Thirunelli Temple In Kerala

Thirunelli Temple In Kerala


Thirunelli Temple | History, Accommodation, and Timings

Sree Thirunelli Mahavishnu Temple is an old Hindu temple. The primary god of the temple is Maha Vishnu. Maha Vishnu. This temple is situated at the Brahmagiri hill in Kerala, India. It is situated close to the Karnataka state border. The temple is situated in the north of Wayanad located at 800 meters in the valley that is surrounded by forests and mountains. Thirunelli Temple timings run from 5:30 AM until 8 pm.

Manathavady is located 32 kilometers away. The Sahyamala Kshetram as well as Kashi in the South are the other terms used to describe the temple. In this article, you’ll learn more about the temple. Therefore, you should read this article thoroughly to find all the details regarding the temple.


Thirunelli Temple History:

Thirunelli originates from the Tamil/Malayalam word Nelli which is which refers to an Indian gooseberry (Amla) tree. Lord Brahma was once awestruck by an image of the god Lord Vishnu sitting at the foot of an amla tree while traveling around the globe. This is why people named the area Thirunelli.

It is believed that the Padma Purana (authored by Veda Vyasa) is a gorgeous Vishnu temple situated in the beautiful Sahya valley that lies deep within the forest. Amalaki Temple or Sidha temple are the other terms used to describe temples like the Thirunelli temple.

According to the legend, Chera king Kulasekharan founded the temple. From 767 to 834 A.D., he was alive. In the midst of a brief reign, the throne was removed and he started a missionary effort to promote his Vaishnava faith.

He wrote Mukundamaala a Sanskrit composition where he asked Lord Vishnu to instill a sense of the spirit of devotion in him.

Thirunelli Temple In Kerala


Thirunelli Temple In Kerala


Thirunelli Temple Timings:

The timings of the Thirunelli temple are as follows. Therefore, you can refer to the table below to get the exact timings.

Days Description Temple Darshan Timings/Schedule

Mon to Sun Temple Opening Time 05:30
Mon to Sun Morning Hours 05:30 to 12:30
Mon to Sun Evening Hours 17:30 to 20:00
Mon to Sun Temple Closing Time 20:00

Thirunelli Temple Pooja Timings:
The times of the pooja at Thirunelli temple are as follows: Thirunelli Temple follows as follows.


Days Pooja Details Temple Pooja Timings/Schedule
Mon to Sun Abhishekam 05:30
Mon to Sun Ganapathi Homam
Pithrukarmmam On Papanasini
Mon to Sun Pithru Pooja- Usha Pooja 07:00
Mon to Sun Ushaseveli Pooja on Gundika Kshethram 08:00
Mon to Sun Pantheeradi Pooja
Pooja on Daivathaar Mandapam
Mon to Sun Navakabhishekam 11:00
Mon to Sun Uchapooja – Seveli 11:30
Mon to Sun Nada Adakkal 12:30
Mon to Sun Nada Thurakkal 17:30
Mon to Sun Deeparadhana Prayer on Balikkal Pura 18:30
Mon to Sun Athazha Pooja – Seveli 19:30
Mon to Sun Nada Adakkal 20:00
Mon to Sun Temple Closing time 20:00

Thirunelli Temple Accommodation:
These are the accommodation facilities in Thirunelli Temple. Thirunelli temple. Check out the tables below for information on accommodation options within the temple.

Panchatheertham Vishrama Mandiram:Thirunelli Devaswam runs this lodge. There are 54 rooms for doubles Three suite rooms, and an en-suite dormitory.

Contact Number: 04935 210055

Room Type Tariff
A.C. Room Rs. 500
Double Room Rs. 300
Suite Room Rs. 1200
Dormitory Rs. 25 Per person

Also, people who go to this temple Wayanad Thirunelli shrine should use the information above to book a room.

Thirunelli Temple In Kerala


How to Reach the Thirunelli Temple Wayanad?
By Air:

Calicut Airport is the closest airfield to the temple. The temple is located 160 kilometers away from the temple.

By Rail:

Mysore railroad station is the closest rail station to the temple. The temple is located approximately distance of 121 km away from the temple.

By Road:

The temple is on an access road from all of the cities closest to it. It is simple to travel via the road.

Contact Details:
Thirunelli Temple Phone Number:8547 336201, 8547 244055, 04935 210201.

For the official site that is run by the temple visit this link.

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