Sri Siddeshwara Swamy Temple In Anantapur

Sri Siddeshwara Swamy Temple In Anantapur


Sri Siddeshwara Swamy Temple Hemavathi


Sri Siddeshwara Sri Swamy Temple Hemavathi is located in the tiny town of Hemavathi located in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. Hemavathi was the capital city of the Pallavas in the period between the 8th- the 10th century AD.while Hemavathi was a different name. Hemavathi was Henjeri during the Pallava rule. Lord Shiva in the form of Siddeswara the physical form of Lord Shiva sitting in a pose of reflection, is located at the center of the temple. The symbol is a 5 feet tall statue. At all times, Sunbeams in the time of sunset touch the essence that is Lord Shiva.


The Pallava Kings constructed this temple along with the four well-known Shiva shrines in the 8th century. This temple features both Pallavas and Cholas architectural styles. In the beginning, a ruler called Nolamburs constructed this temple, declaring it the primary sacred temple of Siddeshwara in honor of his birthday. His daughter, Hemavathi.


How to contact:


On Air Nearest airport for the temple is Bangalore International Airport, which is 134 kilometers long.

by Rail Then, the closest Railway Stations are located in Hindupur. It is possible to go from Hindupur to Hemavathi by road following. But, Bellary Jn Rail Way Station is a major railway station that is 139 KM from Hemavathi.

By Bus: Hindupur is the Nearest Town to Hemavathi. Hindupur is located 65km away from Hemavathi. Kundurpi APSRTC Station, Kundurpi APSRTC Bus Station, Madakasira APSRTC Bus Station, Pavagada APSRTC Bus Station are all close Bus Stations from Hemavathi.APSRTC operates a variety of bus services connecting major cities to this area.

Sri Siddeshwara Swamy Temple In Anantapur

Sri Siddeshwara Swamy Temple In Anantapur


Sri Siddeshwara Swamy Temple Hemavathi Timings:


The temple is open from 5: am in the morning. It closes at 1:00 pm and is again open until 3:00 PM before closing at 9 pm.

The devasthanam is scheduled to perform the Rathotsavam festival in February and March. It also is based on the Hindu month of the calendar. Visitors from all over the world come to the temple to celebrate this celebration.


In the absence of accommodation offered by the temple, so we can stay in the nearby hotel

  • SSP Choultry is 1km away from the temple.

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