Voter ID in Meghalaya New Voter Card Apply,Correction Voter ID

Voter ID in Meghalaya New Voter Card Apply,Correction Voter ID

Indian citizens use their Voter ID Cards primarily as address proof, identity proof, or age proof. It is also known as the Electors’ Photo Identity Card. The Election Commission of India issues a Voter ID Card, which is an identification document. A voter ID card is required for anyone residing in Meghalaya who wants to vote as a candidate or elector. All eligible voters in the state are issued voter ID cards by the state Election Commission.

Online Voter ID Card Application in Meghalaya

It is now much easier to apply online for a voter ID card in Meghalaya, as all the national identity cards have been digitalized.

These steps will allow you to apply online.

Visit the official website for the Meghalaya Election Commission.

Click on the E-registration option.

There are two options for E-registration: Assembly Constituency or Council Constituency.

Select Form 6 from Assembly Constituency.

Fill out Form 6 by clicking the link.

Once you have filled in all details, click on “Submit” to send it to the Meghalaya Election Commission.

The applicant is issued an application number that can be used to track their voter ID application.

A Booth Level Officer will then inspect your property to verify that every detail has been provided correctly.

You can call the toll-free number 1950 if you have any questions or need assistance.

How can you apply for a Voter ID Card Offline In Meghalaya?
Even though the country has been digitalized, not everyone can access the internet or have the basic skills necessary to apply online. Even if they do have the skills, some prefer to apply in person. They can still apply offline for a voter ID card in their state by contacting the nearest electoral office.

To apply for voter identification offline in Meghalaya, you can follow the steps below:

You can obtain the application form as well as other forms at your local electoral office. The forms related to election ID cards are Form 6, Form 7, Form 8, and 8A. You must complete Form 6 if you are a new applicant. Also, you must submit the necessary KYC documents like your identity proof as well as proof of your residence and age. As a reminder, you can also submit copies of your passport and driving license, Aadhar card (SSLC Book), Ration Card, rental/lease agreement, most recent utility bill, LIC Policy paper, and other relevant documents.

Remember to include information about family members with Voter ID cards. This will help speed up the process.

To obtain the documents, go to the nearest Electoral Registration Office. After verification, Booth Level Officers (BLOs), assigned by the ERO, will visit your residence to verify that all information is correct. Regular trips by the Election Commission of India to Designated Photographic Locations are required to issue a voter ID to all eligible voters. These drives are often featured in the media.

How to track the status of your voter ID application in Meghalaya

Once the application process has been completed you will receive a reference number which can be used to track the status your voter ID application. Visit the official CEO website to track your status.

In the box provided, enter your reference number.

Your application status will show up in just a few seconds depending on the speed of your internet connection.

The Electoral Office can also be visited to check the status of your voter identification application. They will need the reference number.

Voter ID in Meghalaya New Voter Card Apply,Correction Voter ID
Voter ID in Meghalaya New Voter Card Apply,Correction Voter ID

Voter ID in Meghalaya New Voter Card Apply,Correction Voter ID

The Offline Process for Correcting Voter ID Cards in Meghalaya
Online correction, as we have said, may not be practical for some people due to lack of access, knowledge, awareness or accessibility. However, updating your address offline in Meghalaya can be done easily. Visit your nearest electoral office to obtain Form 8 from them. Complete it correctly and then submit it. The documents you need to support the changes to your voter ID card will be required. If you are married and want to change your maiden name, you might be asked to provide a copy of your marriage certificate, or an affidavit. The standard verification process will begin after you have submitted the documents. A representative from the Electoral Commission of India, will visit your residence to verify the documents you have provided. After that, you can pick up your new voter ID card.

The Online Process for Updating an Address in Voter ID Meghalaya
You might want to update your voter ID card address for a variety of reasons. You might have changed your address or moved to another part of the state. You must complete Form 8 to ensure that your address is up-to-date. Because of the Online Services provided by the Election Commission, the process is much simpler than before.

You might want to update your voter ID address if you’ve married or moved to another location. You will need to submit your marriage certificate and proof of address change in order to complete the process. To update their hostel/rental address, students must submit a declaration signed and dated by the school/institutional head. If you are transferred to another place by your company or government office, you will need to sign a declaration from the highest ranking official in your department. If the documents are valid, approval of such applications is quick.

These steps will allow you to change your address.

Use your credentials to log in to the website of Meghalaya’s Chief Electoral Office.

Click on Electoral Services’.

Choose ‘Change Address’.

On the screen, a form will appear.

Enter your EPIC number.

You can click on Don’t know EPIC to forget your EPIC Number. The system will then trace your EPIC by identifying your constituency and district.

Click on “Agree to the Declaration” and enter the old and current addresses.

Click on Submit after you have verified your application.

Once your documents are verified by the ECI, you will receive your new voter ID card.

How to Update the Address Offline on Voter ID in Meghalaya

Online updating your address is also possible. You can also update your address offline by obtaining the form at the nearest electoral office and filling it out.

Below is the procedure to submit the form for changing your address on voter ID in Meghalaya

Complete Form 8A accurately and sign it. This form is intended for address changes.

Send the completed application along with a copy to the nearest Electoral Office.

After verifying your information, the Election Commission issues a new voter’s ID card within a few days.

Online Application for Duplicate Voter ID Card in Meghalaya

Sometimes the voter ID card gets lost or misplaced. It is necessary to generate a duplicate voter card in such cases. A provision is made by the state election commission in Meghalaya for issuing a duplicate voter identification card.

Below is the procedure for applying for a duplicate voter’s ID card.

Visit the Election Commission of India Website.

Fill out the EPIC-002 form

You will need to submit the FIR together with your application form if the voter ID card is lost or stolen.

Individuals who have lost or damaged their voter ID cards can bring the card and application form to the nearest Electoral Office.

Once your application has been verified you will receive the duplicate voter’s ID card via post to your address. Or you can collect it from the electoral office.

Online Application for Duplicate Voter ID Cards in Meghalaya

The most important document is the voter ID card. It allows voters to vote in local, state, and national elections. Additionally, it serves as proof of identity and addresses.

If your card is lost or stolen, you can apply offline for a new voter ID card.

To obtain a copy EPIC-002 from your nearest electoral office, visit the following address

Complete the form and send it with all required documents to the nearest electoral office. You must also submit a copy if you lose or misplace your voter ID card.

You must include the card with your application form if the card is damaged.

After verifying the details, the electoral office issues a new voter ID card.

State Election Commission of Meghalaya
Surprisingly Meghalaya, unlike other states, has a single-chamber legislative body called the Vidhan Sabha. Meghalaya is home to only one representative in Lok Sabha, and one in Rajya Sabha. This is due to the low state population. On 28 May 2017, he was elected to office.