Shirdi Sai Temple In Maharashtra -

Shirdi Sai Temple In Maharashtra

Shirdi Sai Temple In Maharashtra


The Shirdi Sai Temple is a renowned pilgrimage web site located within the kingdom of Maharashtra, India. It is devoted to the revered saint, Sai Baba, who is believed to have lived and preached within the city of Shirdi at some point of the overdue 19th and early 20th centuries. The temple holds monstrous importance for devotees and draws millions of visitors from everywhere in the global.

Here are the entire details of the Shirdi Sai Temple:


The Shirdi Sai Temple is located within the metropolis of Shirdi, that’s part of the Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra. Shirdi is located about 296 kilometers (184 miles) from Mumbai and 122 kilometers (seventy six miles) from Nashik.

Historical Background:

The temple’s importance lies in the existence and teachings of Sai Baba, a respected saint who is believed to have resided and preached inside the city of Shirdi at some point of the late 19th and early twentieth centuries. Sai Baba’s teachings emphasised love, compassion, and the harmony of all religions, attracting devotees from various backgrounds.


The temple complicated boasts a blend of different architectural styles. The predominant temple shape features a stone facade adorned with difficult carvings and sculptures. Over the years, the temple has gone through renovations and expansions to accommodate the developing variety of devotees.

Temple Layout:

The temple complicated spans a massive area and contains multiple buildings and centers. The Samadhi Mandir, Dwarkamai, Gurusthan, Chavadi, and Lendi Baug are distinguished systems inside the complex.

Samadhi Mandir:

The Samadhi Mandir is the primary temple and the focal point of devotion. It is constructed over the burial site, known as the Samadhi, where Sai Baba’s mortal remains were interred after his death in 1918. The temple’s spacious corridor houses the main idol of Sai Baba placed on a silver throne, and devotees visit to provide prayers and are seeking for benefits.


Dwarkamai is a giant a part of the temple complex and holds sizeable religious significance. Originally a dilapidated mosque, it changed into converted by Sai Baba into an area of worship. Dwarkamai homes numerous personal property and artifacts of Sai Baba, which includes his stone-grinding wheel (Chakki) and the sacred fire (Dhuni) that he stored burning constantly.


Gurusthan holds first rate importance inside the temple premises. It is believed to be the spot wherein Sai Baba changed into first visible by using the villagers of Shirdi, sitting underneath a neem tree. A small shrine with a portrait of Sai Baba has been built at this website online, and devotees provide prayers right here.


Chavadi is a historical constructing that played a significant position in Sai Baba’s existence. It served as an area where Sai Baba spent exchange nights over the last years of his existence. Even nowadays, the culture of wearing a palanquin with Baba’s idol from Dwarkamai to Chavadi takes place on Thursdays, reminiscent of the practices all through Sai Baba’s time.

Lendi Baug:

Lendi Baug is a serene lawn placed in the temple complex. Sai Baba used to visit this garden each day and water the flora. The garden functions a marble statue of Sai Baba, and devotees can loosen up, meditate, and soak inside the non violent atmosphere.

Daily Rituals and Offerings:

The temple follows a strict day by day routine of rituals and offerings. The day starts offevolved with the Kakad Aarti, observed by way of the Abhishekam (sacred bath) of the idol. Throughout the day, diverse rituals such as Noon Aarti, Dhoop Aarti, and Shej Aarti are executed. Devotees can make offerings of flora, garlands, coconuts, candies, and other items as a mark in their devotion.


Shiridi Temple Timings:-

Following are the Shiridi temple timings.

Rituals Shiridi Temple Timings

Rituals Shiridi Temple Timings
Temple Opens 4:00 AM
Bhupali 4:15 AM
Kakad Aarti 4:30 AM
Bhajan 5:00 AM
Mangal Snaan 5:05 AM
Aarti 5:30 AM
Darshan 5:40 AM
Dhuni Pooja 11:00 AM
Midday Aarti 12:00 PM
Pothi 4:00 PM
Dhoop Aarti At Sunset
Devotional Songs 8:00 PM
Shej Aarti 10:30 PM
Temple Closes 11:00 PM

Shiridi Sai Temple In Maharashtra

Shirdi Sai Temple In Maharashtra



Festivals and Celebrations:

The Shirdi Sai Temple celebrates numerous festivals, attracting a large quantity of devotees. Some of the prominent gala’s encompass Ram Navami, Guru Purnima, Vijayadashami, and Sai Baba’s demise anniversary (Samadhi Day). During those gala’s, the temple and the whole town of Shirdi are adorned with decorations, and cultural programs and processions are organized.

Amenities for Devotees:

The temple complex affords various facilities to cater to the wishes of devotees. These include unfastened food (Prasadam) inside the shape of Mahaprasad, accommodation facilities such as guesthouses and Dharamshala, a 24-hour scientific facility, drinking water facilities, and cloakrooms.

Sai Baba’s Global Presence:

The repute and devotion for Sai Baba have transcended beyond Shirdi. Numerous Sai Baba temples had been constructed throughout India and around the arena, serving as centers for devotees to collect and are searching for their blessings.

Sai Baba’s Teachings:

The Shirdi Sai Temple not simplest serves as a place of worship however also disseminates the lessons and philosophy of Sai Baba. His teachings emphasized love, compassion, equality, and the harmony of all religions. The temple complicated houses libraries and observe centers where devotees can explore Sai Baba’s existence and teachings.

Visiting the Shirdi Sai Temple:

Devotees from everywhere in the global visit the Shirdi Sai Temple to are trying to find solace, steerage, and blessings. The temple is open to humans of all religions, castes, and creeds. It is beneficial to devise the visit, specifically at some point of fairs and weekends, to avoid massive crowds.

Nearby attractions :

In addition to the Shirdi Sai Temple, there are numerous close by points of interest that visitors can explore:

Shani Shingnapur: Located approximately 70 kilometers from Shirdi, Shani Shingnapur is a famous pilgrimage site dedicated to Lord Shani. The village is understood for its particular tradition in which homes and shops have no doorways as it’s miles believed that Lord Shani protects the village from robbery and misfortune.

Nashik: Situated around 122 kilometers from Shirdi, Nashik is a distinguished town in Maharashtra. It is famend for its non secular significance and is considered one of the holiest locations in Hinduism. The town is famous for the Kumbh Mela, held every 12 years, and is home to severa temples, along with the Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple and the Kalaram Temple.

Ajanta and Ellora Caves: These UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located approximately 160 kilometers from Shirdi. The Ajanta Caves characteristic ancient rock-reduce Buddhist cave monuments, recognized for their amazing murals and sculptures. The Ellora Caves comprise Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain temples and monasteries carved out of solid rock, showcasing problematic architectural details.

Grishneshwar Temple: Situated around a hundred kilometers from Shirdi, the Grishneshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines and holds massive religious importance for devotees.

Bhandardara: Located approximately one hundred twenty kilometers from Shirdi, Bhandardara is a scenic hill station recognised for its lush inexperienced landscapes, waterfalls, and pristine Arthur Lake. It offers opportunities for hiking, camping, and boating.

Kopargaon: Situated just sixteen kilometers from Shirdi, Kopargaon is a small city regarded for the famous temple of Goddess Tulja Bhavani. Devotees regularly go to Kopargaon as part of their pilgrimage to Shirdi.

Wet N Joy Water Park: Located in Shirdi itself, Wet N Joy Water Park is a famous attraction, specifically for families and youngsters. It gives quite a number exciting water rides, slides, and swimming pools, presenting a a laugh-filled enjoy.

Sai Heritage Village: Situated near the Shirdi Sai Temple, Sai Heritage Village is a cultural enchantment that showcases the lifestyle, traditions, and artifacts from the time of Sai Baba. It affords traffic with insights into the records and background of the location.

These nearby sights provide visitors a diverse variety of reviews, from religious trips to natural splendor and recreational sports. Exploring those places can add depth and variety to the go to to the Shirdi Sai Temple.

How To reach Shirdi Sai Temple :

Shirdi Sai Temple may be reached via diverse modes of transportation:

By Air: The nearest airport to Shirdi is the Shirdi Airport, additionally known as the Shirdi International Airport. It is nicely connected to fundamental cities in India. From the airport, one can rent a taxi or take a bus to reach the temple, that is approximately 14 kilometers away.

By Train: The closest railway station to Shirdi is the Sainagar Shirdi Railway Station, which is well-linked to foremost cities in India. Several trains, which include specific and passenger trains, operate to and from Shirdi. From the railway station, you can actually rent a taxi, take an vehicle-rickshaw, or opt for shared transportation to attain the temple, that is round 3 kilometers away.

By Road: Shirdi has suitable street connectivity, and several country-run and private buses function to and from foremost cities in Maharashtra and neighboring states. Buses are available from cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, and Aurangabad. Additionally, one also can rent a taxi or power by way of automobile to attain Shirdi thru the well-maintained avenue community.

Pilgrim Buses: Various nation tourism departments and private operators run unique pilgrim buses from extraordinary cities to Shirdi. These buses cater mainly to devotees travelling the Sai Temple and offer a handy and snug mode of transportation.

Once in Shirdi, the temple is placed in the heart of the town and may be easily reached with the aid of foot, as it’s miles a brief distance from the bus stand and the railway station. Local vehicle-rickshaws and cycle rickshaws are also to be had for commuting within the city.

It is advisable to test the schedules and availability of flights, trains, and buses earlier, mainly throughout top pilgrimage seasons, to ensure a smooth and trouble-loose journey to the Shirdi Sai Temple.

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