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Biography Of Barbara Cartland

Biography Of Barbara Cartland


Barbara Cartland Biography

(Barbara Cartland 9th July 1901 – 21 May 2000)

The actress Barbara Cartland was a prolific and well-loved writer who wrote Romantic novels. Employing a tried and true formula, she was able to tap into an increasing demand from readers for romantic stories, typically with female characters getting happily married to chivalrous men. Apart from writing she was a lively and outgoing person who was never lacking opinions on any topic. Her popularity was also attributed to her fashion sense and style, which was not vibrant.

The girl was born in Edgbaston, Birmingham in 1901. Her father was killed in the First World War, leaving her family in difficult circumstances. But, due to her charisma, beauty, and charm, she was a prominent figure in the 1920s’ social circle. She was the subject of numerous proposals for union (said to be around 49) before finally settling for one. In the end, her first marriage wasn’t successful and ended in divorce six years later. However, her second marriage with Alexander McCorquodale was successful and she had two children from the marriage.

The 1920s were the time when Barbara Cartland became friendly with Lord Beaverbrook (though she was not willing to become his lover). This led to her being a writer in The Daily Mail where she gained the privilege of writing a column on current issues. In 1923, she published the novel she had written 1923, Jigsaw. The popularity of the novel brought more publishers to her table. She had discovered an effective formula for writing and was able to compose the novel in just one fortnight, at the height of her writing performance. In the course of her career, she published an estimated 723 novels.

Except for a few books, the majority were inspired by the romantic ideal of old-fashioned love. The women she wrote about had the image of virtue, while her men possessed the traditional virtues of chivalry. Her writing did not enthrall her to literary critics or feminists.

“A woman who asks “Am I happy? Am I happy?” is extremely selfish. The fewer women talk about their self-worth and speak to their female friends and the more they attempt to impress their husbands, and the happier the union will be.”

The popularity of the novels can’t be denied.

She was a lively personality and, during her appearance at the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana in 1981, there was fear that she would be the one to sway the couple’s young love, due to her friendship with Lady Diana. However, she was unable to attend the wedding to avoid the spotlight.

Also, she was a proponent of the old-fashioned belief system; she held that ladies should be clean until they were married.

“To be a slumberer is inappropriate for a woman. it’s degrading and ruins her character. It will eventually take away everything attractive, feminine, and beautiful inside her.”

– Barbara Cartland

Biography Of Barbara Cartland


Biography Of Barbara Cartland


However, she thought that men should be able to experience (when asked how it was possible, she stated that men could attend brothels to gain the required knowledge.)

However, her life wasn’t always romantic ideals. She experienced a devastating personal loss during both her experiences in the First as well as Second World Wars. In the Second World War, she helped her older brother Ronald Cartland to become an MP, he was the first MP who died during the war at the Battle of Dunkirk. Later her elder brother died. In the aftermath, she temporarily took a break and moved to Canada however she felt that she needed to come back to England to join the military effort. She was a member of the women’s voluntary service and worked for a few years with St Johns Ambulance.

The late Dame Barbara Cartland became a national treasure. For some, she was an emo-punk relic of past times and even a persona of entertainment. In becoming an author who is among the Top 10 most popular authors of the past She made sure she was getting the last laugh.

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