Telangana Rythu Bandhu Land Passbooks And Cheques To Be Distributed -

Telangana Rythu Bandhu Land Passbooks And Cheques To Be Distributed

Telangana Rythu Bandhu Land Passbooks And Cheques To Be Distributed


The Lord Chief Minister, Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao, said the first phase of the distribution of vouchers under the Rythu Bandhu Scheme investment to support agriculture Rs. 8,000 acres will be launched and will be launched from May 2018. The CM he and the distribution of passports books Pattaadar controls a week for farmers also start the same day. In this context, the savings and controls will be made available to all farmers in all villages, said CM. The Prime Minister recalled the plan of Rythu Bandhu to distribute Rs. 4,000 for the monsoon harvest and another Rs. 4,000 for the summer harvest in this regard. He said that the first batch of checks from Rs. 4,000 per acre towards the investment promotion plan for agriculture for the monsoon harvest will now be distributed. CM also said that to ensure that there are enough cash reserves available in banks so that farmers can withdraw enough cash, they will be deposited with the banks concerned. To discuss and devise a background that will devise a detailed plan of action to distribute lakhs of passbooks and an equal number of checks, CM convened a meeting with all district collectors on April 21, 2018, in Pragathi Bhavan.
The Chief Minister held a meeting of high-level review in Pragathi Bhavan on Tuesday on the distribution of savings accounts and the distribution of controls under the Plan Investment Promotion for Agriculture. Minister Sri T. Harish Rao, Srinivas Reddy Sri Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary, Sri Tummala Nageswara Rao, Sri Jagadish G. Reddy, MLA Sri Marri Janardhan Reddy, B. Sri Ganesh Gupta, Official CMO Sri Narsing Rao, Ms. Smita Sabharwal, Official Representative Sri Rajeshwar Tiwari, Sri Parthasarathy, Sri Jaganmohan Rao, Vakati Karuna, Sri Venkateshwar Rao, and others. The plan of action for the distribution of savings accounts and checks was completed at this meeting. The details are:

Telangana Rythu Bandhu Land Passbooks And Cheques To Be Distributed

  • Passbooks and checks for distribution: 58 lakh
  • Passbooks, checks per day: 8,25,571
  • Number of teams formed for distribution: 2,762
  • Each team distributes the passbooks, and checks per day: 300
  • Number of villages where the program is carried out: 10.323
  • No villages where the program is run per day: 1,546
  • The 2,762 teams created for this purpose distribute checks and notebooks daily in 1,546 villages
  • CM will officially launch this program on May , and ministers, parliamentarians, MLA, and MLC will launch the program in their respective constituencies
  • A high-level team of MPs composed of CM Mahmood Ali, responsible for the income portfolio, Agriculture Minister Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary Srinivas Reddy, the collector consumption CS Rajeshwar Tiwari, the chief secretary of Agriculture Parthasarathy, Commissioner for Agriculture Jaganmohan and the Director of Land Management, Makati Karuna will monitor and monitor the program daily by conducting a tour of 4-5 districts
  • Interested district collectors will monitor the program in their respective districts, form the official teams, and ensure that notebooks and checks reach the villages
  • On April 21, a special meeting with the Collectors will take place in Pragathi Bhavan to raise awareness of the program. At the income meeting, the agricultural officials inform the collectors about the organization of the program. Collector and district agricultural officials were also invited to the meeting
  • The collectors will decide on which day and in which village the sales program should be organized. Details are widely publicized by collectors in their districts through the media, announcements, Tom-Tom in Villages, Flexes, and through other sources
  • The collectors also decide how many computers can be assigned based on the number of savings and checkbooks distributed in a village. A team is formed for 300 notebooks and distributed in one day
  • The farmer’s signature is taken after handing over the passbook and the check. If a farmer can not receive the passbook or the checks, they will be kept in Mandal’s office for delivery to the farmer for three months.

Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme

The CM told interested officials that the scheme of Rs. 8,000 per acre earmarked for investment in support of the farmer should be implemented with great commitment and dedication and should not lead to mistakes. CM said that with a lot of hard work covering more than 100 days, and after traveling through each village, the income staff set the land records and the number of jobs

Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme Agriculture PassBooks


“Farmers face many difficulties and difficulties every year to mobilize investment in agriculture, if for some reason they do not reap properly, they lose all investment, causing them financial problems.” To overcome all these problems, the government decided to support them. the investment, long before the monsoon harvest, the financial support must reach the peasants, so that only the farmer will not be in debt, to keep all this in sight, the official machinery will not remain intact, making the whole program a great success is, “said CM.

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