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Tirumala TTD Mobile Locker Baggage Deposit Counters

Tirumala TTD Mobile Phone Locker

All pilgrims visiting Tirumala temple must adhere to certain guidelines and rules established by TTD to protect the temple and the pilgrims. Pilgrims aren’t allowed to carry any electronic gadgets into the temple due to security concerns. Electronic items that are banned from carrying to Tirumala temple include Mobile phones and Mobile Phone accessories such as earphone cameras, portable chargers camera lenses, Fitbands, and other electronic gadgets.

Are mobile phones allowed within Tirumala temple?

No. Mobile phones, accessories, or other electronic gadgets aren’t permitted inside the Tirumala temple.

Do purses or wallets permit within the Tirumala temple?

Yes. Purses and wallets are allowed in Tirumala temple, provided that it doesn’t contain any prohibited objects.

Are handbags permitted in the town of Tirumala?

Yes. Bags are allowed in Tirumala temple, provided that it doesn’t contain prohibited items.


Security checks will be conducted before entry into the temple. If the pilgrims are discovered carrying electronic objects they are confiscated and it is an extremely difficult task for pilgrims to obtain the items they have purchased back. In some cases, pilgrims are not able to retrieve items back, and items that aren’t taken by pilgrims are likely to be auctioned off using an alternative procedure.

Because of this, pilgrims planning on going to Darshan in the Tirupati Balaji temples should deposit their electronic goods at the depositing counters that run at the expense of TTD for Free and can travel to Darshan. The items can be retrieved at the end of the Darshan at one of the Collection Centers.

Location of Free Mobile Phone Lockers

Be aware that all electronic gadgets should be put in these lockers on wheels and the token will be given. After the Darshan If you present the token at Collection Centers your items will be returned to you

  1. If your reporting location will be Vaikuntam Que Complex II or I you can put your cell phones as well as electronic gadgets at the baggage deposit counter, which is located next to that of VQC I. When you deposit your items you will receive a receipt that must be presented at the time of delivery of the item.
  2. Rs. 300 for Special Darshan, Sarva Darshan, and Divya Darshan pilgrims can deposit everything they own at counters for luggage deposit close to the reporting locations for these Darshan. The Luggage collection center is located at Sarva Darshan Entrance. Sarva Darshan Entrance.

Mobile Phone Delivery Center

The Mobile Phones and baggage that are stored in these Collection Centers can be retrieved at the delivery center, which is can be found on PAC IV which is the Old Annadanam building. If you’ve deposited your luggage performing Darshan and the items will be taken to the Common delivery center, and pilgrims can pick up their luggage at the counters. In To receive their luggage back at the delivery center pilgrims are required to present the receipt that was issued when depositing their luggage.

TTD Free Mobile Depositing Centre


At Tirumala, TTD’s free mobile depositing facility is in operation. Pilgrims are not allowed to bring mobile phones or another electronic gadgets to the temple.

Security personnel will take the digital devices at the front of the line before going into the temple. It can take a long time to retrieve your devices from security. Therefore, it is recommended to deposit your mobile as well as others at the TTD mobile depositing centers.

TTD Mobile Depositing Centre

VQC I and VQC II are two reporting platforms; VCQ I is primarily for Break Darshan. In the TTD luggage depositing center You can deposit mobiles as well as various electronic devices. This is located to the left of VCQ I after you have collected your luggage. The receipt will provide information about that.

The depositing and collection centers are distinct. The two centers VCQ I and VQC II are used exclusively for depositing. To your luggage following darshan, make sure you go to PAC IV, i.e. the old annadhanam complex.

Depositing center:

Break darshan pilgrims can leave their bags and electronic devices at the storage center located close to the List 2 entry.

Rs.300 darshan devotees, Sarva darshan devotees as well Divya darshan devotees can deposit their electronic devices and luggage at the center that is situated at Sarva Darshan’s entry point.

You can store everything you own like shoes, bags, and even your cell phone at the baggage deposit center.

The collection center is PAC 4.

For the Google Map Location of the Luggage Delivery Center

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