Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri Odisha

Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri Odisha


Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri Odisha | Timings & History

Every hanuman devotee hopes of going to Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri at least once during their lifetime. However, how many of you know about the history of the temple as well as the timings for the temple of Bedi Hanuman? Many people are confused about how to get to the temple.


Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri Odisha

Bedi Hanuman was referred to”daria mahavir” in puri “daria mahavir” in puri. Here, Daria refers to the sea, and Mahavir is a reference to the word hanuman. It is believed that the lord here will shield the city from the storm’s rage.


Bedi Hanuman Temple timings

The temple is situated about 1.5km far from Puri in 3km distance to Jagannath temple. It is a tiny seaside temple to the west that is located west of Chakra Narayana Temple.


Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri Odisha History

There is a reason to explain the origins of the Bedi Hanuman temple. In the course of building the Jagannath temple in the year of the God of the sea, Varuna visits the Jagannath temple, to express reverence. The water from the sea flooded into the town and did a lot of destruction to the temple.

Then he contacted Hanuman to discuss the reason why it took place. However, Hanuman was not there and went to Ayodhya without informing him.

Then Jagannath bound his hands with rope to the wall and instructed him to keep watch all night and day. The word body means tie hands and we call Hanuman in this case bedi hanuman, as well as chained Hanuman. Hanuman guards the city in all its glory.

Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri Odisha


Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri Odisha


Bedi Hanuman Temple
It is awe-inspiring to see the puri of the temple bedi hanuman in Odisha since on his left side, you can look at sweet and, with the right of his hand, he is holding gada. The exterior walls of the temple are decorated with beautiful pictures of gods from different religions.

It is possible to see Anjana Devi cradling a baby in her lap. The image is painted on the west side of the wall as well as Lord Ganesha’s portrait is on the south-facing wall. Hanuman Jayanti Pana Sankranti Rama Navami and many more. These are the most well-known ceremonies in the temple.

Bedi Hanuman Temple Timings

Here is the Bedi Hanuman Temple timings:

Day Bedi Hanuman Temple Timings

Day Bedi Hanuman Temple Timings
Monday 6 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday 6 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday 6 AM to 6 PM
Thursday 6 AM to 6 PM
Friday 6 AM to 6 PM
Saturday 6 AM to 6 PM
Sunday 6 AM to 6 PM

How do I reach

The temple is located situated on chakratirta Road in Puri. It’s 3.5 km to puri temple.

By Train:

It is best to purchase a ticket for the puri Jagannath train station. Because this temple is well-known and well-known, you can hire taxis to reach the temple conveniently from the station.

By Airport:

It is essential to have your ticket to Jagannath International Airport.

Entry cost The entry fee will be 5 rupees per person for Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri.

The nearest places to go
Puri is a gorgeous city that is rich in culture and customs. It also has many attractions to visit following the successful darshan Hanuman. These are the spots to visit:

Sri Jagannath temple:
Sri Jagannath temple is another well-known place to visit after you have visited the Bedi Hanuman temple. You will be amazed by the ambiance of this temple.

Puri beach:
Another great place to go can be puri beach. Visit during evening hours to relax more. There is plenty of fun to be had. From children to adults Everyone is happy there.

Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri Odisha


Narendra Pokhari:
Narendra Pokhari is one of the holy lakes near Mauza Dandimala Sahi in Puri. It is just one kilometer away far from Jagannath Temple and 2.5 kilometers from puri junction. Narendra pokhari, also known as Narendra tank is one of the largest tanks in the entire Orissa state.

Balghai beach
Balghai beach is a place with a rich historical significance and lies near the mouth of the Nuanai River. It is recommended that you went there after you have visited the temple. It’s only 8 km distance from Puri. It is essential to book a cab to make it more convenient to travel to this location.

Gundicha temple:
Gundicha temple is also a part of Greta-related tradition. This temple is also one of the major parts of the Ratha yatra that runs through Puri. The temple is situated close to the bus station in Puri and also very close in proximity to Bedi Hanuman Temple.

Sudarshan craft museum:
India is well-known for its craft and art as well. You’ll be amazed by the art and crafts at this Sudarshan museum for crafts. Additionally, you will be amazed by the stupas.


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