Lower Manair Dam In Karimnagar District

Lower Manair Dam In Karimnagar District


Lower Manair Dam is a prominent reservoir placed in the Karimnagar district of Telangana, India. Constructed across the Manair River, a tributary of the Godavari River, it serves as a critical source of water for irrigation, drinking water supply, and commercial functions inside the area. With a ability to keep thousands and thousands of cubic meters of water, the dam has converted the agricultural landscape of the district and contributed to its usual improvement.


The concept of constructing a dam throughout the Manair River changed into first proposed within the early Nineteen Seventies to mitigate the water scarcity problems confronted by using the place. The mission obtained approval from the authorities, and the development work commenced in 1974. It took several years to finish the dam, and subsequently, in 1985, it become formally inaugurated.


The Lower Manair Dam is an earthen dam constructed the use of locally available substances which include crimson earth, sand, and rocks. It has a top of about 24 meters and a duration of round 13 kilometers. The dam’s basis is made from impervious concrete, which prevents seepage of water. To fortify the shape, it’s far bolstered with cement concrete layers on the upstream and downstream faces.


The dam has a full reservoir stage (FRL) of 278 meters, with a capability to store about 24 thousand million cubic ft (TMC) of water. The reservoir created by means of the dam stretches over a place of approximately 30,000 acres. It acts as a lifeline for the encircling regions, catering to the irrigation wishes of around two hundred,000 acres of agricultural land. The dam additionally elements ingesting water to numerous villages and towns, including the city of Karimnagar.


The Lower Manair Dam plays a important position in addressing the water requirements of the Karimnagar district, which frequently depends on agriculture. It has substantially contributed to the transformation of neighborhood agricultural practices, allowing farmers to domesticate more than one vegetation and improve their livelihoods. The dam has also facilitated the growth of industries within the region by presenting a dependable water source, thereby fostering financial improvement.



Lower Manair Dam In Karimnagar District



The Lower Manair Dam has introduced numerous advantages to the Karimnagar district and its inhabitants. Some of the important thing blessings are:

Irrigation: The dam presents a consistent supply of water for irrigation, enabling farmers to practice more than one cropping and drastically increasing agricultural productivity. It has played a crucial role in remodeling the predominantly rain-fed agriculture of the vicinity right into a more dependable and lucrative enterprise.

Drinking Water Supply: The dam substances ingesting water to numerous towns and villages within the district, together with the town of Karimnagar. This has improved the excellent of lifestyles for the neighborhood population and helped cope with water scarcity issues.

Industrial Development: The availability of water from the dam has facilitated the increase of industries in the place. It has attracted investments and contributed to the status quo of manufacturing devices, thereby generating employment opportunities and boosting the neighborhood financial system.

Flood Control: In addition to irrigation and water supply, the dam also helps in flood manage by way of regulating the glide of water downstream. It mitigates the effect of heavy rains and decreases the threat of flooding within the surrounding areas.

Nearby Attractions :

The Karimnagar district, where the Lower Manair Dam is placed, gives several nearby points of interest that site visitors can explore. Here are a few incredible points of interest within the vicinity:

Kaleswaram: Situated approximately 40 kilometers from the Lower Manair Dam, Kaleswaram is a popular pilgrimage website online. It is domestic to the Kaleswara Mukteswara Swamy Temple, committed to Lord Shiva. The temple attracts devotees from some distance and huge and is thought for its architectural splendor and religious significance.

Vemulawada: Located about 35 kilometers from the dam, Vemulawada is any other outstanding spiritual vacation spot. It is famous for the Rajarajeshwara Swamy Temple, devoted to Lord Shiva. The temple complicated features remarkable structure and is thought to furnish advantages and fulfill the desires of devotees.

Elgandal Fort: Situated about 16 kilometers from the dam, Elgandal Fort is a ancient fort that offers a glimpse into the area’s beyond. The fortress dates lower back to the 14th century and has witnessed the rule of diverse dynasties. Visitors can explore its ruins, recognize the architecture, and enjoy panoramic perspectives of the surrounding nation-state.

Dharmapuri: Located round 65 kilometers from the dam, Dharmapuri is a metropolis renowned for its historic temples and natural beauty. The Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, committed to Lord Vishnu, is a widespread spiritual web page. Dharmapuri is likewise regarded for its scenic waterfalls, namely the Kuntala Waterfall and the Pochera Waterfall, which are a magnet for nature enthusiasts and adventure fanatics.

Jagityal: Situated about 60 kilometers from the dam, Jagityal is a historic metropolis with numerous sights. The Jagityala Fort, built throughout the Kakatiya dynasty, is a terrific landmark. The city additionally boasts the Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple, a respected shrine devoted to Lord Hanuman.

These are only a few examples of the close by points of interest that site visitors to the Lower Manair Dam can discover. Whether it’s spiritual web sites, ancient landmarks, or herbal wonders, the Karimnagar district gives a various variety of points of interest that cater to distinct interests and choices.

How To Reach Lower Manair Dam :

Lower Manair Dam is without problems on hand from numerous parts of the Karimnagar district. Here are the not unusual modes of transportation to reach the dam:

By Road: The dam is properly-related by means of avenue. Karimnagar, the nearest principal town, is approximately 12 kilometers away. Regular bus services function from Karimnagar to close by cities and villages, along with the dam. Private taxis and auto-rickshaws also are to be had for lease.

By Rail: Karimnagar Railway Station is the closest railway station to the dam, positioned about 12 kilometers away. It is properly linked to predominant cities in the region. From the railway station, site visitors can rent a taxi or an car-rickshaw to attain the dam.

By Air: The nearest airport to the Lower Manair Dam is the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, that is approximately 2 hundred kilometers away. From the airport, site visitors can both hire a taxi or take a bus to Karimnagar and then proceed to the dam by street.

Once traffic attain Karimnagar or the close by regions, they could comply with the signboards or ask for instructions to reach the Lower Manair Dam. The roads leading to the dam are well-maintained, making it handy for vacationers to attain their destination.

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