How to Apply for a Voter ID Card In Uttara Khand State

How to Apply for a Voter ID Card In Uttara Khand State

Every legitimate citizen must vote and in addition, it is an honor to vote. Everyone who is a citizen of India and over 18 years of age is entitled and should vote in the democratic process. In India, soon after the election commission explained the data the electoral process begins. India is a democratic country every people has the right to express their opinions and views along with the choice of a leader for them through the process of voting. Thus, tuning as a cableway serves the voice of an individual.

How to Apply for a Voter ID Card In Uttara Khand State

Here comes the role of the voter ID. A person must have a voter ID to cast a voice. Together with the d ID proof, the voter ID is an important document issued only by the government, ie, the electoral commission, which gives us the power to cast the vote. Uttara Khand is one of the states of India and home to many multireligious people. So, it is implied to have numerous voters in Uttara Khand.

There are basic modes for applying for a Voter ID Card viz. – Offline and online mode. The steps for applying for a Voter ID card are listed below under both modes.

How to Apply for a Voter ID Card In Uttara Khand State

How to apply for a voter  ID card In Uttara Khand with offline mode?

Offline mode is useful for those people who are not too familiar or not comfortable with online mode of work and have not been on the Internet. Individuals can easily register themselves by following the given procedures to get a voter ID in Uttara Khand.

How to Apply for a Voter ID Card In Uttara Khand State

  •     Collect the application form-6 from an electoral office that is used to include the name in the electoral roll.
  •     Complete the details and provide the required KYC documents to submit to the electoral office along with the required fees.
  •     After the submission, an acknowledgment with the reference number is passed, which is used to follow the application status.
  •     Once the form is checked and then verified, the Booth Level Officers (BLOs) visit the residence mentioned on Form-6. This is done to check whether the information is correct and correct.
  •     After the verification has been completed, the voucher must be sent by post to the address.

The documents to be submitted for the electoral card in Uttara Khand are:

Passport photos.
An identity card such as Aadhar Card / Driving License / Pan Card / BankBank passbook.
A proof Aadhar Card/copy of Ration Card / Pass etc.

How to apply for a voter ID card In Uttara Khand with online mode?

UttrUltrad voter ID CARD

How to Apply for a Voter ID Card In Uttara Khand State

For the online mode, the Chief Electoral Officer of Uttara Khand is authorized to facilitate the use of Voter ID cards. Individuals can simply follow the given procedures to get a Voter ID in Uttara Khand online mode.
  •     Visit the official Chiethe f Executive Officer of Uttara Khand and select the option of online registration on the home page.
  •     Select Form-6 and complete it with all required fields to request the registration of the electorate card.
  •     In the next step, the user must upload his photo with the necessary documents and click on the “submit” screen.
  •     The confirmation code will be displayed and you will receive a confirmation number after completing it.
  •      After processing the form, Booth Level Officer (BLO) will visit your place of residence to review your details.
  •     The voter ID card will be sent to your address by post after the completion of all checks.
For more detailed information, please visit the official website of Uttara Khand’s CEO

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