Biography Of Samuel Johnson -

Biography Of Samuel Johnson

Biography Of Samuel Johnson


Samuel Johnson (usually known as Dr. Johnson) (18 September 1709 – 13 December 1784) was an English poet, writer as well as literary critic, moralist and. One of Dr. Johnson’s biggest contributions was the publication of 1747 The Dictionary of the English Language.

“Mankind is extremely resistant to work that is intellectual; but even if knowledge were readily available, a lot of people would prefer to be ignorant than take the slightest effort to gain it.”

Samuel Johnson

Short Biographical Description of Samuel Johnson


Johnson was born in Lichfield, Staffordshire into a family of booksellers.

He attended Lichfield Grammar School before going to Pembroke College, Oxford. But, due to a financial crisis and a lack of funds, he quit after a year and never completed his degree. After Oxford was completed, he became a teacher at Market Bosworth and Birmingham. He was in 1735 when he married Elizabeth Porter, a widow who was 20 years older than him. Together, they established an academy at ideal close to Lichfield however, it ended up closing due to a shortage of funds. The Johnsons left the school for London where he began working more as an author.

He earned a living by writing in the Gentleman’s Magazine – an account of Parliament. Also, he wrote his own tragic story, Irene, and a few poems.

Johnson was also tasked with cataloging the collection belonging to Edward Harley, Earl of Oxford. This provided Johnson the chance to indulge in his love to read and also his love of the English language. Johnson was inspired to begin making a comprehensive English dictionary. English language. It took the author eight years to complete, but it was thought to be his greatest achievement. Although other dictionaries were already available, the “Johnson dictionary of English’ took an enormous leap forward in its scope and high quality.

Johnson wrote prolifically. In two years, he solely wrote a journal ‘ The Rambler’ packed with moral essays.


Biography Of Samuel Johnson


Biography Of Samuel Johnson


In 1752 his wife “Tetty” died, putting him into a depression that was difficult to overcome for the remainder the rest of his.

Following publishing his first dictionary in 1755, the author started to be admired by the literary community. He was granted an honorary degree from Oxford University, and in 1760, he received the benefit of PS300 per year from George III. This allowed him to participate in more cultural and social activities. He had friendships with many of the most prominent artists of the time like Sir Joshua Reynolds a painter, and poet Oliver Goldsmith.

In 1764, he was introduced to an aspiring younger Scot, James Boswell who became his famous biographer. Together, they explored the Hebrides and the Hebrides, that Johnson recorded in his book ‘A Travel through Scotland’. Western Isles of Scotland’, (1775) James Boswell wrote about Johnson in detail, with details on Johnson’s bizarre mannerisms and strange gestures and antics (which could be a manifestation of the syndrome Tourette’s)

Johnson was also involved in an ambitious undertaking Johnson also commenced an ambitious project “Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets” (10 volumes) along with an extensive edition of Shakespeare’s plays.


Biography Of Samuel Johnson

“Few things are impossible with the utmost of skill and diligence. The greatest works are not accomplished by strength but through determination.”

Samuel Johnson

At the close of his life, Johnson was angry at the fact that his housemaid and his friend Hester Thrale, left him and he got married to Hester Thrale, an Italian musician. Following several health issues that lasted for a while, he died in 1784.

Following his demise, the contributions he made to English literature became increasingly sought-after. He left behind a huge amount of work and was acknowledged as the best literary critic of the time.


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