Bill Pay

IndusInd Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode

IndusInd credit Card Payment made through Bill Desk

Go to this portal to access the IndusInd Bill Desk portal using the link here
Enter the necessary information, like the type of card credit card number mobile number, and email ID as well as the amount and the bank account through which the payment is to be made.
Hit the ” Submit” button to begin the payment process.
Pay via the net banking service of the bank you have chosen.
A confirmation of the transaction and the transaction reference code will be emailed following successful transactions.

IndusInd Credit Card Payments through Swift Pay

Swift Pay uses the Bill Desk portal to process payment for the IndusInd Credit Card payment on the internet.
Input the details of the credit card as well as additional details like mobile number, email ID and the amount to be paid.
Pay online with the web banking portal.
An email confirmation will be delivered immediately via your mobile number as well as an email address.

IndusInd Credit Card Payments through NACH

The National Automated Clearing House (NACH) facility permits a cardholder to make standing instructions, regardless of whether the cardholder does not have a bank account.
You can click this link to the download of NACH Form for IndusInd’s credit card bill payment
An unpaid or unpaid cheque is required to be attached to the form.
The form must be addressed to the following address:
IndusInd Bank Limited. (Credit Card Division),
P.O. Box No. – 9421,
Chakala MIDC,
Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 093

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Bill UPI Payment IndusInd Bank Credit Card IFSC Code

A unified Payments Interface (UPI) is a method of money transfer that can be used to pay for credit card charges. It requires the VPA Virtual Payment Address, Account number as well as IFSC Code to make the money transfer.


To make use of the facility, you have to sign-up first. The steps include:

Install an application that is compatible with UPI payments.
Join by sharing your mobile number
Include the essential information about the bank account such as IFSC Code, bank name and address, etc.
Set the UPI ID and PIN.


Log in to the app
Visit the UPI Payments section.
Just click on the Send button to send Money
Enter the account number as well as the IndusInd Credit card number of the bank. IFSC Code: INDB0000018
Then, click Pay.

IndusInd credit Card Bill Payment Offline

People who aren’t comfortable with online services may opt for the traditional method of payment For IndusInd’s bill pay. It is possible to pay by cheque or cash. These steps are outlined below:

IndusInd Credit Card Payments via Cash

Cardholders can go to one of IndusInd Bank branches to make the payment.
Complete the deposit form and then pay by submitting it to the counter
A cost 100 rupees. 100 is paid by the bank in the event of cash-based payment
If the sum is greater than Rs. 50,000, the bank could request to see the PAN account of the depositor

IndusInd Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode

IndusInd Credit Card Payments through Cheque

This is an alternative method to paying credit card bills
As an alternative to cash visit IndusInd Bank, and make a check to the payment of your credit card bill.
The cheque can be dropped into the dropbox at the branch you prefer of IndusInd Bank.
The credit card number as well as other details must be noted on the check before dropping it into the dropbox.
If you pay by cheque, the person who is paying for the payment should make sure that the cheque is paid before the due date, otherwise, he will be required to pay the Late Payment Fee.


IndusInd Card Bill Payment FAQs IndusInd Card Bill Payment FAQs

How do Pay my credit card bills from IndusInd using an HDFC Credit Card?
It is possible to make the IndusInd bill payment on your credit card through an HDFC bank account however it’s not possible to complete the bill payment using a credit card. You may choose to opt for an HDFC credit account balance transfer from the credit card of IndusInd into an HDFC credit card.

Do I have the option of paying my credit card bills using IMPS?
Yes, you can pay payments to the IndusInd charge card payment using IMPS making use of IndusInd Bank’s mobile banking app. IndusInd Bank mobile banking app.

How do you pay your IndusInd Credit card online?
You can pay your IndusInd charge on your credit card online in various ways:

Bill Desk
Mobile Banking
Visa Money Transfer
Can I pay the IndusInd Credit Card bill from Bank off-line?
You can pay for your IndusInd debit card payment using cash or cheque when you visit the branch of the bank.

Do I need to pay any charges on cash payments for an IndusInd credit card bill?
A cost 100 rupees. 100 is charged upon the payment of the IndusInd credit card invoice with cash.


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