RBL Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode

RBL Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode


RBL Bank provides several ways for its cardholders to pay their bill payments with credit cards. It is available on the internet as well as offline. An in-depth explanation of the various Credit card payment options is provided on this page.

RBL Credit Card Bill Payment Online

RBL credit card holders can be able to pay credit card bills online via various methods. The easy steps to pay for RBL charge card payments on the internet are as follows:

 RBL Credit Card  Payments via Netbanking

Cardholders need to follow these steps to pay for RBL Bank bill payments through net banking:

Log into your Netbanking RBL account by using your username and password.
Within the ” Bill Payment” section, click the “Add Biller” ” Add Biller” option.
Make sure to add an RBL credit card to your biller
Once you’ve added it, you’ll be able to pay the bill immediately by entering information like the amount and the bank account on which the transaction has to be made.
If you click the “Impact Pay ” Instant Pay” option, your transaction will be completed and the receipt will be displayed

RBL Bank Credit Card Bill Payment with the Netbanking of Other Banks

You can include the RBL Bank credit card as an account in the net banking account of any bank.
The money can be withdrawn directly from the savings account.
After the credit card’s payment is reallocated the next day, but the limit will be removed the following day.
The confirmation email is sent cardholder’s registered email ID and mobile number.

The RBL credit card Payments via MyCard Mobile Banking

Log in to the RBL Bank MyCard app
The details of your card are displayed. Select the ” Make Payment” option.
Choose the amount you wish to pay and then select the method of payment you prefer.
Pay the amount immediately so that the maximum amount can be released on the same day.

RBL Credit Card Payment via BillDesk

Check out this Bill Desk Portal of RBL Bank by clicking here
Take the time to read the instructions carefully, then click the Proceed button.
Then, enter your credit card information such as your email ID or mobile number. Select your payment option.
Confirm the amount and send the request
The transaction will take place immediately and a confirmation email is sent out to your mobile phone number and email address.

RBL Bank Credit Card Bill Payment via UPI

Cardholders are also able to make RBL debit card payments using UPI, following the easy steps listed below:

Choose Netbanking, as well as the RBL Bank MyCard app for paying using UPI.
Choose the Bill Payment option from the Credit Cards section.
Input the amount you’ll need to pay, and then click Submit. Submit option.
Choose the UPI option
Fill in the details of your VPA and click ” Request” to continue.
Start the UPI app you prefer on your smartphone and pay the amount.
The money will be debited to the card account immediately.

You are currently unable to make payments on the RBL Bank credit card bill via UPI with your account numbers as well as IFSC Code.



RBL Bank Credit Card Payment of bills through NEFT by using IFSC Code

Cardholders can pay payments to the charge to their credit card via the NEFT using these easy steps:

Log in to your Netbanking account using any bank
Within the ” Fund Transfer” section, choose the NEFT option.
If necessary, add a beneficiary or simply enter the details of the beneficiary directly
Beneficiary Information is as follows: These are Beneficiary Details
Payee Name The name you see on the RBL Bank Credit Card
Credit Card Number Payee: The 16-digit number on Credit Cards
Bank Name: RBL Bank
Branch Location: NOC Goregaon, Mumbai
Pay the bill using your savings account.
It will then be deducted and paid to your credit card for the remaining balance

How to pay RBL Bank Credit Card Bill by RTGS by using IFSC Code

If your credit card balance exceeds the number of Rs. 2.00 lakh, you can pay the bill using RTGS the Real-Time Gross Settlement. When you pay the bill you must include the credit card in the beneficiary list. The details you need to enter are available in this. It is the RBL Credit Card Payment IFSC Code is RTN0CRCARD. To pay, follow the following steps:

Login to a web banking account, where a Kotak credit card is added to the list of beneficiaries. Kotak credit card appears on the beneficiary list.
Transfer to the Transfer section. Transfer section
Select RTGS
Select the beneficiary from the beneficiaries list and then review the information
Make your RBL Bank credit card payment

RBL Bank Credit Card Payment of bills through NACH with Any Bank Account

All bank account holders can pay on RBL credit card transactions online using NACH (National Automated Clearing House). Methods to make it happen are listed below:

You can sign up to use the service by applying address to RBL Bank
Once the account is registered, the money will be deducted each month, automatically from the account that is mentioned on the application form.
The facility can be shut down at anytime
You may Download NACH Mandate Form by clicking here. NACH Mandat Form here. Click here

RBL Bank Credit Card Payment of bills using debit cards

One can pay for a payment for the RBL charge to a credit card using an SBI debit card ICICI, HDFC, Axis, Kotak, or any other debit card of a bank using a couple of easy steps:

Log in to the net banking account
Choose the Credit Card in the Bill Payment option
Select your debit card option from the menu and then select Razorpay and Bill Desk
Enter the card’s information number, amount, and email ID, and then submit the request.
Then, enter the details of your debit card at your bank, and then send the request
The transaction has been processed. The amount is added to your credit card account.


RBL Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode

RBL Credit Card Bill Payment Online Offline Mode


RBL Credit Card Bill Payment Offline

Cardholders may pay payments to the RBL debit card payment online by cash or cheque.

RBL Bank Credit Card Bill Payment via Cash

Stop by the local branch to pay the payment in cash on the spot.
You may need to present your PAN if the amount is greater than Rs. 50,000
A fee of Rs. 250 plus GST is charged for every transaction
The credit limit on the card will be announced on the same day, and the purchase will be credited the following working day.


RBL Bank Credit Card Bill Payment via Cheque

RBL credit card holders can make payments using a check as well
You can deposit the cheque into the bank directly, or mail the cheque via the courier service to the address given below:
RBL Bank Limited,
Cards Operating Centre,
Unit: 306 -311, 3rd Floor,
JMD Megapolis,
Sohna Road, Sector – 48,
Gurugram – 122 018, Haryana

No additional fees are charged for such transactions.
Payment of the credit card invoice is subject to clearing of the check, therefore it is advised to make the transaction when made by cheque, be made a few days before the date of due


RBL Bank Credit Card Bill Payment FAQs

Q.When do I get the chance to access the limit that was blocked?
The cardholder will be able to access the limit blocked again after the time that the transaction is made on the card.

Q.I don’t have an RBL account, however, I do have a credit card. What can I do to pay?
You can pay the RBL credit bill payment online via any bank account that has net banking by using NEFT/UPI, the Bill Desk, or via using the Debit Card alternative.

Q.How do I pay for my credit card bill using a different charge card?
If there’s an outstanding balance charge on the RBL credit card can select the transfer of balances from your credit card and avoid having to pay massive interest for your card.

Q.Can I pay my credit card bill using that same credit card?
It is not possible to pay for the RBL charge on a credit card with this credit card. The cardholder can make the payment using a different bank account or bank account connected to the credit card RBL credit card.

Q.Can Pay my credit card bills using Google Pay?
You can pay the RBL credit bill payment via the UPI option within the RBL Bank MyCard mobile app. You must raise the payment request within the app, and then make payment via your Google Pay app.