Sabarimala Temple Opening Date,Accommodation Online Booking

Sabarimala Temple Opening Date, Accommodation Online Booking

Sabarimala Accommodation Online Booking


This page contains all the details regarding Sabarimala Accommodation online reservation as well as the booking of rooms. It is possible to know prices and availability for rooms as well as learn more about Sabarimala’s online booking. It is the Sabarimala Temple is the name of a temple complex in Sabarimala in the Periyar Tiger Reserve in the Perinad village, Pathanamthitta district in Kerala, India.

Room Tariff for 12 Hours: Sabarimala rooms reservations


Booking accommodation online The Kerala Police and Travancore Devaswom Board have launched a new portal on the internet for pilgrims. Users must sign up on the portal using an active mobile number Temple is addressed to take advantage of the booking online services.

Cottage Name Min No.of Persons/Room Room Tariff For 12 Hrs No.of Extra persons Permitted Additional Person Cost/Room
Kailas 3 Rs. 450 15 Rs.100
Pranavam 1 Rs. 250 2 Rs.100
Sahyadri 3 Rs. 450 15 Rs.100
Sree Matha(DH-7) 4 Rs. 650 15 Rs.100
Sree Manikandan(DH-3) Rs. 1600 15 Rs.100
Chin mudra 3 Rs. 400 15 Rs.100

Sabarimala Accommodation Online Booking: Tariff For 16 Hours:

Cottage Name Min No.of Persons/Room Room Tariff For 12 Hrs No.of Other People permitted Additional Person Cost/Room
Kailas 3 Rs. 650 15 Rs.100
Pranavam 2 Rs. 350 15 Rs.100
Sahyadri 3 Rs. 650 15 Rs.100
Sree Matha(DH-7) 4 Rs. 850 15 Rs.100
Sree Manikandan 4 Rs. 2200 15 Rs.100
Chin mudra 3 Rs. 600 15 Rs.100

Sabarimala Accommodation Online Booking:

  • You must pay the cost of the rent when you make a Sabarimala booking.
  • When you book, make sure to select the check-in slot that is appropriate for your room.
  • It is mandatory to have the same ID card that you were issued when you make your room reservation.
  • Each additional person is charged the amount is Rs. 100 is charged per space.
  • It is mandatory to submit an online booking report. It is essential to be able to reserve a room.
  • When you book a room be sure to check the minimum and the maximum occupancy.

Please click here to make an online reservation for accommodation for Sabarimala Temple.

Sabarimala Temple Opening 2023 (Updated)

Sabarimala Temple is one of the well-known temples that is dedicated to God Ayyappa. The temple is situated on the highest point of the mountain Sabarimala situated at an altitude of 3000 feet within the Pathanamthitta district in Kerala. The Sabarimala opening date of the temple is blown.

The Sabarimala temple is known as unique in a variety of aspects. Sabarimala Temple is remarkable in many aspects. Sabarimala sacred temple’s name is accessible to all, regardless of creed, caste, and even religion.

Another temple is Vavarunda close to Sabarimala temple is dedicated to Vavar the Muslim close friend to God Ayyappa. In addition, it is regarded as the perfect example of harmony in religion.

Diksha :

The Sabarimala temple Sabarimala will be accessible only on certain holy days such as Mandalapooja Makaravilakku, Mandalapooja, and Chitra Vishnu. It will also be packed with worshippers.

The devotees are required to adhere to a fast of 41 days to cleanse their bodies and souls and then visit of Sabarimala temple. Sabarimala temple. This is why the devotees must strictly adhere to the 41 days of fasting and will visit the temple.

The fast continued throughout Mandala Kalam. Therefore, the devotees’ trip to Sabarimala temple during Mandala Kalam is huge. Sabarimala shrine throughout Mandala Kalam is enormous.

The fast is a long-term commitment with many rules that must be adhered to. In this case, it’s about abstaining from eating and abstaining from a variety of other activities.

  • In the beginning, it is recommended to take a bath two times a day in cold water i.e. early in the morning and late tonight prior to the pooja.
  • It is essential to eat vegetarian meals.
  • Chastity must be observed very carefully.
  • The need to meditate regularly is to cleanse their minds.
  • It is also advised to avoid the entertainment industry, such as watching films or watching television. It is not recommended to engage in any form of entertainment that evokes sexual pleasure.
  • Additionally, it is suggested that you walk barefoot while fasting.
  • In particular, one wearing a dark gown from the time of the fast until the time of the visit.

Sabarimala Temple Opening Date,Accommodation Online Booking


Sabarimala Temple Opening Date:

  • Opening dates and times are given below.
  • Temple Darshan’s hours are 3:00 am to 1:00 pm.
  • The temple is expected to reopen at 3:00 pm during the holy season and closes at 11:00 pm.

Neyyabhishekam Timings for Ayyappa:

To find out how to find out the Neyyabhishekam timetable of Sabarimala Ayyappa login on to the temple’s official website.

  • It begins at 3:30 am and will end at 7 am.
  • It started at 8:30 am and was completed by 11:00 am.

Sabarimala Temple opening date:

Month Sreekovil Opens for Pooja Opening Date Closing Date
December 2022 Makaravilakku 30/12/2022 20/01/2023
January 2023 Makaravilakku Day 14/01/2023
January 2023 Guruthi Puja 19/01/2023
February 2023 Monthly Pooja – Kumbham 12/02/2023 17/02/2023
March 2023 Monthly Pooja – Meenam 14/03/2023 19/03/2023
Sabarimala Festival 26/03/2023 05/04/2023
Kodiyettu (Dhwajarohan) 27/03/2023
April 2023 Pankuni Uthram & Arattu 05/04/2023
Monthly Pooja -Medam 11/04/2023 19/04/2023
Vishu 15/04/2023
May 2023 Monthly Pooja – Edavam 14/05/2023 19/05/2023
Deity Installation Day
(Prathishta Dinam)
29/05/2023 30/05/2023
June 2023 Monthly Pooja – Mithunam 15/06/2023 20/06/2023
July 2023 Monthly Pooja – Karkkidakam 16/07/2023 21/07/2023
August 2023 Monthly Pooja – Chingam 16/08/2023 21/08/2023
Onam 27/08/2023 31/08/2023
September 2023 Monthly Pooja – Kanni 17/09/2023 22/09/2023
October 2023 Monthly Pooja – Thulam 17/10/2023 22/10/2023
November 2023 Sree Chithra Atta Thirunal 10/11/2023 11/11/2023
Mandala Pooja Maholsavam 16/11/2023 27/12/2023
December 2023 Mandala Pooja 27/12/2023 27/12/2023, 10 PM
Makaravilakku 30/12/2023, 5 PM
January 2024 Makaravilakku 14/1/2024 20/1/2024, 6 AM

How to Reach

By Rail

Go to Kottayam Railway Station. Taxi or State Transport bus to Pampa. It’s 93 miles, and takes 2 1/2 hours

Find the directions here.


Take a train to Chengannur Railway Station. You can take taxis or a State Transport bus to Pampa. 85 km, 2 1/2 hours

See directions here

From Pampa the distance is 6 km, which is 1 1/2 hours on the foot. Find the this map below.

By Air

Fly to Thiruvananthapuram (TRV) Airport. You can take a taxi or a buses to Pampa. 176 KM, 4 1/2 hrs

Follow the instructions here..

Fly to Kochi (COK) Airport. Transfer by taxi or take a bus until Pampa. 157 KM, 4 hrs

Find instructions here..

From Pampa the distance is 6 KMand 1 1/2 hours of trekking on feet. Find the maps below.

By Road

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation offers regular buses that go that run regularly to Pampa via Coimbatore, Palani and Tenkasi. Check out the details on this page.

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation also offers bus service to pilgrims. Go to learn more.

Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation also provides bus services for pilgrims. Go this link.

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