How To Get Vishnu Nivasam Tirupati Online Booking?

How To Get Vishnu Nivasam Tirupati Online Booking?


Vishnu Nivasam Tirupati


How to get Vishnu Nivasam Tirupati Online Booking? Before booking the room, it is necessary to verify for availability room on the TTD availability chart on the official website of the Temple. You should reserve a room at least two months before your scheduled visit.

If you read this article, you’ll learn more about picking the room’s availability and then getting rid of the room. Let’s go below to learn more about booking procedures extensions, cancellations, etc.


Vishnu Nivasam Tirupati Online Booking


Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam has several complexes of accommodation for devotees’ stays in Tirupati as well as Tirumala. The Vishnu Nivasam Complex is just one of them.

The complex is well ventilated as well as basic rooms that have adequate drinking water and room service. It also has accessible lockers. Vishnu Nivasam is the biggest complex, second only to Srinivasan.

Concerning the area, Vishnu Nivasam guest house is located close in proximity to Tirupathi’s railway station as well as the bus station in Tirupathi. It is also possible to access the complex by walking.

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Procedure for Vishnu Nivasam Tirupathi Online Booking:

As mentioned earlier, before making a reservation for a hotel we must verify the availability of the room to see if the room is in use or not. Therefore, click the Room Availability Chart of TTD to learn about Vishnu Nivasam’s room availability.

  • First, you must log in or sign up on the temple’s website i.e.
  • To sign in or log in you will need to supply the details for your Aadhar card.
  • After logging in, check for availability. If the slot appears green in color it means that the room is available. If the room is red, that indicates that the room is booked.
  • When you’ve selected the day of arrival, you can book your rooms by the rooms’ occupancy.
  • And the traffic in the room follows suit,
    *Ordinary Room – Rs. 300
    *AC Rooms – Rs.800
    *Non AC Suites – Rs.500
    *AC Suites – Rs.1300
  • The payment page that offers the option of net banking and credit/debit cards will be available.
  • Select the payment method, and proceed to make payment.
  • After a successful transaction the home page will appear

How To Get Vishnu Nivasam Tirupati Online Booking?


How To Get Vishnu Nivasam Tirupati Online Booking?

Tips to be aware of when making a reservation

  • The remaining 50% of rooms are reserved for Vishnu Nivasam rooms via online booking. Therefore, we must make reservations as quickly as we can.
  • The website will open rooms each month on the first Friday.
  • Check-in and Check-out are only possible when the person who is checking in/out is present.
  • One room is only available with a single Login ID.
  • There is no chance of cancellation, postponement, or postpone once the rooms are booked for TTD Vishnu nivasam
  • Remember to keep the receipt in case it can be useful if you need to make an expansion of your room.

Procedure for the Time Extension of Room:

The period between check-in and departure for the allotted time is 24 hours. If you’d like a room extension of one day, you must be present at the counter for room allotment located on the floor below. If they agree to extend the time, the traffic charges will be applied.

or, if the allotted time is more than 42 hours the customer will be penalized with twice that amount of room traffic by the regulations of Vishnu Nivasam Tirupati’s Online Reservation.

If you don’t submit a counter to an extension of the time of the room, Vishnu Nivasam officials will end the water and power access to your space.

What is the TTD Vishnu Nivasam Contact Number?

The help desk is located on the ground floor of the Vishnu Nivasam guest house for any questions or assistance. For clarification of your questions and concerns by speaking to the person who is at the help desk. Then, you can give us a contact at 0877-2264462 or 0877-2264465.

Must Watch the video that includes specifics of Vishnu Nivasam Complex:

This video shows viewers can get a quick overview of the specifics of this Vishnu Nivasam Complex stay-in.

How To Get Vishnu Nivasam Tirupati Online Booking?


Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I get via Vishnu Nivasam to Tirumala?

Numerous private vehicles are available in Tirumala at affordable prices. If you prefer, you can travel by bus, and you will arrive at the central bus stop each 15-minute intervals.

What is the Vishnu Nivasam Tirupati address?

This accommodation complex is situated close to the Tirupati railway station located accessible on foot. A bridge that connects the two is accessible from the railway station, which connects to Vishnu Nivasam Complex.

What do I do to cancel my accommodation at TTD?

We can cancel our reservation up to two days before the booking date. You must log into the account with the booking information and then click the cancel button to cancel the reservation.


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