Sangli Ganpati Mandir In Maharashtra

Sangli Ganpati Mandir In Maharashtra


Sangli Ganpati Mandir Timings & Accommodation
Sangli Ganpati Mandir is at just 4 kilometers away from Sangli Railway Station and 47 kilometers from Kolhapur. It is a sacred Hindu temple located in the Ganpatipeta region located in Sangli city in Maharashtra. Sangli Ganpati temple hours are from 6 am to 8:30 PM.


Sangli Ganpati Mandir In Maharashtra

It is among the most famous temples in Maharashtra in Maharashtra and is one of the most popular places to visit close to Kolhapur. Sangli Ganapati Temple which is which is dedicated to Lord Ganesha is situated on the eastern bank of the Krishna River. Krishna.

The temples’ construction began in 1814 under the direction of Chintamanrao Patwardhan, the first head of Sangli in honor of the deity who guards the Sangli city. Sangli. The construction of the temple took about 30 years to complete and was completed in 1845.


History of Temple

The king had erected the idol Ganesha exclusively within this temple. In 1952 an arch of red stone was built on the side of Ganesh Gudi. Ganesh Gudi.

Chintamani Rao completed the rest of the temples. He was recently restored before being replaced by Vijay Singh Patwardhan. This is the main shrine, which was the jewel in Peshwa architecture, made with black stone taken from those of the Jyotiba hills.

The temple’s doors were made of natural wood that was multi-colored. The temple’s premises span over two acres, and include the largest hall, stage, and ‘ Nagarkhana’. The marble statue of Riddhi-siddhi Ganesha is gorgeous within the temple.

Ganpati Temple

Ganpati Mandir is the primary Ganpati Mandir is enclosed by four shrines: Chintamaneswara Chintamaneswari and Suryanarayana as well as Lakshminarayana.

Alongside that the principal temple there are four temples are known by the name of Ganapati Panchayat. The panchayat’s five idols inside the temple were designed by local artists Bhimanna and Mukunda.


Temple Design

Parashuram Bhavu Patwardhan began the construction in 1779 as the son of Parashuram Bhavu Patwardhan Appa Patwardhan 1798 completed the Sangli Ganpati Mandir. The structure was constructed by people belonging to the Hindu-Vadar castes in Karnataka.

The structures are exactly the same they are as South Indian temples and have rooms for pictures and a hall (mandapa) comprised of plain, well-worked stones.

The image chamber measures 9.44m by 8.83m and the hall measures 13.71m in size. 10.36m. The picture chamber has a sphere that measures 10.36 meters and is 2.43 meters less than the smaller ones.

The porch is flat with a roof that is carved using stones. The hall is made up consisting of two groups of pillars, with three-aisled navigators that covers 3.04 meters of space.

In the Sangli Ganpati Mandir hall, there are two entrances: Nandi as well as Garuda Guard. Garuda Guard, which are 6.40 meters tall, including the pinnacles. The entry point to the tower is a huge and tall summit that is formed through a stone arch that is mounted on a tower in the form of a gopura.

The tower in Gadag located in Karnataka in the Indian State of Karnataka is similar. It is seven floors high, eventually revealing the highest point.

The floor’s lowest dimensions are 11.27 millimeters, and the height total is 29.08 meters in addition, that includes the Kalas (pinnacles) as well as the curved arms measure 0.17 meters high. The tower was carved with divinities and gods.

Sangli Ganpati Mandir In Maharashtra


Sangli Ganpati Mandir In Maharashtra


Bhadrapada Chaturthi is the most prestigious festival at the Sangli Ganpati Mandir where thousands of people come together to celebrate this holy event that is celebrated for five days. It is a festival of culture and religious celebration that serves to unify people.

Temple timings

In these five days, shows are performed such as Pravachan, Kirtan, and Lalit. In addition, Hardas dancers, dancers, and singers also perform. The procession to celebrate the Ganapati ceremony starts in the afternoon, and the chariot is decorated for the occasion.

Ganapati devotees push the chariot into the stream and then can immerse Ganapati. The chariot at first was constructed out of teak wood and was extremely heavy. After a year, due to the accident, there was the film, the Iron Chariot movie.


Accommodation close to Temple

Sayaji Hotel Kolhapur, 40.1 km away from Sangli Ganpati Temple.
Veeksar the Fern, 38.5 km away from Sangli Ganpati Mandir.
Nisarg Resort, 39.4 km from Sangli Ganpati Temple.
Citrus Hotel Kolhapur, 40.5 km from Sangli Ganpati Mandir.
Joshi Yatri Niwas, 17.3 km away from Sangli Ganpati Temple.
Ramee Panchshil, 40.6 km from Sangli Ganpati Temple.

Sangli Ganpati Temple Timings

Sangli Ganpati temple timings are:

Morning: 6:00 am 12:00 pm

Afternoon: 2:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Aarti provides services in the early morning early hours.


How do I reach

Below are the options for transport to get to Sangli Ganpati Mandir

Air-The closest airport to it is Kolhapur which is located 50km away.

Rail-The most convenient rail station in Kolhapur is located 56 km away.

Road-The directly running bus service is accessible starting from Kolhapur up to the temple.


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