20 Temples Famous Located In Andhra Pradesh

20 Temples Famous Located In Andhra Pradesh That You Should Never Miss



Andhra Pradesh is located in South India and is home to Telugu people. There are numerous temples that are famously located in Andhra Pradesh, and one of the largest Temples of the globe, Tirupati Venkateswara Swamy Temple is located in the state. Check out this article to learn more about the temples that are famously located in Andhra Pradesh.

The Andhra district was under the control of numerous different dynasties that constructed a variety of temples that remain in use today. There are temples constructed during the period of the Sri Krishna Devaraya and Kakatiya dynasties. These rulers built their architecture to the highest levels. These temples are the embodiments of Indian history and Indian culture. They are adorned with exquisitely detailed sculptures and structures that are a hit all over the globe and are attracting many tourists.

In the past temples were more than just a place for worship but also places where people could showcase their passion for architecture and art. Each structure is adorned with intricate carvings that help visitors understand Indian mythology and history. This article reveals some of the most beautiful ancient temples located in Andhra Pradesh, which are the pride of not only the Telugu people but also the whole country. We wish you would definitely include them on your bucket list for the next time.


List of Temples Famous In Andhra Pradesh With Details:

Take a look at these incredible Hindu temples located in Andhra Pradesh which are considered Engineering marvels!

Veerabhadra Temple At Lepakshi.
Tirupati Balaji Temple Andhra Pradesh.
Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple In Srisailam.
Lord Malleshwara Temple In Vijayawada.
Kanaka Durga Temple In Vijayawada.
Kurma Temple In Srikakulam.
Venugopala Swamy Temple In Ryali.
Vinayaka Temple In Kanipakam.
Arasavalli Temple In Srikakulam.
Srikalahasteeswara Temple.
Yaganti Temple.
Annavaram Temple.
Paritala Anjaneya Swamy Temple.
Ahobilam Temple.
Simhachalam Temple.
Mangalagiri Temple.
Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple Antarvedi.
Bhimeshwara Swamy Temple Draksharamam.
Venkateswara Swamy Temple Dwaraka Tirumala.
Amaralingeswara Swami Temple Amaravathi.


1. Lepakshi Temple:

The Vijayanagara-style temple, built during the sixteenth century is located within Lepakshi in the Anantapur district within Andhra Pradesh. The frescoes painted in bright colors and dresses illustrate the tales that tell the story of Rama as well as Krishna as they appear in Ramayana, Mahabharata, and the Puranas. The temple features a massive Nandi which is a bull or mount of Shiva and is located about 200m far from the shrine. The temple is located on top of a mountain of granite that is in the shape of a tortoise. It is among the most impressive structures among the temples that have been built in Andhra Pradesh.

Contact: Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh
Timer: 5.00 am until 12.30 pm, 4.00 PM to 8.30 PM
Dress Code No Dress Code
Approx. Time of Visit: 2 hours
How To Get There the nearest railway station is Hindupur with a distance of 14 km. The nearest airport is Bangalore located at 100 kilometers distance. It is possible to get to Lepakshi by renting a car or bus.
Temple’s website: N/A
The best time to visit: A 10-day-long Chariot festival held in February
Other AttractionsLepakshi Nandi as well as Veerabhadra Swamy temple

2. Tirupati Balaji Temple Andhra Pradesh:

In terms of the amount of money donated and the amount of money it earns, it is the most prosperous time in the entire world in addition to being the most frequented spot for worship. It is located in a hill town called Tirumala in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, and is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara who is the incarnation of Vishnu. The temple is known by the name “the temple with seven hills” and is built according to the Dravidian architectural style. In the course of the annual Brahmotsavam, approximately 500,000 pilgrims visit the site.

Address: Tirumala, Tirupati temple Andhra Pradesh
Time: from 2:30 to 1:30 am (In between breaks between darshans)
Dress Code Tightly traditional dress
Approx. Time to Visit: Approximately 2-3 hours (Depending on the number of people waiting, it could take longer)
How to Get There: It has connected buses from all cities and states. Renigunta and Tirupati junctions are the closest railway stations. Tirupati is also home to an airport, from which you can book taxis to take you through the 7 hills.
Temple’s Websitewww.tirumala.org/
The best time to visit: Brahmostavams and other important festivals. But, it could get extremely crowded, and the most popular time to visit is between March and April.
Other AttractionsMany popular temples of Tirupathi you must see on your visit include ISCKON, Padmavati Ammavari temple, and so on.

3. Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple In Srisailam:


Mallikarjuna Swamy’s temple is located on the flat top of the Nallamalai mountains in Srisailam. The temple for Lord Mallikarjuna is situated in the area. It’s a well-known place for Saivite pilgrimage for ages. The Lord’s deity Mallikarjuna Swamy is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. Also, the goddess Brahmarambha Devi is among the 18 Mahashaktis and is among the oldest temples located in Andhra Pradesh.

Address: Srisaila Devasthanam, Kurnool Dist, Atmakur Mandal, Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh 518101
Time: From 4:30 AM until 10:00 pm
Dress Code Tightly traditional dress
Approx. Visit Time: 2 Hours (Depending on the line, it could be longer)
How to Reach: From Hyderabad, it’s 213 km. It is possible to travel by bus or via car to get to the temple.
Temple Website: www.srisailamonline.com/
The Best Time to visit: September to October is thought to be the most ideal time to visit.
Other AttractionsPatala Ganga Srisailam Dam, Tiger Reserve, etc


20 Temples Famous Located In Andhra Pradesh


20 Temples Famous Located In Andhra Pradesh


4. Lord Malleshwara Temple In Vijayawada:

Lord Malleshwara Temple in Vijayawada is home to a  Shiva Linga that is the principal god in the temple. The Bramhrambika-inspired sculptures that are inscribed on the temple’s walls depict various scenes from Mahabharata. The temple was constructed in the 10th century under a Chalukyan ruler. Naturally, it is believed that the festival of Shiva Ratri is celebrated in large numbers in this area.

Address: Malleswaraswamy Temple, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
Time: 5:45 AM- 9:00 midnight
Dress Code Traditional Wear
Approx. Time of Visit: 1 hour
How to Get There: You can take an auto to Vijayawada railway station
Temple’s website: N/A
Best Time To Visit: Mahasivarathri
Additional AttractionsIndrakeeladri Temple

5. Kanaka Durga Temple In Vijayawada:

Kanaka Durga temple in Vijayawada is situated at the Indrakeeladri hills, which lie along the banks of the river Krishna. The deity can be called Swayambhu and self-created in Triteeyakalpa. Durga Puja (also known as Navaratri is a major festival in the area and thousands of devotees from all over come to the shrine to make prayers. Alongside that, Saraswati puja and Theppotsavam are also observed.

Address: Indrakeeladri, Arjuna Street, Mallikarjunapeta, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520001
Timers from 4:00 am to 6:15 AM, 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM, 12:15 PM to 04:00 PM, 6:15 PM to 10:00 midnight
Dress Code Traditional wear
Approx. Time of Visit: 1-2 hours
How To Get There: 1.5 KM from Vijayawada railway station and 20.4 kilometers from Gannavaram Airport
Temple Website: http://kanakadurgamma.org
Best Time to Visit:Navarathri, Dusshera, Shakambari festival
Additional Attractions A sub-religiosa of Malleswara Swamy on the hillock with a breathtaking panorama of Krishna River.

6. Kurma Temple In Srikakulam:

Kurma Temple is the sole temple that is dedicated to Kurma the tortoise-like form of the god Lord Vishnu. It is situated within Srikakulam and the current temple is approximately 700 years old. It was first constructed in 200 AD. It also houses an idol from Lord Rama, Laxman, and Devi Sita as well as Govindadeva along with his Sakhis. The deity that is in charge of the temple, Kurmadeva, is located on the opposite side of the shores of Swatha Puskarini Lake.

Address: Srikurmam Rd, Ampolu, Andhra Pradesh 532404
Time: From 5:00 am to 12:01 pm 4:45 PM 9:00 PM – 5:00 AM
Dress Code Traditional wear
Approx. Time of Visit: 1 hour
How to Reach: Near Airport is located in Visakhapatnam which is 106 kilometers away. Srikakulam Railway station is 3fromkm of the temple. You can rent a taxi or a car.
Temple’s website: N/A
The Best Time to Visit: Annual Festival in February
Other Attractions Swatha The Pushkarini Lake

7. Jaganmohini Kesava Venugopala Swamy Temple In Ryali:

Jaganmohini Kesava Swamy Temple inside Ryali, East Godavari district was constructed in the 11th century. It has a temple that is dedicated to Sri Jaganmohini Keshava Swamy that was carved out of one stone. The god of the temple appears similar to Lord Vishnu on the side facing the entrance, and Goddess Mohini in the rear. The uniqueness of this temple is in the fact that the holy River Ganga originates through God’s feet Vishnu. This is why it is the source from Akasa Ganga.

Address: Sri Jaganmohini Keshava Venugopala Swamy Temple, Ryali, Andhra Pradesh 533236
Time: 6.00 12.00 noon, and between 3.00 pm and 8.00 pm
Dress Code Traditional Wear
Approx. Time of Visit: 1 hour
How to Get There: It is located approximately. 40 kilometers from Rajahmundry which is the nearest airport.
Temple’s Website N/A
Best Time To Visit: Sri Jaganmohini Kesava Swamy Kalyanam conducted between March-April
Other Attractions Numerous smaller temples are located nearby.


8. Vinayaka Temple In Kanipakam:

Shri Varasidhi Vinayaka Swamy Temple, also known as Kanipakam Vinayaka temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is situated at Kanipakam, Chittoor area. It was built around the year 1101 by Kulothunga Chola I, a ruler of the Chola Dynasty. The idol in the temple is a swayambhu statue from Kanipakam town. It is the ultimate keeper of the truth. Vinayaka Chavithi and the annual Brahmotsavam are among the most observed festivals of the temple.

Contact: Main Road, Chittoor, Kanipakam, Andhra Pradesh 517131
Time: from 4:00 am to 9:59 midnight
Dress Code Traditional Wear
Approx. Time for Visit: 1 Hour
How to Reach: Nearest Airport is Renigunta located 83 km far from the temple. There are a variety of buses that are connected to the Kanipakam Bus stop, which is within walking distance.
Temple Website: http://www.kanipakam.com/
Best Time to Visit: Ganesh Chathurthi and the annual festival of the temple.
Others Attractions Manikanta temple and Varadaraja Swami temple are nearby.


20 Temples Famous Located In Andhra Pradesh

9. Arasavalli Temple In Srikakulam:

Arasavalli temple, located inside Srikakulam town. It is an old sun temple that is dedicated to the Sun God, Surya. The deity who is the presiding god in the shrine is Suryanarayana Swamy. The temple is believed to have been built by a Kalinga ruler during the seventh century. It’s a Panchayatana temple that has Aditya at the center, as well as Ganesha, Parvati, Shiva, and Vishnu at four corners of the quadrangle. It also features a representation of Indra. The biggest festival that is observed here can be described as Ratha Saptami.

Contact: Arasavilli, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh 532001
Timings are: 6:30 AM to 12.30 PM and 3:00 PM to 8 PM
Dress Code Traditional Wear
Approx. Time of Visit: 30 Minutes to 1 hour
How to reach: 1 KM From Arasavalli Village
Temple Website: https://www.arasavallisungod.org/
The Best Time to Visit: Rath Saptami, Kalyanotsavam, and all other important festivals
Others Attractions Temples  offer all-year-round free food that is enjoyed by devotees

10. Srikalahasteeswara Temple:

Srikalahasteeshwara Temple was originally built by the Pallavas in the 5th century. It’s one of the most famous Shiva temples in Andhra Pradesh. It is situated 36km distant from Tirupati and, according to legend, it is the spot where Bhakta Kannappa made an offer of both his eyes to Shiva to obtain salvation. The linga in this temple is worshipped as Vayu linga and is one of the famous Pachaboothalasthalams. This temple was reconstructed by the Cholas at the end of the 10th century and is most famous for its 100-pillar hall.

address: Srikalahasti, Andhra Pradesh 517644
Timingsare: From 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 pm
Dress Code Traditional Wear
Approx. Time of Visit: 1 hour
How To Get There: Nearest Airport is Renigunta located at 26 km. Trains also connect connecting to Srikalahasti train station. There is also a road as many buses travel to this location.
Temple’s WebsiteN/A
The Best Time to Experience: Sivarathri and  the Annual festival between February and March
The Other Tourist Attractions are: Numerous temples are close to the temples. Shopping malls are also near of temples.


1Yaganti Temple:

The temple was built during the fifteenth century, by an emperor named Hariharaya Bukkaraya. It is situated within the Kurnool district. It was constructed for Lord Venkateshwara. But, shortly before the construction, the toe of the idol broke and was replaced with Shiva linga. The temple is set in gorgeous hills. It is also home to an impressive Pushkarini that is drawn out of into the mouth of Nandi. The most notable feature of the Temple is Yaganti Nandi which grows in size every year. It is believed that this god will come to life and shout when the Kalyug closes.

Address: Temple Gopuram, Yaganti Rd, Yaganti, Andhra Pradesh 518124
Time: 6:00 AM – 3:00 PM – 8:00 pm.
Dress Code Traditional Wear
Approx. Visit Duration: Approximately 2-3 hours
How To Get There: Nearest Airport is Renigunta with a distance of 26 KM. Trains also connect that connect to Srikalahasti Railway station. There is also a road as many buses go to the station.
Temple’s website: N/A
Best Time To Visit: MahaSivarathri
Other Attractions Yaganti Caves, close to the temple

12. Annavaram Temple:

Annavaram is among the most well-known religious sites in Andhra Pradesh. It is the home of the Lord Satyanarayana Swamy. The temple is built according to The Dravidian design of architectural construction. The name of the place comes in the form of Anna which refers to food. There is a belief that the location was initially known for its generosity in food distribution to the needy and poor. The temple is situated on the hill known as Ratnagiri and has the appearance of the Chariot. The main sanctum features two floors, which house the  Beethamas well as the chakra of the Lord.

address: Annavaram Town Rd, East Godavari District, Annavaram, Andhra Pradesh 533406
Time: 06.00 A.M. until 12.30 1.00 PM to 9.00 pm 1.00 pm to 9.00 PM
Dress Code Traditional Wear
Approx. The duration of the visit is 1-2 hours.
How to Get There: Located 72 Km away, Rajahmundry is the nearest airport. You can also fly via Visakhapatnam which is just 100 kilometers from here.
Temple Website: www.annavaramdevasthanam.nic.in
Best Time To Visit: All Important Hindu Festivals
Additional Attractions Be sure to check out the incredible Annavaram pradosadam that is made using wheat


13. Paritala Anjaneya Swamy Temple:

The temple is well-known in the eyes of Indian and Foreign visitors for its massive sculpture of the Lord Hanuman. It is the tallest statue in the world and is 135 feet tall. The statue is bigger than the wonder of the world Christ Redeemer statue in Brazil. The statue is located about 30 kilometers away from Vijayawada in the town of Paritala. The statue appears as if it guards the people, and gives them hope and assurance. This is why it’s called Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy is one of the most famous Hanuman temples located in Andhra Pradesh.

Address: Kanchikacherla Mandal, Near Vijayawada, Paritala, Andhra Pradesh 521180
Time: 06.30 AM to 7:07 pm
Dress Code There is no dress code
Approx. Time of Visit: 1 hour
How to Reach: It is 30 KM away from Vijayawada. It is possible to take either a taxi or bus to Paritala
Temple’s WebsiteN/A
Best Time To Visit: Hanuman Jayanti
Other Attractions A mighty Statue of Lord Hanuman

14. Ahobilam Temple:

Ahobilam temple is situated within the Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh and is located approximately 220 kilometers far from Nandyal. It is the residence of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy whose statue is a life-size size of 5 feet and 3 inches. The temple is famous because of its beautiful surroundings. It takes its name from the cave or bilam on which the statue is set. Ahobilam is one of the most important Narasimha temples located in Andhra and is extremely well-known among devotees, especially for wedding ceremonies.

Contact: Ahobilam, Andhra Pradesh
Time: 06.30 AM to 7:07 pm
Dress Code There is no dress code
Approx. Time of Visit: 1 hour
How to Get There: Nandyal is the nearest railway station, which is located just 66 kilometers from the temple.
Temple’s website:www.ahobilamutt.org
Best Time To Visit: Paarveta Utsavam and Narasimha Jayanti
Other Attractions Numerous beautiful temples are located nearby.

15. Simhachalam Temple:

The temple’s name comes from Simhachalam hill situated 800m higher than sea level. Simhachalam temple is home to Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Simhachalam, which can be considered one of 32 Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temples located in Andhra Pradesh. The temple’s architecture features a mixture of Orissan, Chalukya, and Chola constructions. The old Lakshmi Narasimha Swami temple in Andhra Pradesh has constructed almost 1000 years ago and the rituals of its religion were developed in the name of Sri Ramanuja. The idol is surrounded by Sandalwood paste all year long and looks like a shiva-lingam.

address: Simhachalam Rd, Near, Gopalapatnam, Police Station, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530028
Timings: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Dress Code Traditional Wear
Approx. Time of Visit: 1 hour
How to Reach 32 km from Vizag Airport
Temple’s WebsiteN/A
The Best Time to Go: Kalyanotsavam and Chandanotsavam
The other attractions are: There is a Kappa Stambham within the Mukhamantapam that can be believed to treat all illnesses and also provide women with fertility. There are numerous popular sites in Vizag that you should visit.

16. Mangalagiri Temple:

It is a Vaishnavite temple located at the Mangalagiri hill in Andhra Pradesh. It is among the eight holy sites that are associated with Lord Vishnu located in India. The hill’s shape is like an elephant, and it has stairs leading to the temple. The primary attraction of the temple is the idol, which is believed to drink Panakam which is a jaggery beverage. The idol is merely an opening of Narasimha Swamy, which is 15cm wide and devotees can offer Panakam. When a certain amount has been consumed, the idol tosses away the remainder.

Address: Kothapeta Rd, Mangalagiri, Andhra Pradesh 522503
Time: 5:15 AM to 8:30 pm
Dress Code Dress Code: Traditional wear
Approx. Duration of Visit: 1 Hour
How to Reach: 12 Km from Vijayawada and 25 km from Guntur. There are many public transportation options
Temple Website: http://www.mangalagiri.net
Best Time To Visit: Sri Panakala Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Brahmothsavam
Additional Attractions Gandhalayam, Ksheera Vruksham, and Gali Gopuram in the temple area.


20 Temples Famous Located In Andhra Pradesh

17. Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple Antarvedi:

The magnificent Temple is dedicated to worshiping the Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy and is located at Antarvedi which is located in East Godavari. The temple is also known as Antarvedi temple since it is that it is where the Bay of Bengal meets the Godavari. The temple was built in the 15th century The main sanctuary is facing the west rather than the east. According to legends, the legend states  Lord Rama and his wife Anjaneya visited this spot and offered their prayers for Lord Narasimha after having put in place Ravana.

Address: Sakinetipalli Mandal, East Godavari District., Antervedi, Andhra Pradesh 533252
Times: 6:00 AM to 7:30 PM.
Dress Code Traditional Wear
Approx. Time of Visit: 1 hour
How to Reach: The nearest airport is Rajahmundry located 109 km away. The closest bus terminal is Narasapuram located just 20 kilometers away from the temple.
Temple Website: www.antarvedisrilakshminarasimhaswamy.com/
Best Time To Visit: Sri Narasimha Jayanti
Additional Attractions Amazing view from the point of convergence of the Bay of Bengal and Godavari river

18. Bhimeshwara Swamy Temple Draksharamam:

Draksharamam Bhimeshwara The Swamy Temple is among the Panchakarma Kshetrams dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located within the city of Draksharamam village in the East Godavari district. It is believed that this town is exactly in where Daksha Prajapati was a participant in Yagna and earned the name. The original lingam was said to have the appearance of fire and was exceptionally strong. To neutralize that power the sapta rishis built eight lingas all around the place. The temple was extended and restored during The Eastern Chalukyas.

Address: Ramachandrapuram Road, Dwarapudi Yanam Rd, Mandal, Draksharamam, Andhra Pradesh 533262
Timings are: from 5:00 am to 12:01 pm and 3:00 pm until 7:30 PM
Dress Code Traditional wear
Approx. The duration of the visit is 1-2 hours.
How to reach: Rajahmundry (43 KM) and Visakhapatnam (187 km) are the airports closest to this location.
Temple’s website: N/A
The Best Time to Visit : MahaSivarathri, Dasara, and the entire Kartheeka Masam
Additional Attractions Mainkyamba Temple which is one of the Sakthipeetam on the campus.

19. Venkateswara Swamy Temple Dwaraka Tirumala:

Also known as Chinna Tirupati, Dwaraka Tirumala is dedicated to worshipping Lord Balaji. The name comes due to a saint known as “Dwaraka” who discovered the Swayambhu idol of Lord Balaji within an Ant Hill. If you are a devotee who wants to offer an offering to Balaji but are unable to make it to Tirupati should consider Chinna Tirupati as your alternate location. The principal temple is an example of a South Indian architectural marvel and includes Rajagopuram, Vimana, and Mukhamantapa.

Address: Sri Venkateswara Swamy Vari Devasthanam, Dwaraka Tirumala (China Tirupathi) – 534 426
Time: from 4:00 am to 9:59 midnight
Dress Code Traditional Wear
Approx. Time of Visit: 1-2 hours
How to Reach: The nearest Railway station is Bhimadole which is located 17 km from the place.
Temple Website: http://www.dwarakatirumala.org
Best Time To Visit: Tiru Kalyanotsavam
Other Attractions There are many sub-shrines within the temple


20. Amaralingeswara Swami Temple Amaravathi:

It is among the Panchakarma Kshetrams located in the Guntur district, which is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva. It is situated on the bank of the Krishna river, and the Siva linga was believed to have been erected in the name of Lord Indra. The Shiva lingam is believed to increase in size every day, and a nail was smashed at the top of it to stop the growth of the lingam, resulting in the stain of blood red, which remains visible to this day. The temple is famous for the inscriptions of many famous kings, among them Sri Devaraya, the king of the Vijayanagara empire.

Address: Amaravati Mandal And Town, Guntur District, Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh 522020
Timings 5 AM until 8 9
Dress Code Traditional Dress Code: Traditional
Approx. Time of Visit: 1 hour
How to Get: 40 KM from Guntur
Temple’s website: N/A
The best time to visit: Shivarathri, Navarathri, and Kalyana Utsav
Others Attractions Buddhist Websites near Amaravati


Expert Questions and Answers:

1. Are there any temples that are famous? dedicated to the worship of  Lord Sani located in Andhra Pradesh?

Sani Devi, the sister of Lord Yama is among the most important gods in the Hindu religion. Particularly for those in a negative phase and are seeking to worship Sani Dev can help them free from any obstacles. The most effective Sani temple located in Andhra Pradesh is Mandapalli Mandewaraswamy shrine, which is situated 38 kilometers from Rajahmundry. If you offer Gingelly oil Shiva Lingam, one will be protected from the ill effects of Shani time.


2. I’m planning to get my child’s head tonsured but I can’t find Tirumala too crowded. What other temples offer this Service?

The most important temples offer this ritual of turning heads. If you’ve made an intention to have the ceremony performed at a specific temple of God such as Lord Balaji or Lord Balaji, then head towards Chinna Tirupati. Other shrines, such as Kanaka Durga temple located in Vijayawada provide this service as well. Be sure to bring the appropriate token prior to going to the Mundan center.

3. What is the best method to Find a Hotel Near These Temples?

Most temples in the major cities are equipped with Darmasatrams that are at no cost to those who want them. But, they aren’t plentiful and may not be tidy. It is recommended to reserve private Sathrams that are affordable and provide decent food. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option you could even go for hotels nearby to relax in comfort.

These temples are sacred places that have been bustling with activity for a long time. They have known for their sthalapuranas as well as their intricate construction style. The majority of temples listed here are connected to Hindu mythology that stirs the emotions of the devotees. They draw huge numbers of people throughout the year, and are under the care of temple officials. They have been preserved despite being built several years ago. They are a symbol of the passed by time.


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