Top 15 Greece Tourist Places to Visit

 Top 15 Greece Tourist Places to Visit



With more than sixty islands, historical places that are preserved over long periods, gorgeous mountains, and beaches traveling around Greece is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can offer yourself. Greece is among the most visited tourist destinations. In Greece, there are plenty of relics from past civilizations, which give us insight into the lives of people prior.


Popular Greece Tourist Places to Visit:


1. Athens:


Athens is considered to be the capital of Greece and is also a key location for administrative departments. The city is among the oldest cities in the world and is estimated to be more than 3000 years of age. It has made significant to Western culture since the time of ancient times. It isn’t just essential for administrative purposes with all the legal and financial issues, but also a place of worship. Athens is believed to be the birthplace of philosophers, including Socrates, Pericles, and Sophocles.


2. Santorini:


Santorini is an island that is volcanic and is part of the Cyclades group of Greek islands. It is well-known because of its breathtaking beautiful sunsets and whitewashed houses that are lined up one after the next. Fira is the capital city of Santorini offers a unique mix that is a unique blend of Venetian along with Cycladic architecture.


3. Corfu:


Corfu is located amid Albania and the Greek region of Epirus is among the largest islands in the Ionian. The hill, adorned with green, stretches between 2 and 20 kilometers. The hills are situated at 906 meters up to 973 feet. Corfu has a pleasant climate with beautiful flowers and this is what makes Corfu a very tranquil and relaxing holiday spot.


4. Myrtos Beach:


Myrtos Beach is situated in the northwestern part of Kefalonia. They are famous for the stunning colors of the sea and draw in thousands of tourists. The aquamarine colors of the sea create in stark contrast with the bright white of the white pebbles of the beach, offering all guests a memorable experience. The soaring mountains and the tall cliffs in the background of Myrtos beach are only adding to the beauty.


5. Epidaurus:


Epidaurus is an old theater located in Greece that offers the most enjoyable experiences for the eyes, particularly for those who are interested in the arts. It can hold up to 15,000 guests but is well-maintained. The theater dates back to two thousand years ago and is a popular tourist attraction. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the past of Greek living.


6. Mystras:


Mystras is a city that dates back to the medieval period with beautiful palaces, churches, houses, and streets. However, what makes people want to visit are the stunning castles that have high peaks and monasteries with frescoes. The city was abandoned in the 18th century and that’s the main reason that when people enter it, they feel as if they’ve rewound time and returned to the past.

Top 15 Greece Tourist Places to Visit


Top 15 Greece Tourist Places to Visit


7. Mount Athos:

Mount Athos is a peninsula that is a cum mountain located in Greece. The easternmost side of the peninsula houses more than 1400 monks and 20 Eastern Orthodox monasteries. This is an autonomous country however it is under Greek sovereignty. The state has strict regulations and rules; one example is that only males are permitted to enter here.


8. Samaria Gorge:


Samaria Gorge is a long canyon that is located within Southwest Crete. It is approximately 16 kilometers long. Tourists are permitted to hike the entire length of the canyon and millions of visitors are attracted to this spot each year. The trek should last between 4 and seven hours. Guides take you through forests of cypresses that date back to the past and pines. Then you’ll be able to cut between the mountains’ vertical cliffs until you arrive at Agia Roumeli, which is located on the Libyan Sea.


9. Mycenae:


Mycenae was located in the middle of Mycenaean. Agamemnon and Achilles and at were among the inhabitants of this. It is an important archeological site and has been preserved well. It was one of the most important cities of the past, and today it’s a popular tourist attraction where tourists can visit numerous things such as The Lion’s Gate, fortified walls, Terraced Palace, Tomb of Agamemnon, and more.

10. Delphi:

The site of the ancient city of Delphi is well-known due to its ruins which include the Temple of Apollo and the  Treasure of the Athenians. The site was previously believed to be the central point on the Earth. It is recommended to take enough time to visit this location properly.


11. Parthenon And Acropolis:


Parthenon located on Acropolis is considered to be one of the top temples and is certainly on the “must-see” list for every traveler. The architectural landmark was first established in 447 BC and had since replaced other temples from Persia. The Parthenon was an ancient temple, fortress church, mosque, and a fortress throughout its lengthy existence.


12. Temple of Hephaestus:


Temple of Hephaestus is among the most beautiful Greek temples that are still in existence. It is frequently overshadowed by the Parthenon on the Acropolis however it is more well-maintained and less crowded, which will provide you with a quiet and peaceful experience of the surrounding.


13. Mykonos:


Mykonos is a popular destination that is considered to be one of the top islands in Greece which you could go to. The town is beautiful with homes dotted along the streets. The houses are predominantly white washed. The beaches are sand-colored and the lively nightlife makes people want to visit even more.


14. Meteora:


Meteora is one of the top attractions in Greece which is made up of monasteries from the past. The towers are constructed of tall rocks that appear like they hang hundreds of feet above the surface. They were built to keep Turkish forces at bay, who had defeated Greece between the 14th and 15th centuries. The stunning view of the monasteries should be worth a visit because it’s going to be a lasting memory that you will keep for the rest of your life.

15. Knossos:


Knossos is located in the middle of an ancient civilization, Minoan. It is home to a renowned palace and was the home of king Minos. It is better to read the guidebooks to learn about the most popular places to visit in the area.

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