Thirumoorthy Waterfalls In Tamil Nadu

Thirumoorthy Waterfalls In Tamil Nadu


Thirumoorthy Waterfalls Tamil Nadu the best time to visit
Thirumoorthy Waterfalls is located near The Thirumoorthy Dam adjacent to Sri Ammalingeswara Temple in Sri Ammalingeswara Temple, where the main god worshipped is Sri Ammalingeswara. Thirumoorthy Falls Timings: Thirumoorthy Waterfalls Timings run from 9 AM until 5 pm.

Thirumoorthy Waterfalls Tamil Nadu

There is another temple named after Thirumoorthy Falls, which is located near the bottom of Thirumoorthy Hills. The temple was also an exotic setting, that was characterized by a pathway that was surrounded by paddy fields, coconut groves along with sunflower orchards.

Thirumoorthy Waterfalls Tamil Nadu
A view from the Anamalai Range in the Western Ghats from the fall of Panchalingam is a view of the silver-colored waters of Thirumoorthy.

Thirumoorthy Falls is often referred to as Panja Linga Aruvi, also known as the flowing waterfall that never stops is a well-loved picnic area. When you reach the Waterfall, you will also enjoy an amazing hiking experience that lasts for about 2 km.

The area surrounding the Thirumurthy hills has a relaxing environment and is the backdrop for several Indian films.

It will take about 2 kilometers to get to Panjalinga Falls, but it is worth it since the water that flows through it is breathtaking. The waterfall is in full force only in wet and cold winter months.

Over the Thirumoorthy falls, you will glimpse the temple in the open. There are five lingas (Panja Lingas). Some statues were destroyed by excessive rain.

In the course of this festival people from all over the world visit the place. They bring ” Panjalinga Jalam” there to perform their prayers and rituals. The water is drawn from a height of around 5 meters before entering the area which is a catchment of Thirumoorthy Dam.

Thirumurthy Hill is a major filming location located in the Coimbatore district, which is where the majority of Malayalam, as well as Tamil films, were been shot because of the natural environment and stunning beauty. Thirumurthy Dam is a popular location for filming. Thirumoorthy dam also houses an outdoor swimming pool, a beautiful garden, and boating facilities.

Thirumoorthy Waterfalls In Tamil Nadu


Thirumoorthy Waterfalls In Tamil Nadu


The best time to go to Thirumoorthy Waterfalls
Pantjalinga Aruvi (or Thirumoorthy Falls timings for visiting it is during the monsoon and winter months (October until March). The waterfall is located in The Western Ghats. The water flow is shallow in summer.

Sri Ammalingeswara Temple
Timer for Thirumoorthy Falls
The Thirumoorthy Falls timings are 9 AM until 5 PM.

Food is essential, and there aren’t any top-quality hotels.
Make plans to go to Thirumurthy Malai at some point.
The most ideal season to go is between October and March.
First, take The Thirumoorthy Dam View 500m from the front of the temple.
Then, you can go to Thirumoorthy Falls. 1.5 kilometers after you reach the Sri Ammalingeswara temple. Return to the temple in the pure sensation.
Note Note: If you have kids There is a pool area, and you can try it as well.
Based on these factors We are certain that your day will be wonderful even if you take a vacation.

How to Get

by Road

Major arterial routes in Coimbatore connect major cities to Thirumoorthy Falls

In Train

The closest train station to Coimbatore Junction. Coimbatore Junction.

by Air

The closest terminal at the airport is Coimbatore International Airport for Thirumoorthy dam.


Thirumoorthy Dam

Local places nearby to go near Thirumoorthy Waterfalls
Palani Hills Wildlife Sanctuary:
This sanctuary is home to numerous waterfalls which flow throughout and through the Palani hills. The hills have the longest stretch of east and west at 65 km, and an elevation of 1,600 meters and 2,000 meters.

The sanctuary also has reserve forest areas. Palani Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is located adjacent to The Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary as well as it is located in the Manjampatti Valley in the central zone of the National Park.

It shares borders with Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and the recently created Eravikulam National Park.

The sanctuary is located just 4 km away from the sanctuary. It is within walking distance of other tourist attractions such as Lake Kodai. You can also go to The Silver Cascade, located 1.5 kilometers from the sanctuary.

Dindigul The Rock Fort
The site is of historical significance because it was constructed in 1605 by Nayak Muthu Krishnappa Nayak. The fort is located at an elevation of around 280 feet.

Dindigul Rock Fort locates close to downtown Dindigul. It is located close in proximity to Sri Ammalingeswara Temple and Thirumoorthy Falls.

Silver Cascade:
The Silver Cascade was born from Lake Kodai, it is breathtaking beauty. Silver Cascade Silver Cascade is the first of the numerous attractions on the Madurai-Kodaikanal highway to Kodaikanal. It is located within a distance of 8 kilometers from Kodaikanal.

The silver cascade waterfall is enriched with important minerals, which makes it more refreshing. Silver Cascade Silver Cascade is famous for its clear, sparkling water.

Murugan Temple:
It is among the most well-known tourist attractions in Palani. Palani. To get to the main temple, one must take a walk of up 670 steps. Also, there is a rope train and rope car that will take you to the temple at the highest point on the mountain.

A lot of Amman temples can be seen around The Murugan Hill Temple. A lot of Amman temples also have views in the vicinity of this Murugan Hill Temple. From the highest point of the hill, you can take in the panorama perspective from Palani town and the surrounding agricultural land.

Kuthiraiyar Dam Fall:
It locate near Papamapatti in Palani. The waterfall is located at the bottom of this dam. It also has a hike to Mumbai one kilometer far from Kuthiraiyar Dam Falls. In this area, one can also discover ways to get to the waterfall, with the assistance of a local villager.

Thirumoorthy’s Waterfalls Address
Thirumoorthy Falls Sri Ammalingeswara Temple, Anamalai R F, Tamil Nadu 642101

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